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  2. It's Fake. Oh Well, Mine is Real.

    Shots 1 and 2, he's in the clear. Guy had a weapon (albeit fake) and the guard was totally justified in neutralizing the target to protect himself and the clerk. I think shot number 3 could get him in trouble. Shooting an unarmed guy on the floor at point blank range? People tend to not look favorably on stuff like that in a civil trial.
  3. Losing position coaches while retaining the personnel might be one of the best "problems" we can have. Letting them go without a fuss and taking our time to really look at new replacements might do us more good than we can imagine.
  4. the trade war has begun

    Facts haven't gotten in the way of any of his other decisions, why start now
  5. Yep. I’ve mentioned this before and for anyone with a basic understanding of steroids can make use of this but juding from some of these comments not many do. Here’s an article from 2015: https://www.sciencedirect.com/topics/neuroscience/epitestosterone “The NCAA currently uses a ratio of testosterone to epitestosterone of 6:1; however, this ratio varies with certain organizations, such as the National Football League, for which a 4:1 ratio is a presumptive positive test and 10:1 ratio is a conclusively positive test (National Football League Policy on Anabolic Steroids and Related Substances, 2005).” An article from 2005 stating it used to be 6:1... https://www.cbsnews.com/news/steroids-prescribed-to-nfl-players/ At the end of the day most of these athletes are already so genetically gifted that a little test can go a long way. People have this misconception that any joe blow can take roids and look like Ronnie Coleman. That’s not how it works.
  6. Destiny 2

    What kills me about D2 is that in the moment, it can be a fun game. Killing aliens is super fun. But when you look at the why, that's where it dies for me. Why do I really care about doing strikes? Milestones? PVP? There isn't for me. I couldn't get enough of D1. I worked every week to try to get that god rolled gun or getting the multiple variations of T12 gear (which I did on my titan, I could mix and match T12 by the end of last summer). There just seemed to be more to chase. In D2, I really love the campaign, the missions, the voice acting, the production of it all. I could play through things a bit, walk way and be happy. There's just not a drive to come back, and when I do, I keep thinking about how I'd rather play other games. Do I need a 15th Urial's Gift? I've found myself using the same weapons over and over, despite all the vault raiding I've done getting out all my legendary items. I keep getting stuck using the same weapons because they are just better than the others. In PVP, unless you run in a team, it's going to be a different kind of fight. I really miss the days of shotgun warriors, stupid crazy snipes, and VOOPing. I mean, by the end of D1, I had worked my way up to a 1.0 KD player (though I think my overall was still a .8 or something). I LOVED going to the crucible to see what I could learn. I go into PVP in D2, you get team shot. You set up with your team, then you get flanked and team shot. I just don't feel like I have a chance to get better as a player. D2 is an overall better game on many levels, but the most recently repeated criticisms about the power fantasy, the gear grind, and the lack of hero moments in D2 ring really hard for me right now. And heck, I MISS titan skating...SO F'in' much! I look forward to the upcoming changes and developments in D2 over time. I know Bungie is going to work hard to fix D2, but I just can't get that into playing anymore. On the positive side, I've picked up photography as a hobby =)
  7. It could be said we don’t have a very competent head coach either. Ron has shown no ability to choose the right players or the coaches , let’s hope Turner is a step in the right direction finally
  8. Gamecock Fans -- Just How Good is Hayden Hurst?

    He’s pretty raw at the position but he seems to be an extremely quick learner. He also has great hands and can hang onto the ball even after the big hits. The age doesn’t bother me too much because TE isn’t so restricted by age like RB ect. I don’t think he’s a first rounder, but second round heck yeah I’d take him
  9. I'm not reading this whole thread, but if you think the refs (and the league) don't have biases, you're nuts... Also a LOT of it can be chalked up to just plain old bad officiating. ...but do I think there is some grand conspiracy, no.
  10. The Official Robert Mueller is comin! Thread

    yeah it doesn't take years of experience as a FBI agent to tell the Clinton email investigation was just another hit job by the GOP and that trump is a buffoon
  11. the trade war has begun

    i mean you'd think such deeply devoted worshipers of the free market would actually, you know, consider the dynamics of the market first
  12. We may go after theirs too...
  13. Fired off coordinator and QB coach and replaced them both named new def coordinator new special teams coach not exactly standing around
  14. I believe we already have something similar to what you’re asking for. It’s very hard for me to believe that many of these players are natural. Not something they are going to advertise or condone for sure.
  15. I'm always a big fan of guys that used to be head coaches. They were promoted to HC because they were good at what they did previously. Fill the staff with those guys and you will have a good team. Singleterry coaching our LBs gives me the biggest rager. Obviously there is a history there but does anyone know if he and Rivera are cool? Also, maybe I'm not super clear on how "Coaching Trees" work but I feel like McDermott is a protege and product of Jim Johnson... not Rivera.
  16. Today
  17. The funniest thing is people here rag on the refs all year, calling them morons and inane ... yet somehow these idiots have the capability of being able to throw a flag at a split second because of an agenda (the play HAS to be able to have the flag thrown btw), or use an ear piece and are told to do something as a play is happening. You all are too much. Jesus, had the Panthers won the SB or gotten to it this year, this thread wouldn't even be taking place other than, "pretty poor officiating this season," etc. Get over it. Brady is GOAT, Cam isn't. Bill is GOAT coach. The NFL isn't out to get Cam because he's black, or because he talked back to Ed a few seasons ago. The NFL doesn't dislike the Carolinas to a point they don't want the team to be a success. Vegas will always make theit money no matter WHO is in the game because humans are addicted to gambling and gambling is hard. The storylines you look back on and cry rigged are made as they happen, not before. I mean ... what was the Panthers storyline then? Christ, if everyone hates Cam and the league hates the team why oh why did they put us there? What, like Diggs, we beat the odds? Unreal.
  18. fug the NFL, We Should Be In LII

    Like the false start Daryl Williams had on the final play of the game that they didn't call? I don't know if you don't watch much football, but they've let Olinemen moving slightly early at the snap go all year.
  19. Maybe in Non-contact sports, but for football, Nah. the violent collisions right now are causing enough brain trauma, the last thing I want is for a 400LB lineman to be able to run a 4.3 40 and caving someones head in and watching them die on the field.
  20. HGH and creatine should not be banned, it's just stupid. Might as well ban caffeine. That other poo that destroys your body in 10 or 15 years though, you really don't want to create a culture where that's not only allowed, but necessary to compete, and promoted internally. That's how we ended up with an opioid epidemic.
  21. Ugh. You have never lived with someone on steroids before if you think this is a good idea. They can destroy your mind and body and tear apart families in the process. Keep them banned
  22. Agreed, slightly off topic but I also feel that instead of all us trying NOT to be racist, I think we should ALL be racists.. If all the races could just come to the understanding that we think each other's race is inferior, and have that common understanding, it would make the world less tense and awkward. We could all just live in harmony as racists, be at peace with it and get rid of all the racial tension. Like if I'm white, and I have a black friend, the black friend can think I'm inferior because I'm not black, vice versa but we still enjoy each other's company so therefore we are friends and who cares if we think each other's race is better than the other. I'm calling for EVERYONE, from ALL races to stand as one and just be openly racist against each other lol
  23. i don't think we do worse than last year. in fact i think we do better. norv would have helped us get 2-3 more wins than we had this year. change in staff won't be downgrades. in fact on offense it will be a significant upgrade. i just don't see how you could think that we'd be doing worse with the addition of an OC who knows how to use and develop his personnel. i see us going, at worse, 4-2 in the division, spliting with ATL and NOS. home games (no reason we shouldn't sweep at home): dallas (home field advantage wins it. might actually be the toughest non-division home game.) giants (not that much of a threat anymore) seahawks (not the threat they were a couple years ago) ravens (again, not the threat they used to be) bengals (just have to watch out for burfict) away games (aside from a couple games, not really a tough road schedule, tbh) philly (we've got to have answers for these guys. we should have beaten them this year. leaning towards a loss here) redskins (cousins or no cousins, we should have this one) detroit (seriously in detroit again? oh well...we should have this one again) pitt (this will probably be brutal. i think we end up winning against one of the pennsylvania teams) browns (should have this one as well) i don't know...i think a 12+ win season is quite possible. in fact i'm pretty much expecting it. i feel really good about next year and that's without knowing what happens personnel-wise.
  24. Over or Under 7 wins next year?!

    Atlanta went from 28-3, to the 6th seed 2nd round loss to Philly with a new OC. Of course, that OC went on to be a head coach and took the 49ers with Jimmy G to a 5-0 record to close the season, with 3 of those wins against playoff teams.
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