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    Remember during our Superbowl year when each game brought on moaning in this forum? Do those of you that moaned ever wish you just enjoyed the ride? I am willing to bet you do. I understand the complaining during and after the game. But to complain about a win into Wednesday is just weird. Time to enjoy life a little. As such, please use this thread to say something nice about the Carolina Panthers or someone on this board. Love you, JI
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    While he only played for 12 snaps, Curtis Samuel showed that he belonged on the field. Coming back from a heart procedure, he picked right up from where he left off with an elite showing. From running over multiple defenders to the end-zone, running crisp routes, and getting massive separation, he did it all. He looked like a WR1 the whole time he was on the field. Furthermore, Ron Rivera comments the only reason Curtis Samuel did not play more snaps was simply due to conditioning; a fixable issue. After all, he did just come back from a four week absence from heavy physical activity. It's not too surprising to hear he was out of breath on the field at times. Either way, Curtis Samuel proves he's more than worthy of getting an increase in workload. As long as his conditioning is on par, he should maintain a high level of snaps. Every time he's on the field, he's a big play-making threat as a receiver and after the catch. He has shown he's just as elite as his college tape was and furthermore. So, just how elite was Curtis Samuel last Sunday? Well, take a look below to see. A Virtuoso At Separation For a wide receiver, route running is an art. From technique, athleticism, and skill, there are a whole host of variables going into every route. Very few are able to accomplish the art of route-running at its highest level. However, just in his second year, Curtis Samuel is already showing promise of being one of those few. Just take a look at the play below. On the play above, the Panthers are in a 3x1 formation with Curtis Samuel as the "X" receiver. His job as the solo receiver is to simply beat his man on a deep out and make the catch. Of course, this job is easier said than done. Unless the receiver in question is Curtis Samuel. The corner is basically playing off and outside leverage, meaning he's daring Samuel to play down the middle of the field. His goal is to keep Samuel going inside and prevent him from going flat towards the sidelines. If he goes flat towards the sideline, the corner doesn't have a safety over the top and he has to win a 1v1 battle against Samuel. Unfortunately for the corner, Samuel is impossible to guard off this route. Coming out, Samuel sells the inside and gets the corner comfortable in pursuing that route. However, once he notices that corner breaking, he resets himself quickly and flattens out towards the sideline. The corner is unable to recover fast enough and finds himself trailing Samuel as he approaches the sideline. From the snap, Cam Newton shows a high level of trust in Samuel already. His helmet already faces the direction of Samuel from the snap, showing how he's already the primary check for Newton. Soon, Newton releases the ball to an open Samuel for an easy looking completion. Later on, the Panthers go back to that same play off the 3x1. This time, the play is working towards the left sideline. As seen, Samuel once again leaves the corner in the dust once he bites towards the inside fake. Curtis flattens out and goes towards the sideline wide open. Unfortunately, somehow a seven-man protection couldn't hold against four linemen and Cam had to throw it away. Either way, Curtis shows fantastic ability at getting separation and route running. He needs to see far more snaps from the X in the near future. Excelling Against 1v1 Man Coverage For a wide receiver, a solid release and ability to beat man coverage is critical for having success at every level. The ability of one being able to "pull a basketball move" and fake out his defender is critical for most. In the NFL, Vikings WR Stefon Diggs' recent release went viral on twitter over how similar it looked to a basketball move. Curtis Samuel most definitely is effective on his release and faking out defenders in man coverage. While there were little examples last Sunday of Samuel's ability on the line, the following still shows Samuel's solid moves against man coverage. On this play above, the Panthers are running a slot-fade with Curtis as the primary target. For those who are curious, this is more of a variation of the flat-fade from the smash concept. The Eagles ran it multiple times last season to great success. The goal of this play is to take advantage of the 1v1 matchup from the slot and the extra space from there provided near the sideline. The Panthers have Christian McCaffrey motion to the outside to create the 1v1 match-up from the slot for Curtis. At the snap, Curtis comes out and runs the fade against his man. Using a solid cut, he causes his defender to stop and hesitate. After that, he runs towards the outside and darts forward. As a result, Samuel easily beats his man and finds himself free towards the end-zone. Unfortunately, Cam isn't on the same page as Curtis and tries to force a back-shoulder. Of course, the Eagles ran this concept plenty of times with a back-shoulder put in, which could be a reason for Cam doing such. It may be that Cam needs far more reps with Samuel to understand exactly how he plays and what he will generally do. Either way, Cam misses a critical opportunity for a walk-in touchdown. Samuel shows expert ability at winning 1v1 match-ups against man and ability at making defenders lose. He needs to see far more snaps wherever he is on the field. After The Catch Monster One thing many Panthers fans will bring up is DJ Moore's ability after the catch. PFF's stats have him as the best with an average of 12.3 YAC. He's a fantastic monster with the ball in his hands and essentially turns into a runningback. However, what most forget about is Curtis' ability after the catch. After all, he has plenty of experience at runningback from OSU. He knows how to break tackles and gain extra yards after contact as well. And that showed immediately on Curtis' first reception and TD of the season. The Panthers run a very fun concept with motion, misdirection, and a whole bunch of moving parts. Essentially, Curtis Samuel is the target in what finally turns out to be a tunnel screen. However, it's what happens once the ball is in his hands that truly is spectacular to see. He runs through multiple tackles and breaks through them as he continues his pursuit. Spinning and keeping his balance, he's able to continue forward on his monstrous run. Soon, more defenders come into the picture and attempt to grab Samuel down. However, the former Buckeye completely stiff arms nearly three Giants defenders as they fall to the ground. Finally, Curtis leaps for the end-zone after a rewarding incredible run. All this stuff has been the case since his time in college. Curtis is a monster with the ball in his hands. His combination of speed, athleticism, and power is beautiful to see. Alongside DJ Moore, Samuel is just as effective after the catch. This was just incredible. Conclusion Whatever the case may be, the Panthers offense will only be better with more Samuel on the field. He has plenty of traits giving evidence towards the idea he can be a WR1 in the NFL. From his precise route-running, ability after the catch, and speed, he can be a threat at all three levels on the field. One person he could potentially take snaps from is Torrey Smith. While Torrey the person is fantastic and his work in the community amazing beyond football, his skills as a player are lacking. Very rarely has Smith made many impactful plays more-so than being a liability. Samuel should be seeing more of the snaps Torrey is getting. Smith would be fine as a mentor and occasional target on a limited number of snaps. He's a great leader and person in general while also being well liked and fiery defending his teammates. However, despite that, what should instead be the case is the Panthers putting their best on the field. I question if Torrey Smith is that answer. Curtis Samuel has already shown from last Sunday he has the skills and ability of being an explosive play-maker. He shouldn't be thought of as a mere "second year receiver" with how high his level of play already is. He should be considered a large threat in the NFL that needs to be used as much as possible. Either way, Curtis Samuel is an emerging star in the NFL. His performance last Sunday was only the tip of the iceburg of his full potential. The Panthers need to realize that and unleash the potential monster this young man will be.
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    So after replacing most of the coaching staff this past offseason and the Panthers being decimated by injuries. The team has some how put a 3-1 record together. Seriously after the preseason and week 1 injuries who saw this coming? Not me, I fully expected us to struggle just to hit .500 offensive line injuries kill seasons, besides the QB they are literally the most important part of a team and ours had 1 remaining starter going into week 2. 99/100 that spells disaster for your team. What has happened since then is our coaching staff has put together a good unit with scraps and backups a feat that should not be undersold and the #1 reason we are even 3-1 right now. It’s honestly straight up amazing! Yes the defense hasn’t been playing well, but with that said when has a Rivera led team not eventually figured it out on Defense? He always has and it’s one of the stronger points to having him as our head coach. The offense is expiring some growing pains yes but they are also markedly improved from the Shula years at the same time, something which has been noted on here several times. am I the only one that is seeing marked improvements in the team and is actually pretty excited about how things are going? I thought that after how bad this season looked like it was going to be people would be excited about us being 3-1 with thing s looking pretty good right now. but instead we seem to be flooded with Fire Rivera threads? After a good win? Y’all want to fire a the Head Coach? You know coaching that take you to a Super Bowl, 3 consecutive Division titles and playoffs 4/5 seasons(heading to 5/6) DO NOT GROW ON TREES! yall be trippin.
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    Can we trade Matt Kalil and his contract for Norman. I will throw in Torrey Smith if that helps.
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    I will be the first to point out Rivera can be frustrating, especially when it comes to personnel decisions. But to use the cliché expressions, “the grass is not always greener”, and head coaches don’t “grow on treees”. Who would you actually replace him with if you had the chance, that would give us a better chance at a super bowl? I can’t really think of anyone without taking a huge risk on a novice, which isn’t warranted when we have a winning record. Sure there may be better Xa and Os kind of guys, but it’s not an easy job to manage an NFL locker room and keep the team competing on a weekly basis.
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    The Colts have the fastest pace. How's that working for them? The Saints, at 4-1 and with the most points in the league, are only .44 sec and 3 positions ahead of us. I would submit that in the world of significant stats, this one is near the bottom of the barrel.
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    Rewatched the game on NFL Gamepass coach's film, concentrated on the defense. Here are my takeaways after watching much more closely. - The lack of pressure was for the most part due to the quick throws. Plenty of times our guys would have got there if the ball wasn't out within a couple seconds. - OBJ and Shepard are the perfect receiving duos for the dink and dunk offense the Giants run. So many damn short passes. - Poe is out playing Short, and it isn't very close. KK needs to pick his game up. - Peppers looks pretty damn good as am occasional 3 tech on passing downs - I don't know why Munnerlyn is starting over Corn. Captain was a liability out there. At least use the guy with fresh legs. - Donte Jackson is looking good, but still a rookie. They took advantage of his inexperience on a few plays. This one stood out to me. Jackson clearly in man coverage, his guy loses him in the crowd. In time I feel Jackson will be our best corner.
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    Both of our young WRs look like the truth. Can’t wait until they start taking over the league.
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    I think people need to realize that gano’s 63 yarder was an anamoly. That’s why that kick was so amazing and historical. You don’t do that kick unless you absolutely have to in a must win/tie at the end of games. Otherwise you’re giving the opponent a high chance of ridiculous field position.
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    How sad is it that I had so little faith in our D that I was hoping their TD where the ref missed Jackson touching the receiver down was going to end up standing? All I was thinking was give our offense some more clock to work with to try to answer. I had zero faith in the D to hold. I was just afraid they'd give up the score with too little time remaining for us to answer.
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    He made some good catches out there. I've got no problem with Funchess.
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    I'm about sick of the fire Rivera threads after every win, personally
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    Being 3-1 and not having played a complete game by any means is a great sign.
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    Tepper had zero association with the team last season so actually Tepper would enjoy 1 winning season with a chance to be the first Panthers owner to enjoy back to back winning seasons next year...
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    We have no pass rush and we aren't using our first round WR enough or correctly
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    Agreed......he is a good coach who is always open and honest about how the team is performing, and he handles the locker room extremely well. Today he said winning covers up a lot of the mistakes that were made in all three phases of the game and they did not have victory Monday. He knows we have many things we have to improve. At the end of the day he is a two time coach of the year and we are 3-1 to start the season. Anyone who claims that Rivera should be fired is.........insane. At the beginning of the year if you told me at a quarter way through the season we would start 3-1 after having almost all of your O line with backups playing, a TD 4 game suspension, missing your starting safety, and missing Olsen for almost a full 4 games.....I would say Rivera needs an extension.
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    I was in Denver for the game with the MHCs and it was fuging awesome
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    We beat the giants in a tough game and we are all acting like our season is done and acting like we lost . In 2015 we had the same type of game almost identical endings and i remeber people saying that was such a great finish and were all excited , whats the difference ??? Yes our defense looks terrible but vs our big bad defense in 2015 and a worse giants team they put up more points vs us , so im finding it hard to see why people are mad ? we scored 33 points . This is a great win in my book.ALSO remember people the panthers are not good early in the season under rivera and off the bye and we are 3-1 , we get better as the year goes on remember that. we never have an easy win , so when we do win lets celebrate the win like every other team . CALM DOWN AND KEEP POUNDING !
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    Here you go, guys! (No sound)
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    He still usually makes some special plays. How many QBs in the NFL do you know who can lay out a 265 DE?
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    Always a spot for you on our team J No

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