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  2. So.....

    I'm not suggesting Gano was overpaid or that he did not earn his salary. But the whole point of drafting Butker was to cut Gano and save 3.5mil. This was to be done on the final cuts. Gman was already gone. Hurney failed to follow through, and here we are. The 3.5m carryover and having a good kicker on a rookie salary (saving another 3-4m) could have made a difference in whether Norwell re-signs with us or moves on. You have to think ahead.
  3. ABCB is the only rhyme scheme

    Lol, you guys. The plan is to arm 20% of teachers. Obviously this doesn't include black people.
  4. Ruh roh - indictments

    So.... in the world of Fry.... fail for the win? For what it was worth, you didn't disappoint when it came to being baited. Also, for what it was worth, you completely disappointed when it came to reasonable discourse, remedial math, and reading comprehension. Philly would be proud.
  5. Are we? He and Rivera really seemed to have a falling out last year. That said, I haven't looked at what his cap figure would be if he were cut.
  6. Props to Rubio

    It was a lot of people's job to show up but they didn't
  7. What ever happened to Captain? He didn't even play ffs. Either way, i'd prefer Colvin but we likely wont get him.
  8. That was fast...

    What trump did in requesting this to be looked at for regulation was done in 2010 then again in 2013. Congress needs to ban the ATF cannot. -- October 10, 2017 After months of testing the devices and studying the law, the ATF arrived at a decision. It ruled that the bump stock did not make a gun fully automatic, because the trigger of a rifle equipped with the device still had to be engaged every time the weapon fired. “We could not find a way to classify it as a machine gun,” Vasquez said. https://www.thetrace.org/rounds/atf-bump-stock-evaluation-legal-machine-gun/ -- Here is the 2013 letter from the ATF to congress on bump stocks: https://perlmutter.house.gov/uploadedfiles/atf_response_04.16.13.pdf In the course of examining a number of bump-fire stocks, A TF found that none of these devices could shoot nor did they constitute firearm frames or receivers; therefore, the first portion of the machinegun definition can not apply. Those bump-fire stocks which were found to convert a weapon to shoot automatically were classified as machineguns and regulated accordinglymost notably, the Akins Accelerator. Other bump-fire stocks (such as the SlideFire Solutions stock) that A TF determined to be unable to convert a weapon to shoot automatically were not classified as machineguns. Public safety is always a primary concern of ATF. We remain committed to the security of our Nation and the fight against violent crime. However, bump-fire stocks that do not fall within any of the classifications for firearm contained in Federal law may only be classified as firearms components. Stocks of this type are not subject to the provisions of Federal firearms statutes. Therefore, A TF does not have the authority to restrict their lawful possession, use, or transfer. ---- But yippeee trump is having the AG look into even though its been looked into in the past. Such an effective leader.
  9. Gettleman was much better at talent evaluating than Hurney, Stop reading right there.
  10. We're stuck with Captain's contract for another season. Can't afford two highly paid nickelbacks. Captain and Corn will battle it out at nickel.
  11. The case for Billy Price....

    Maybe we can trade up and get Orlando Brown, too. You know Hurney likes a trade up. Maybe this one would actually work out for a change.
  12. What does a GM need to be?

    Gee, I wonder if he's talking about Cam Newton
  13. I mean yeah but after the pink flaps and first rap song roast he had to know it was coming right?
  14. What does a GM need to be?

    go on
  15. What does a GM need to be?

    Gettleman and Dorsey both got GM jobs again in short order. Heck, Grigson even got picked up again as a personnel guy (I forget where). Cleveland dismissed a "newer type" of GM in order to hire Dorsey. And the Chiefs replaced Dorsey with another guy who'd worked him his way up through the scouting department in Brett Veach. Likewise, the Packers stuck with longtime personnel guy Brian Gutekunst when they reassigned Ted Thompson and the Ravens are promoting their own scouting guy Eric DeCosta when Ozzie Newsome retires next year. If the argument is that the NFL is moving away from this sort of GM, and that argument is based on these examples losing their jobs, how does it hold up given that not only are all of them are back at work but other guys with similar backgrounds are getting hired as recently as this year?
  16. "if dementia had a economic policy it would be reaganomics"
  17. The case for Billy Price....

    From the linked profile: "Can be a challenging personality to deal with according to scouts." "Man he is a different kind of guy altogether. Has a lot of edge for sure. Love his toughness and his grit and wait until you see him at the combine. He might hit 40 on the bench and he's going to run well too." -- AFC team pro personnel director I'm sold. Call me crazy but i want a mean and prickly son of a bitch on my line. They mention him lacking length but that should be a huge issue on the interior, right? Philly brough in guys like this, shoved the ball down people's throats and kept their QB clean - especially in the playoffs.
  18. Props to Rubio

    I noted in the other thread. Rubio who I disagree with a lot stood there and took the hard questions. It was a huge contrasts to our president who choose to be isolated. Rubio still clearly is relying on NRA funding but at least he looked the kids in the face who are critical of that and responded to them.
  19. Ruh roh - indictments

    So you know admit that you can not do the math you did. Thanks And you instead of having a conversation tried to "bait". What a peach you are. Have fun with your republican talking points and bait. Im not interested in games.
  20. The case for Billy Price....

    He's been my target for a while. Plays LG this year and then slides to C next year (assuming Kalil makes it a whole year). Then Moton can play LG in 2019. Need to address LT in the near future - perhaps with one of our thirds.
  21. Just curious. I use YouTube, Discord, and 4chan actively but I have dabbled in basically everything listed.
  22. The case for Billy Price....

    Not the sexiest pick, but the right pick seldomly is. I’d be all for it in terms of immediate need and future need coverage as well. Larsen performed admirably, but a truly elite C makes the line exponentially better.
  23. Fanspeak 7 Round Mock

    this would be absolutely bananas I would love it
  24. The case for Billy Price....

    Moton can play every position across the oline.
  25. The case for Billy Price....

    I like it. Seems like one of those patented Hurney first rounders. only to be followed up with a bunch of Ryne Robinson, Eric Shelton, and Everette Browns.
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