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  2. While I agree Kiper is an overrated, overpaid idiot, Price offers us solid line depth (no more Amini) and can learn from Kalil. It would be nice to see him slid to round two. Versatile linemen are worth their weight in gold.
  3. CBS Sports https://www.cbssports.com/nfl/draft/news/2018-senior-bowl-defensive-prospects-who-can-enter-first-round-talk-if-they-impress/ Blanding, Davenport and Kelly are the three that seem interesting. The recent first round mocks may or may have these guys and only 32 make 1st round. They would definitely be on our radar scope and could very well fall to us in Round two. The only thing Davenport has that worries me is the small school stature. University of Texas San Antonio
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  5. Updates on the team sale

    If you zoom out on your picture, I-77 is pretty darn close to this land. It wouldn't take much to enhance access and expand the exit and on ramps. Also, there is a lot of area adjacent to this land that could easily be purchased if the team felt it needed additional space for shopping or parking (large corporations negotiate with multiple owners all the time when they need land to build large structures like office buildings, etc.). And there is still plenty of land for other developers to come in and build new shopping and hotel space as well. It's actually a great location for a new stadium. The only real complaints (other than whether or not we even need a new stadium) is for those that want it to stay uptown and PSL owners losing out on their investment. But from just a location standpoint, this area has everything the team would want to build a huge stadium and entertainment complex with lots of parking.
  6. So we can pretty much standby to standby. Big money free agents are usually in the first couple of days of Free Agency. When the smoke clears from week one than we will get our veteran WR. If we splash early it will have to be a veteran that is secure in his future and wants to come play with Turner, Cam and win a Super Bowl. (Money won't be the deciding factor) I don't expect this to happen though.
  7. Updates on the team sale

    The traffic in and out of Foxborough and Landover is a complete disaster.
  8. Relive the moment

    Sure. But the Falcons loss took 17 minutes and people watching could see it happening. It was a tragic but slow death. Meanwhile the probability of your team winning was so high that your dickhead coach was too busy taunting Vikings fans to coach up his D for the "can't lose" moment. One was a choke job the other is literally referred to ask a fuging miracle. So spin it however you want to make you feel better, but either way they were both glorious to watch and something neither fan base and team will live down.
  9. only if they are no nips at the half-time show--..where we should have won!
  10. Updates on the team sale

    I put in a bid in!! but no response weird!!!
  11. we have bigger areas to address.. secondary needs work.. Peoples forget we had two key injuries Byrd and Samuel that hurt us!! Its obvious Stewart is done no power!! I don't care if they it say was Shula... he knew what was there ant always minus 2 with an occasional great run!! Need a power back
  12. Graham Gano Builds Huge Snowman

    should have been down by 2 instead of 5 on that final drive. we were in FG range already, although no guarantees he would have made it then but if we did advance, would the minneapolis miracle have happened at our expense instead of the saints? that's the million dollar question.
  13. How old is this fuging video? Holy fug people, stop making these misleading thread titles.
  14. Updates on the team sale

    Looked it up. You can fit 150 parking spaces into an acre of land if they're straight, 162 if they're angled (University of Tennessee study). Assuming the smaller number, they'd need about 133 acres for parking and around 15 or so for the stadium. That still leaves a little over 50 acres as a margin for error. For comparison, covering outer grounds and everything, BOA reportedly sits on about 33 acres. So even if you accept the smaller figure on the land estimate, you're still talking about quadrupling the area they have to work with.
  15. Updates on the team sale

    it would have a tonbof parking, ATT has a decent parking lot around it and much smaller size of land. The key on new stadium is the retail and hotel spaces built into the site. Not sure if 200 acres is enough for the stadium, parking lot, retail and hotel so you can make big bucks off the investment.
  16. January 2017 Transfer Season

    Sky reports Ozil is about to sign extension and remain Arsenal player. This is huge.
  17. Updates on the team sale

    The Farm is 133 according to Meck county tax records but once you put the stadium down it’s not gonna have much parking it Seems. No doubt it’s big enough for a big stadium but like I said you’re not gonna get a good sized lot as Washington or KC has.
  18. Updates on the team sale

    They built AT&T Stadium on an area of about 13-14 acres. The farmland in question is said to have 200.
  19. Based on what we know today...obviously. Completely irrelevant to the point though.
  20. Relive the moment

    NFL Turning Point: The Minneapolis Miracle This video has some really great views of the play and its aftermath. You get to see Cam Jordan, Sean Payton and others during and immediately after it happened.
  21. Graham Gano Builds Huge Snowman

    he should be studying the playbook not playing in the snow...
  22. is possible to have a majority party?

    At the brass bones of it, there are bones...and they're a bunch of dogs. Crazy dawgs.
  23. Updates on the team sale

    You act like it’s a 4 hour drive from Rock Hill to Charlotte...
  24. Updates on the team sale

    It might take longer to get the roads up to par in that area than to actually build said stadium. also...the plot of land really isn’t that big if parking is what they want. Those fields north of Miller’s farm are broken up into about 12 different parcels each with a different owner. You’re gonna have to deal and the owners of this plots know you have money...
  25. Panthers going on a run

    Im in ...panthers SB run...absolutely
  26. is possible to have a majority party?

    i do appreciate durbin giving away the game in the tweet though. calls for "compromise" and "reaching across the aisle" and "moderation" and "meeting in the middle" are all about giving the right wing all that it wants. never ever ever ever ever trust someone who considers themselves to be a "moderate" or "centrist" or w/e
  27. is possible to have a majority party?

    hmm yeah both sides are just so dang polarized that the democratics trip over themselves to give the reality show fascist president everything he wants in the midst of their #resistance and how are they rewarded? with right wing demands for more. democratic politicians are either controlled opposition or the dumbest motherfugers on the planet. as you can probably tell by my big post earlier itt i believe they're the former while they pretend to be the latter.
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