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    pstall is perfect for this thread, his entire huddle presence is basically a stock photo of a middle aged white man.
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    Super Mario All Stars: Mario Bros, Mario Bros 2, and Mario Bros 3 all included in it. Kinda of cheating here. Legend of Zelda Ocarina of time Final Fantasy 7 Fight Night Round III Rocket League Secret of the Mana Super Mario Kart Aliens vs Predator (arcade game) Madden 2002. Madden released during 2001 football season. Panthers went 1-15 that year. Madden 2002 was my revenge game against all my friends who loved to rub that 1-15 season in on me. Madden 2005 for best madden game released to date. Honorable Mention. Ken Griffey Jr Baseball. That was our weed smoking or beer drinking game. One hit or sip for person to hit homerun and people watching (person just homered against didn't get to partake). One hit or sip to person who guess within 5 ft how far the ball went on homerun. One hit or drink for for every hitless inning after 3rd inning for pitching team and everyone else watching (person hitless didn't get to partake). Winner plays on. All throws straight (can change between fast and slow pitches though) which makes it easier the first couple of games but harder as the night progresses and the more fuged up we got.
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    You'd think after over a decade of controlling the market Madden could finally make a game better than NFL 2K5.
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    it was a step up from habits and contradictions though. you could tell he was taking it more seriously or was more invested in oxymoron. and you're right that blank face overcompensated, groovy tony was pretty good but there's just too much of that 'gravel' voice affectation through the whole thing. oxymoron is probly my favorite of his albums so i dunno man i might side with stirs here
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    Bocks, stouts, & ambers mostly, but you may be right with the done correctly part. I live near Milwaukee & it may just be an insane over saturation of crappy IPAs because that's what our hipsters like for craft beer.
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    X Wing TIE Fighter Dark Forces Gorf Janes US Navy Fighters Xevious Falcon 3 LOTRO Grim Fandango Starflight pretty sure Lucasarts contributed mightily to the demise of my first marriage
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    ESPN is terrible when it comes to soccer news. You cannot believe anything they write. If Monaco wants £130Mfor 18 year old then I say pass! Also, Arsenal is selling Barellin to Barca for £50M. Makes sense to do that because both Oxe and Barellin play the same position and Oxe is a better player. Barellin family also relocated back to Barcelona for family reasons so he will likely want to move.
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    Nailed it. I still have it though I passed the gamecube on to my son. Rofl we used to have to blitz in cheat codes really fast 2 codes a piece Infinite turbo(both) + tennis ball puck+ no outta play I remember fudging the codes up and having to restart multiple times cuz my bud would fail on his infinite turbo
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    dude I bet it was NHL Hitz 2002 One of my favorite games and IMO the most underrated game of all time. Like no one has heard of it, but everyone who played it was obsessed with it. My dad and I have spent, hundreds upon hundreds, of hours playing this game. It was everything right with NFL Blitz but in a better environment. So much fun to play against friends, with friends or just against the computer.
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    @Dex dude that is fuging awesome. The 12 year old kid in me just got insanely jealous. I remember when Halo 1 first came out and I was lucky enough to have an Xbox. I didn't have live back then so I just played local against my dad and the other neighborhood kids/kids from school. I thought I was really good. Then halo 2 came out and I made some new friends that had live. Wow, only then did I realize that a.) I wasn't good at all but b.) there were some really, really fuging good people at this game. Sophomore year of high school me and my buddies played so much Halo 2. Definitely the best gaming experience of my life. We all got pretty decent but nowhere near the level you would need to be to play at an MLG tournament. Anyways not sure if I've responded to this thread but here is my list in no order: Halo: Combat Evolved Halo 2 Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time NHL Hitz 2002 Skyrim Destiny The Godfather (parents wouldn't let me get Grand Theft Auto, but my dad is Italian so he of course allowed the Godfather and he loved it- played it more than I did) NFL 2K5 Golden Eye Pokemon Yellow - don't really care about Pickachu but the fact that you could get all three primary elements still intrigues me.
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    Seen a few of these articles on the Mbappe to Arsenal rumors. You don't live near a bridge, right? http://www.espnfc.us/club/arsenal/359/blog/post/3139137/arsenal--kylian-mbappe-rumours-seem-far-fetched-due-to-clubs-limitations =p
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    hey i recognize that logo on her wall, this dude has it tattooed on his arm. i think you've uncovered a breakthrough jayflip. srh clothing is the missing key to white culture we've been searching for.
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    after like 10 times scrolling down the page and thinking that's a cute girl, i noticed there's a mustache
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    i was rapidly running out of content so i would like to thank heel and pstall for filling in for the time being
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    thank you for the original content in this, the white culture thread. facebook memes are extremely white culture. being mad about bill clinton in 2017 is also, you guessed it, extremely white culture.
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    eminem is definitely one of the top 5 greatest choices for music in call of duty trick shot videos
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    a few suggestions: 1. guy fieri presents: culture (brought to you by nabisco original saltine crackers) 2. toast sandwich 3. im not racist but 4. irish were slaves too!!!!
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    Lukaku said he's about to join another EPL team. Said he will play in CL so either Manchester United or Chelsea.
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    cool picture of a falcon catching a fish
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    In no certain order. Zelda (2-a link to the past, Ocarina, Twilight, windwaker all favs) Age of Empires 2 ( still play) Diablo 2 ( still play/ but heavily modded) Counterstrike:source/Csgo series ( still play) Fallout 3/4 (playing 4 now) Elderscrolls Morrowind,Oblvion,Skyrim GTA 4/5 Wheel of Time ( the BEST Multiple Player FPS you've never played or even heard of) Madden 2004 ( best francise/ drafting/ mini camp modes by far BOO VICK on cover) NHL Hitz 2004?.......so many hours playing with buddy. Honorable mentions: Streets of Rage, Squad, NFL blitz ( with friends only) Crystalis(NES), Perfect Dark and NBA Jam
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    I buy it because I can't help myself. I just enjoy building the team and progressing the players in franchise mode. It's cathartic. Its also fun exploiting the game even if it feels cheap.
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    I just bought EA Access and wait for Madden to go on the vault. There is usually nothing new so i dont want to pay $60 for the game.
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    In no order Destiny Hitman: Blood Money GTA V Civ 5 Pokemon Emerald Halo Halo Reach COD 4 Star Wars Battlefront 2 Minecraft (Before it got all crazy popular) Im sure im forgetting some but these are the ones that I spent the most time with and had the most fun playing.
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    I was actually very active in competitive online gaming when I was a kid for Halo 1 & 2. I was actually sponsored and got paid to play from ages 13-15. Then I realized I'd like to get laid and stopped. Won a few grand, laptop etc. so I ain't mad though.
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