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  2. Government invented internet, plastics etc. Their grants arebfundint research year after year. Even projects thst might lead to a cure for diseases thst are not profitable enough for private companies to even consider. And innovation will continue. Insurance companies aren't funding anything we'll miss. Drug companies, equipment companies etc.. will still be around
  3. Hate Week. Again.

    We can't go into this week without a certain trash talking Mardi Gras post from our esteemed toilet connoisseur and beer garden leader. It just doesn't feel right without him. Please come back SCP. Please.
  4. My thoughts exactly so far. It's Star by a landslide and it doesn't even matter having Butler. Having those three for years would be a devastating interior and a rock on D. Norwell's looked OK and unless he would take an average G salary and isn't looking for anything close to Turner, he wouldn't be worth the money. As much as it would pain me to say that, he's far more replaceable than Star and after two games it's not close.
  5. You guys rock, seriously, thanks so much everyone
  6. 16.7% TD rate in the redzone.

    Cam has been hiding this stink bug red zone offense for a while. His running power or threat of running power opened it all up. Now with that being said, we will get better, but unless we have 15' running Cam then we won't be that successful (2015).
  7. 16.7% TD rate in the redzone.

    I think part of it is that we don't surprise anyone. It's not hard for a D to completely sell out and stop a run. You'd think we'd fake it and run Cam the other way with a TE going out with him. Our problem is when we run a fake/QB run there's no play action and there's no safety valve so Tye D can just go after Cam. I don't recall the last time I've seen us do a play action fake, you know like the ones you see every week where the blocking TE gets lost and the QB hits them for a wide open TD. I don't recall having seen us do that even though I can remember many goal line failures. I think that's where Shula fails the most, at the goal line because he no longer has room for his damn deep drops and long passes.
  8. Will Armah Be Active On Sunday?

    Armah should get more time with the ones in practice period. I've never really been one to latch on to specific players on the team but Armah has caught my eye more than most rookies over the years in his limited play. He just seems to be a baller and we need more ballers on this team. Give Armah a chance please.
  9. Read my previous post on the cost of cutting him. Personally, I think that he plays out this, and possibly next season, then is released if we find another T.
  10. It's unfair to judge him at this point because of the amount of time he's spent off the field with injuries and his limited time in our system. The entire offense looks out of sync right now so I will give it time to see if he shows progress. Right now he looks overwhelmed.
  11. Will Armah Be Active On Sunday?

    He should since there aren't any other tight ends on the roster. Armah, Dixon, and Manhertz might be the best TE/FB blocking combo they have seen in some time.
  12. 16.7% TD rate in the redzone.

    Yes, I believe he did have his ankle rolled at this point, so I could see why this could factor into playcalling. Also, maybe Kalil being out also impacted the decision. Bum ankle or not there is no way Cam is stopped from getting in from the 1 yard line.
  13. Both, make other cuts to make room for both. The kalil family needs to redo their deals at more cal friendly numbers
  14. Antifa is the moral equivalent of nazis

    Antifa - anti-Fascist Anti-anfifa - anti-anti-Fascist Anti-anti-Fascist - Fascist
  15. I think your last line, which I bolded, explains exactly why he doesn't do presser.
  16. Could he be any worse than Matt Kalil or Mike Remmers?
  17. Seattle's O is awful too. Wilson broken plays and another miracle prayer on 3rd down for the TD WERE the TD drive.
  18. The Vikings signed Remmers. They don't have room to laugh at anyone.
  19. whats his contract details on cutting his a$$? I was hopeful and hanging on as much as i can but so far this has looked like an epic fail signing.
  20. "Pivotal Moment in American History": Sen. Sanders Unveils Medicare-for-All Bill

    *edit* A universal system available to all Americans, with an option to still privatize is something I could potentially get behind. America is a country of over 300 million people. We shouldn't look to Europe and Canada for a solution. Keep things in context here. Whatever direction our country takes is going to have to be something completely innovative and unique in order to work.
  21. Antifa is the moral equivalent of nazis

    The posters in here torch carrying for nazis and white supremacists while casually telling minorities to just suck it up and simply ignore decades of institutional racism and racists that believe they are genetically inferior are no different than the complicit white people of decades past before civil rights who considered themselves to be on the right side of history morally while actively encouraging black people to stay passively in their place.
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