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  2. I hope we are the sorriest 16-0 team in NFL history.
  3. A lot of people here, the majority IMO, thought signing the horrible RT from Tennessee a couple of years ago was also going to be a huge failure. And Kalil just might turn out to be exactly that. But we sure as hell don't know that YET.
  4. Antifa is the moral equivalent of nazis

    An Indian immigrant (brown guy) running against Elizabeth Warren, a Bernie Sanders progressive running for the state legislature as well as a Trump supporter and some guy with the Star of David emblazoned on the front of his T-shirt were all targets of Antifa during the gathering in downtown Boston. A gathering to support free speech and protest violence. The Antifa were throwing bottles of urine and disrupting speeches. 30,000 people in attendance came for what was originally scheduled as a two hour event, it was cut to only 50 minutes thanks to the interference of Antifa. But there is simply no way Antifa is preventing Americans from exercising their freedom of speech, right fryguy?
  5. Steve Wilks Presser Is A Must Watch

    Real answers with information and opinions. I bet he's a hit with the media.
  6. You know, over the last few years, I was a 100% believer in the saying "a team is as good as their record suggests." But this year I have a change of heart on that mindset. Truth be told, as sad as it is to say, for the first time ever, I think the 2-0 Panthers record doesnt match the actual product we are seeing on Sundays. So back to my original point, and my original title, why are so many of us so demoralized despite being 2-0? I know its become a common theme to bash Hurney but I truly do believe that the firing of Gettleman and the re hiring of Hurney really made our window for a SB very, VERY smaller. This year has a different feel to it, this year really feels as though our window for a Super Bowl is closing rapidly, right before our very eyes. Lets look at the facts.. TD is on his way out, Olsen is definitley aging and now has a broken foot to contend with, our D line is so dominant thanks in part due to a resurgent Julius Peppers who is also on his way out.. Our pro bowl center on a already suspect O line is also nearing the end of his career, our star RB Jonathan Stewart who has been huge for us for years is also not getting any younger. I know all this is scary and quite frankly, thinking about all this really makes me tear up (it really does). So what does Gettleman or Hurney have to do with this?! Well, lets just say, atleast if Gettleman was still running the ship, we would have faith in confidence with his proven track record that he would sign the right players to replace the ones that will leave. With Hurney however, it changes everything. Our future has never been more uncertain than it is now. For those of us mad despite being 2-0, its because we realize this might be our final and only year to win a SB for the forseeable future, but we have a offense showing 0 sense of urgency and frankly a offense that just doesnt seem ready for prime time at all.
  7. Steve Wilks Presser Is A Must Watch

    then we finally don't have to hear "I think the biggest thing more so than anything else" like 20 times during each presser
  8. 1. Not impressed with young Kalil so far, but still have hope he csn at least become serviceable as pre-concussion Oher, fingers crossed. 2. Yes, if he fails, thats on Gettleman. 3. If you only knew the power of the Dark Side! EMBRACE IT AND LET IT FLOW THROUGH YOU!
  9. I hope he replace Ron as the talker for the rest of the season.
  10. Neither Seattle nor Denver's line was anything to write home about when they won the SB. I think there are a lot of ways to win, and we can probably get away with a few positions being no more than adequate.
  11. He could have traded... Kalil was the "big name" out there, but nobody wanted him, not even his own team, viking fans were laughing at us haha Personally, I would have loved to see a trade for a starting caliber LT, but it is what it is :'(
  12. Saints CB Sterling Moore suffered a pectorals injury in the Week 2 loss to the Patriots. The team is still trying to determine the severity of the injury. Moore is the Saints' No. 3 corner and was the team's highest-graded cover man by Pro Football Focus last season. They can ill afford to lose Moore.
  13. I don't think he was as that great against the 49ers. But, in any event, if he doesn't get better then we will not be getting a Lombardi this year. The better lines with the more balanced teams on both sides of the ball are generally the ones that you meet in the playoffs.
  14. By the way, slightly off-topic, but look at the table above, and note Buffalo's EXCELLENT Win % (41% vs. league average of 19%) in games when they scored <20 points, and also their slightly better than Panthers win % in games when they allowed an opponent <20 points. Buffalo is 2nd best in the league since 2014, only behind SEATTLE in terms of winning games in which opposing defenses held them to under 20 points!! Buffalo won 7 of 17 such games they played. Seattle won 9 of their 16 games. Buffalo is TOUGH in low scoring games - both in regards to their offense and their defense. Panthers really were very fortunate to come away with a win in that game! No need to downplay this win and say Buffalo a bad team. Not in this regard they're not!
  15. Trump apologizes to Erdogan

    he didn't bow, did he?
  16. Trump apologizes to Erdogan

  17. Antifa is the moral equivalent of nazis

    Antifa may be relatively small, but a couple of people? Seriously? Are you just trying to destroy whatever credibility you have left? I absolutely understand my right to free speech, so do those at Antifa attempting to limit it. Cities and States across this nation (mostly right wing law and order types) are advancing policies and creating new legislation to limit the public's right to peaceful protest and free speech. Antifa's continued violence is a gift from heaven for these politicians, providing all the justification they'll require to further limit our constitutional rights. Take a look at what happened in Boston a few weeks ago. Antifa ran free threatening more than white supremacists and reporters were kept so far from the stage they couldn't hear those giving speeches. The city's Mayor and Police Commissioner couldn't care less, they've already decided what is worthy of reporting on and what isn't. They just want to keep a lid on the violence. Thanks Antifa. So an entire nation was prevented from hearing the speeches given in Boston that day, others never made it to the stage. Thanks Antifa. Apparently you seem to believe only the state can prevent an individual from exercising their first amendment rights. Antifa has a bunch of thugs carrying sticks that disagree with you. MIght want to watch your back.
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