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    As a few of us guessed, it doesn't matter what you give Shula... the job won't get done. I had a Patriots fan tell me they wanted CMC, and we won't use him right. Its looking like he's right. 1999 offensive coordinator won't know how to use a player of the abilities that CMC and Samuel has If Marty Hurney would make the decision since Ron wont, man that would be THE move of the last 5 seasons
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    Listen up you bunch of mountain folk window lickers! (or city slickers according Igor, elohfuggingel by the way). It's Saints vs. Panthers week, which means it's hate week. So I'll start this off with a big fug you, your family, your friends, and your team. The Saints are going in dry this week fellas, so it's time to do your best Mercedes Benz Stadium impression and open up that sphincter. I'm fairly certain that, at this point, the Saints defense won't be able to slow down any NFL offense and would struggle with at least 37 NCAA offenses. The Saints defense gives up HOF worthy numbers every week. Seriously. They could give the MVP to the combined numbers of the QBs the Saints play. It's unreal. It's a fugging unexplainable phenomenon. But that's ok, at least we have a top 5 offe...wait, what's that? We keep trading away offensive players to help a defense that continues to rank 32nd? So now the offense sucks too? Whoda fugging thunk it? We've got Great Value Jimmy Graham starting at TE and Clover Valley (that's Dollar Generals generic brand. Shoutout to my broke people in the house. Bigcat just ignore this part) Brandin Cooks playing receiver. On top of that both tackles are hurt so Drew is getting pummeled worse than the only blonde chick at a college football party. Adrian Peterson looks every bit of 75. But hey! Our fugging punter can bang the poo out of the ball. So we've got that going for us. Prepare to face long fields, with which you'll drive down with ease, all game long! So now is the part where I predict a 45-10 Panthers win. But like I said, fug you and everyone you know. 62-3 Saints.
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    I'ts my Birthday, so beer me my poo dropping, speculation spewing, over reacting rag tag Panther brethren. I will also accept pie in lieu of beer. But, if one of you fuggers drops one of those nasty azz Mocca dipped Lattes on me. I swear I will...put you on ignore faster than you can say Shula sucks. Oh, and to make this Panther related. GOOOOOO CATS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    He gave the Panthers all they could handle with about half the talent. He basically had Shula out of the booth and behind the woodshed all day. Hats off to McDermott and the Bills. Now give the rest of the NFCS Hell.
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    Called in to Late Hits on my way home tonight. I love Gil. I wanted to know his thoughts on the Panther offense. He said these things... Bills are a lot better than most people think. McDermott's knowledge of our offense a big factor last week. Need to get more out of CMC. Benjamin has improved...Funchess has to keep improving. Of course tough to replace Greg. At the end said need to see better play "out of my friend" (Cam) I did not ask but he said that he believes the Panthers are a playoff team this year. Alex Marvez agrees.
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    this team has weapons and should be able to overcome the loss. unfortunately it also has mike shula
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    Lost in everything else that happened today KB once again came up big for us. He had multiple 3rd down catches, plus drawing a flag in the endzone. KB caught 6 of 8 targets and finished with 6 catches for 77 yards You keep doing you KB!
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    I have not seen Rivera's decisions on the goal line questioned yet. However, it was a few years ago--against Buffalo--when RR kicked a FG up by 3 on fourth and 1. We lost when Buffalo scored a TD. Rivera admitted it was stupid, and he converted to what we would later call Riverboat Ron. Sunday was no different. On 4th and 2 or so, we should have gone for it for the exact same reason we should have a few years ago against buffalo. And we nearly lost the same way--a TD pass at the end of the game. I stumbled across this ESPN article that explains my point- "The Panthers' field goal on 4th and goal from the 2, up 3 points in the 4th quarter, stands out as the biggest 4th down error of the week, losing 5% win probability based on the decision. Being up 6 with about 3 minutes to play merely invites the Bills to go for the TD and the win, rather than a FG to tie. And failing to convert wouldn't be so bad, leaving the Bills likely inside their own 2. Ultimately, it didn't cost the Panthers, as the Bills failed to score on their final drive. " Riverboat Ron? Hardly. Any gambler knows the odds and plays them. He should have known what to do having been there before against the very same team.
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    Shear dominance by the defense right now. They are also allowing less than 200 yards per game in those first two games. if you believe that history repeats itself than look no further to the Broncos from a couple years ago. 2013: insanely good broncos offense runs into a buzz saw in the form of Seattle in the Super Bowl and gets embarrased 2015: Broncos defense is otherworldly and carries their team and their former MVP QB (who is not his normal dominant self) to a title against the number one offense in the league. 2015 panthers = 2013 broncos 2017 panthers = 2015 Broncos FWIW: if you're wondering who we will beat in the super bowl, it's going to be the raiders and their MVP QB David Carr and their number one offense 2017 raiders= 2015 panthers
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    Want to shut down the super sexay "evolved" offense of the Carolina Panthers? Look no further! Step one - Take away Christian McCaffrey McCaffrey is the life blood of the new Panthers offense. The player that is involved in 80% of what they now want to do. So, take him out of the equation. When you do that, you are left with the Carolina Panthers offense of 2016. And we all know what to do then, right? Sure we do! Step Two - Get to Cam Newton For step two you will need to refer to what every defense in 2016 did against the Panthers. Namely, blitz, blitz, then blitz some more. Sure, Newton will complete some nice passes early in games, but the injuries he accrues throughout will keep him from performing later and maybe even shorten his career! Bonus Tip: When you constantly hit a quarterback that is recovering from shoulder surgery, it makes his accuracy worse! So much worse! For instance, the Buffalo Bills twisted his ankle on Sunday. Then, when Cam Newton had McCaffrey open in the end zone on the last offensive play, Newton had to throw off the very same ankle the Bills turned into a pretzel. Holy hovering overthrow! The best part of all this? Some Panthers fans will actually blame Cam Newton for the punishment his body takes and the throws that result!
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    Cause Shula's playcalls are predictable as fug
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    What a phenomenal decision to play Cam in week 17 last season and wait til late March for the surgery.
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    yes game 3 is time to panic on a 1st year rookie. also drano is good for you to drink.
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    My wife was recently nominated to become teacher of the year for all Schools in the Carolinas by one of her student's parents. The way it works is they have 10 nominees every week, then those nominees are voted on and the winner of the week gets invited to the December 10th game against the Vikings where they will name the teacher of the year. It's an honor to even be nominated and she is over the moon excited. I told her I'd do my best to help her out too, which is why I'm reaching out to you beautiful people to help her out. If you would be so kind, please click here and vote for Samantha Rigby. Voting starts today and ends the 27th. If you don't like voting without context please know that she's seriously an amazing teacher, she was born to do it. I've never met anyone else that is as great with kids as she is and her only hobbies include teaching, and learning about teaching which is why she went back to school to get her master's so she can be a better teacher. She eats and breathes teaching like I eat and breath Panther's football, which is why this entire thing is so serendipitous. If you don't really care about the children, then vote for her so I can go to a Panthers game this season. Last time I went to a game in an odd year we beat the Eagles and then went on to the Super Bowl, so, you know, do it so the Panthers will go to the Super Bowl. It's science. If you don't like me and don't want to help me out... well... dang. Do it for the kids? I dunno, I don't know how to change your mind. I'm sorry you hate me. Pictures of our child in Panther gear to boost interest/increase the likelihood that you vote for my wife because the child is cute can be found below: Pie for all who vote. Also it turns out you can vote more than once, so if you get bored and are feeling generous, please feel free to vote a few times, we really appreciate it. Please and thank you.
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    Starting to hear excuses for the offense already. Sorry, there are no excuses. The Panthers have 4 first round picks and two second round picks at offensive skill positions at their disposal. Plenty of fire power to score on the Saints. Time for a solid 30+ point game.
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    Anyone else think for the first time yesterday he finally played to his size. To me he has always played too small for his frame, getting beaten physically by much smaller defenders. For the first time yesterday it looked like he had finally had enough and started using his size to an advantage.
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    Also, the whole thing was fuggin worth it just to get this shot of the camo cargos entering the Panther entrance in the smoke...
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    Who cares!!! Sick of hearing about this sh*t. I'm a 15 year, retired/disabled vet and still don't care if someone wants to worship a flag or not and am actually glad they can do it if they so choose.
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    I was at the game yesterday. All of this panic over the offense is pretty much par-for-the-Huddle-course, and while it was an overall subpar outing, it's not the disaster many seem to think it is. 1.) Carolina dominated in time of possession and big plays, they just continually killed drives with mistakes at critical times. Mistakes can be corrected and Cam will play better. If we had spent this game struggling to move the ball or barely moving the sticks we'd have far more to be worried about, but against a good Buffalo defense that strongly gameplanned for our offense, we were often our own worst enemy. 2.) The loss of Ryan Kalil was a huge blow to our offensive line, as Larsen gave up pressure under center on a number of occasions. Adding in the sudden loss of Olsen early in the game and the offense was bound to struggle to adapt. 3.) The "evolved" offense will take time. Change is always difficult; go back and see the early Steelers games when Todd Haley became their offensive coordinator and the team tried to evolve Roethlisberger into more of a pocket quarterback to prevent him from constantly taking punishment. Sound familiar? Integrating McCaffrey and Samuel into the offense is causing plenty of growing pains and a lot of things that aren't working will have to be adjusted in realtime. But, as Cam continues to practice with the first team and game film is available to scout to understand what is working and what isn't, the offense will continue to evolve and ultimately can be better for it. Finally, I think much of the ire is directed more at the fact that this could have been a blowout win instead of a nailbiter if execution had simply been better, so that element of frustration is boiling over. Changing the outcome of only a few plays could be the difference between 9-3 and 30-3, while the same couldn't really be said for the Bills as up until the end of the game we absolutely throttled their offense. In every meaningful sense aside from the final score, this was a good win that was simply marred by a litany of mistakes.
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    The first team since 1981, and plenty of teams have opened up against bad offenses. Let that sink in.
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    that dude is a Huddler.... JPowell or something. The Shula bashing is getting out of hand. Our QB is rusty and inaccurate. Our tackles can't block poo. Our receivers can't get separation or are dropping touchdown passes. Basically we can't fuging execute and all you retards are too blind to see it. This was the best offense in the league two years ago with Shula at the helm with Cam healthy. Use your head instead of listening to the masses.
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    I hope he gets a chance to lead block in some power running attacks like in the preseason. btw, this is my first post in a looooooooooooong time.
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    No, not just with situational playcalls. Not just with misusing our weapons. Look at the play clock for every team in the league by the time they're lined up presnap. Most have about 15-20 seconds. Cam and the OL can't audible or adjust anything because we're set presnap with 5 seconds left. Part of this is Rivera's philosophy of chewing up clock, part of it is Cam not having the call relayed to him until the play clock is at 20 or so seconds. We're breaking huddle between 10-15 seconds. This is game breaking and just another reason why this staff is garbage.
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    Sorry, we're too busy hating ourselves around here to worry about you. Check back on Friday.
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    Everyone in the stadium should take a knee for the disgraceful excuse for a President we have put in the white house.
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    and by PSL I mean PUMPKIN SPICE LATTE Latte me you gorgeous people, and let us celebrate the best season of the year as brothers and sisters.
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    Remember when I was blasted and told I was just looking for clicks when I wanted to discuss the very real possibility that Cam's shoulder would not be 100% for a long while? That was fun.
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    "One of the worst things offense could do." Well I've seen that just about every Sunday.
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    Remember when Cam had time to hard count and consistently drew teams offsides? Yeah, good times.
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    ...even if it was one of Hurney's second rounders. I coach a 5/6th grade youth football team in my town. A few weeks ago one of our JV (3/4th grade) coaches tells me he coached Everette Brown when he was growing up and asked if I would be interested in having him out one evening to talk to the kids. As a Panthers fan, my first instinct was 'nah', but I decided that maybe it would be a good idea. He finally made it out tonight, and I have to say he was a really cool dude. He spoke with our teams for 10-15 minutes, and they seemed to really take it all in. He helped drive home a lot of points that we continually harp on (school is the #1 priority, surrounding yourself with the right people, and always giving 100%), and then he gave the kids a chance to ask questions. I didn't count, but I'd estimate he fielded at least a half dozen questions about Cam but he didn't seem to mind it at all. Afterward he hung out with the kids, signed a pile of his rookie cards that he brought, and then sat down and ate with the team. All the while, any kid that spoke to him got 100% of his attention. I know his run here was far from what anyone here had hoped, but I guess he can't help that he was over drafted. Even if his days in the black and blue were short he still achieved something that pretty much no one is able to do. I'm glad to have been able to meet him.
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    Makes me wonder why he jumps and throws it off his back foot. Also, great move by CMC.
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    2 sacks and solid run D all game. Welcome home buddy, hope you stay a few more years if you continue to defy Father Time. Win a couple SBs here.
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    It is early and I have only had one cup of coffee. Let me know what you see in the above posts. To me it looks like a combination of bad play calls/design , QB unwilling to take the layup, and poor protection by the LT mainly. Mix it all in a bowl and you get 6 sacks.
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    Second straight week holding opposing team without a touchdown. McCoy averaged less than one yard per carry. Julius Peppers had two sacks, Addison had one. Hats off to you, defense!
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    It's Friday and I already know we'll be opening up Sundays game with a handoff to Stewart
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    How long are we going to continue to use the 2015 season to defend Shula? One season in 20+ years of coaching.....
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    Gotta give love to Funchess too. Made some good leaping grabs and showed very good hands
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    It's absolutely inexcusable. Two burned timeouts. Two delay of game penalties. All because he can't get a goddamn play call in. Meanwhile, you have the best dual threat QB in football and you're running the wildcat. Fire this damn fool. He's just embarrassing himself at this point.
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