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  2. Camp Fodder

    Our projected LG from NFL.com

    So in a draft we needed to land 2 starters we got 0?
  3. They very well could without Julio.... haha
  4. Dude, you are being a little obsessive on this subject. The NFL has much more things to worry about than JR being an old creepy man. Matter of fact, they just washed their hands of it. This wasn't a surprise to them, and they knew well before the leak it was going to occur. Hence the quick and haste process of the team sale. Now on your other post, there will be a tribute to him, but not right now. Most likely when he passes on. JR will not be punished by the NFL, nor will the Panthers. The only way this turns into more than it is..... is if the legal system gets involved. Most of the plaintiffs (sucks that there are some) will receive (or received) payments and move on. Just like you. Your bad mouthing of JR gets exhausting. WE get it. Just like Hurney haters, say your piece and move on. You are not just beating a dead horse, you are fuging it.
  5. Camp Fodder

    Burberry Bradberry

    Yep I would trade the saints Bradberry and my 2nd rd pick next year for lattimore without thinking twice
  6. Fryfan

    david hogg

    The NRA is a far right lobbying group. Of course they will hire a far right icon. This makes it explicitly clear the NRA is not an organization for gun owners. Its a organization for far right propaganda.
  7. Zaximus


    I got laid off back when the economy tanked in 08/09. I was bummed, but eventually I got a job that was way better and got me out of the rut I was in at the lost job (I may still be there if not sadly). Perspective is everything.
  8. HarambeLivesOn

    david hogg

    he kinda has a point. who the fug thought oliver north would be a decent choice? Pretty much the opposite of who you want in charge of the NRA
  9. No, I understood, and that's my answer. I'm pretty sure if the NFL had a neuralyzer and they could erase his memory from existence, they would. They sure as heck don't want him showing his face around the building.
  10. steven8989

    The Big Kid

    The Kid with the Brass Kohones?
  11. He’s being force to sell because of work place misconduct. I doubt he’ll ever be let back in the building. That would just be a bad look and pretty insensative to the employees he harassed if they did.
  12. Mr. Scot

    The Big Kid

    Granted. I was just trying to provide an illustration...
  13. Seems you didn’t read the post. Wasn’t talking about him speaking out but being around the team at all...
  14. Johnny Rockets

    The Big Kid

    I don't act like a mature adult with $10 in my wallet.
  15. Also, if I could give one message to the Panthers... Please in the name of all that's holy, don't do anything so tone deaf as paying some kind of massive tribute to him. Yes, he gave us the franchise, something for which he's been well honored and given much gratitude. Things are different now though, so please just keep silent in public. If you want to tell him something nice, do it privately. Players, coaches, management and new ownership don't need any more grief over this stuff. And the NFL sure as heck doesn't want to see it.
  16. Johnny Rockets

    The Big Kid

    Cool, cool..... they obviously went the "overly cautious" route on this selection. : )
  17. clearly they are going 0-16
  18. You're moving to Clt! Fun! We'd totally win cutest couple award. Maybe in our next life ;)
  19. That thought has occurred to me too.
  20. the only thing keeping joe paterno alive was his legacy. once that was gone he lingered a few months and went belly up. men like jerry die when their sandcastles wash away. i don't think he'll last the year.
  21. TheCasillas

    A Gettleman legacy

    and only 3 of those 7 or game day actives last year.
  22. Mr. Scot

    The Big Kid

    Pretty much. Put it this way: Do those things sound more like they'd come from someone age fifty or age fifteen? (Tepper is sixty) And let's be real: If you had ten billion dollars, could I expect to see you acting like a mature adult all the time?
  23. ChibCU

    A Gettleman legacy

    Saints got all three of theirs in one draft. What an anomaly. Fortunate for them. Terrible for us.
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