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  2. What does being a "Radical Muslim Youth" consist of? TP the neighbors yard but substitute their head wrap as TP?
  3. SCARY MOVIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    It Follows The Omen The Descent Trainspotting - not a horror movie but has some seriously disturbing scenes Reqiuem for a Dream - not horror but will keep you up at night
  4. Losing gettleman beane and wilkes within a calender year ,while being stuck with hurney rivera and shula...let that sink in.
  5. As far as Funchess goes...

    I'd settle for 5'11 190 and Smitty's heart.
  6. Just spoke with Gil Brandt

    I honestly think the biggest factor is Cam missing the entire offseason. We can't under estimate the role that has played. This offense will start to gel and get hot. I have absolutely no doubt about that. Unless our offensive line gets Cam killed. One of the two will happen
  7. This actually would not surprise me at all. Offense roles early against a weak NO defense and Rivera goes conservative with a quarter and a half to go and this game finishes like the Buffalo game as Brees just keeps chipping away and the "prevent" D can't get off the field.
  8. As far as Funchess goes...

    Maybe now the Huddle can stop shitting on a 23 y/o WR who was catching passes from a glorified kick returner in college only a couple years ago.
  9. 6.39

    You finished without blowing out a hammy. Success.
  10. Saw this meme on FB. Got a good laugh.

    I'm thinking about getting one of those fb accounts, they seem popular
  11. In my 17ish years working in union shops the worst attitudes by FAR came from management but I agree in poorly led groups you get an us vs them mentality. Still like CWG says I think unions benefits and breaks on employers far outweigh their negatives.
  12. We might not score 9 with a jinx thread like this.
  13. I don't think our offense will struggle, but we'll probably play conservative Rivera-ball once we're up by a couple scores. I'm calling 20-3 final score. Up 14-0 at half time. Shift to conservative mode and run run run kick fg while allowing the Aints to get a fg or maybe a TD in the 4th.
  14. SCARY MOVIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Session 9 is pretty creepy. Grave Encounters is a nice little Indie found footage film (I know it sounds bad but give it a chance) Creepshow Dawn of the Dead (original) It Comes at night. Although, not your typical scary movie. It's scary in the sense of trust with people. Picture The Thing without the monsters.
  15. Just spoke with Gil Brandt

    Big fan of Gil. Ladypanther is ok too, I guess... She knows I love her... good stuff, LP!
  16. 6.39

    David Newton with a 13.82. Did he walk?
  17. 2018 WRs

    He's looked good. James Washington of OKSt is shooting to the top of my WR board
  18. Today
  19. I feel like we bust out the no huddle early on in this one, catching the Saints off guard defensively, start executing a bit more of this "evolved" offense and drop 41 on em.
  20. Star because the front 7 is holding this team together.... Dont fug with that
  21. Under. Saints are a desperate team, this is truly a "must win" game for them. Every week is different in the NFL, you can't go off of what happened last week. This is the big mistake these tv "experts" make when making their picks. We easily beat the 49ers week one at home. They travel to Seattle week 2 and were given no shot at winning. They suck and lost on a last minute TD but gave Seattle all they could handle.
  22. Didn't know we had to make a decision until after the season. Anything now is irrelevant and speculative. Let's see what happens this season and then talk contracts. Unless one or the other plays poorly from here on out, we will be keeping both anyway. Money won't be the issue people make it out to be.
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