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    *extremely eminem yelling voice* IM NOT AFRAID TO KILL MY MOM EVERYBODY KILL YOUR MOMS
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    pstall is perfect for this thread, his entire huddle presence is basically a stock photo of a middle aged white man.
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    Couldn't decide to post this in this thread or enough is enough thread
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    Bwood almost derailed this thread. Glad heel could bring it back. Woop woop
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    eminem is easily in the top 5 living members of d12
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    Bocks, stouts, & ambers mostly, but you may be right with the done correctly part. I live near Milwaukee & it may just be an insane over saturation of crappy IPAs because that's what our hipsters like for craft beer.
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    you're no longer Huddle bae.
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    hey i recognize that logo on her wall, this dude has it tattooed on his arm. i think you've uncovered a breakthrough jayflip. srh clothing is the missing key to white culture we've been searching for.
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    after like 10 times scrolling down the page and thinking that's a cute girl, i noticed there's a mustache
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    Hahahahaha heel31ok saved bwood.
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    i was rapidly running out of content so i would like to thank heel and pstall for filling in for the time being
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    he was born for this moment holy poo
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    janeane garofalo reference, this guy is on fire
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    craft beer is indeed white as all hell. good job pstall
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    this dude gets the thread even better than we do. we're through the looking glass here
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    thank you for the original content in this, the white culture thread. facebook memes are extremely white culture. being mad about bill clinton in 2017 is also, you guessed it, extremely white culture.
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    eminem is definitely one of the top 5 greatest choices for music in call of duty trick shot videos
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    One of the better threads in huddle history imo.
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    a few suggestions: 1. guy fieri presents: culture (brought to you by nabisco original saltine crackers) 2. toast sandwich 3. im not racist but 4. irish were slaves too!!!!
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    cool picture of a falcon catching a fish
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    What the point of this thread, white guilt? It is ok to be white, guys.

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