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    Well at least he won his personal Super Bowl last week then
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    David you bald, beautiful son of a bitch
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    Subscribed to NFL game pass this to refresh my memory on last season. Decided to go back and watch every passing TD allowed on defense. In some cases I couldn't clearly attribute the blame on a specific player but the times I could I bolded the players name. Week 3 vs the saints. 5 yard pass to Michael Thomas in vs 1 on 1 man coverage out wide vs Worley. Worley fell down into Thomas and drew a pass interference penalty that was declined as well. 11 yard pass to Brandon Coleman, Shaq bumped him at los as he bit on playaction, Worley bit as well and let him get behind him for the easy score. 40 yard pass to Ginn out of the slot vs Bradberry in press coverage with both safeties playing deep zone (Colemans side) both safeties spied on the outside routes and were not in position to help Week 4 vs the Pats Both passing TD's were 1 and 2 yard passes in the middle of the endzone on quick crossing routes against zone defense. 1st play Mike Adams was the closest in coverage and Colin Jones was the closest on the 2nd. Week 5 vs the Lions 4 yard pass to Darren Fells vs Mike Adams in man coverage. Stafford scrambled to his right to extend the play, Adams stuck with him but Fells just snatched the ball for the TD. 20 yard pass on an out route to Fells again vs Shaq Thompson in man coverage. It was over for Shaq the second fells made his cut to the outside Week 6 vs the Eagles 1 Yard pass to Zach Ertz on a quick slant in the back of endzone vs Worley in man coverage 17 Yard pass to Ertz again on a post route vs Adams who was sitting back in coverage. 24 yard pass vs Shaq on a quick dig route. Once he made his cut shaq couldn't recover and he sprinted into the endzone untouched up the middle Week 9 vs the Falcons 6 yard pass to Sanu out of slot on quick out vs Worley in man coverage 19 yard pass on quick bubble screen to Tevin Coleman with 5 wide, vs cover 2 man. Multiple offenders here, Davis was matched up against him but Lukes guy cut in to block TD out of play, Luke was then blocked out of the play by the RG, then the final safety net Kurt Coleman allowed himself to get blocked out of the play by the center. Week 10 vs Dolphins 2 yard shovel pass to Julius Thomas, multiple offenders and good play design. Thomas was originally in right slot and Davis was in man coverage vs him, just before the snap Thomas motioned in the backfield, took a quick shovel pass to the left in for a TD. Luke tried to cut in for the tackle but missed, Addison lost contain on him and Shaq couldn't come off his guy in time,as he didn't make contact til Thomas was already in the endzone. 10 yard pass to Landry who improvised on Cutler rollout to his right. It was vs a zone defense, above Munnerlyn and looked like it was ultimately Mayo's responsibility to be there but he was late reacting to it. Week 12 vs Jets 33 yard pass to Robbie Anderson vs Bradberry and Adams. Bradberry had him in man against the sideline with Adams providing help to the inside over the top. This one seems slightly more on Adams as Bradberry had him covered to the outside and Adams caught up to them and had the inside covered for the last 10 yards of the route but couldn't get in position to make a play on the ball. 54 yard pass to Robbie Anderson vs Coleman. Mccown rolled out to the right and pointed to the endzone, Anderson juked Coleman and made the wide open catch in the endzone. Coleman was alone in the coverage as we were in cover 2 D and that was the only deep route. 2 yard pass to Jermaine Kearse vs Seymour. Blown coverage on the play by someone else as well as 16 ended up wide open in the endzone as well. Week 13 vs Saints 10 yard pass to Michael Thomas vs Davis in cover 2 defense. Thomas was lined up in slot vs 4-3 defense. Davis dropped back but let him slip past him as he was trying to read Brees. Adams was behind him and could have provided better help but couldn't get there either. Week 14 vs Vikings 18 Yard pass to Kyle Rudolph vs Adams. Looks like we were in a zone defense but it was clear Rudolph was Adams responsibility and he played him fairly tight but just allowed the pass right above his head as Rudolph caught a bullet right between Adams outstretched arms and just above his helmet. 52 yard pass to Thielen. Multiple offenders here as Thielen came out of the left slot and after a quick fake to the outside broke in vs Munnerlyn and Keenum dropped it right in between Captain and Luke. Adams was too late to react in time to make a play on the ball or immediate tackle. As he cuts up field towards Coleman's side of the field, Coleman is pancake blocked out of the play and trips up Adams who was the closest one in pursuit before he crossed the goal line. Week 15 vs Packers 13 yard pass to Davante Adams vs Coleman. We are in man, a late motion to the right caused everyone on the right to pick up a different man. Coleman gave a good cushion and got embarrassed on a corner route when Adams cut to the inside and was wide open in the endzone. 33 yard pass to Cobb vs Seymour. They were matched up in the left slot. TD blitzed on the other side of the formation and Luke dropped back to cover the middle of the field. Cobb went on short crossing route to the right, once he got to the middle Seymour quit running with him, I guess he assumed Luke we take him from there, then Rodgers baits Kuechly in as he starts to scramble forward. Rodgers passed it to Cobb just as Luke came back to the los. Cobb ended up with a wide open path to the endzone making both Bradberry and Coleman miss at the last second. 24 yard pass to Richard Rodgers vs Coleman . Cover 2 scheme again, he was line up in the slot to the right side, Luke covered the underneath portion of his route, Coleman had the deep responsibility but failed miserably as Rodgers made the easy catch running right up the seam and wide open in the endzone. Week 16 vs Bucs 18 yard pass to Bobo Wilson vs Worley in man coverage. Simple route where he ran straight to the endzone, then as Winston stepped up in the pocket, he cut to the right and got open in the process for an easy uncontested catch. Week 17 vs Falcons 19 yard pass to Freeman on quick pass up the middle. Zone defense, Ryan found him all alone at the 15 yard line, 2 players closest to him on the field were Worley and Adams(blocked out of the way) but neither could react in time to prevent the score. Wildcard vs Saints 80 yard pass to Ginn vs zone blitz. We had Adams lined up in the box and came on the blitz. Bradberry was covering the right side of the field but nobody ran a route to the outside. Coleman was the single high safety and was lined up against Ginn with a deep cushion. Coleman came up and took a poor angle on him which allowed Ginn to blow right by him. Bradberry reacted as his side of the field in the zone d was vacant. He almost caught up to him and fell to the ground in a desperate attempt to make a play on the ball, meanwhile Coleman just chased him right into the endzone. This play is on Coleman. 9 yard pass to Hill vs blown coverage. Saints came out in jumbo goaline package with an extra offensive lineman. Pretty much everyone sold out on the run(appeared to be the play call/design) and after a quick playaction fake Hill slipped into the endzone wide open. Possible it was Worley's responsibility to hang back and he bit on the playaction. In summary we gave up 25 regular season passing TD's last year. 27 including the wildcard game. Of the 21 I feel comfortable blaming primarily on 1 player, heres the breakdown: Worley 5 Coleman 4 Adams 4 Shaq 2 Seymour 2 Davis 1 Bradberry 1 Mayo 1 Jones 1 Other things worth noting and quick thoughts: Worley led the team with 6 defensive penalties, not including the 3 that were declined. Suprised Bradberry was only involved in 3 TD's given up, 2 of which depending on the coverage called weren't on him. He was on the field more than anyone as well with 99% of defensive snaps played Also surprising I couldn't pin a single TD solely on Captain even tho he played 39% of the snaps. Worley did all his damage in only 73% of the snaps, while Seymour did his in 32% of the snaps Adams was our highest graded secondary player by PFF but based on TD's allowed alone I wouldn't agree with that. Knowing that we managed to go 11-5 with that secondary, plus Cams new arsenal of weapons and players returning from injury I am starting to feel pretty optimistic about this year.
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    It's still pretty early, with 3 preseason games remaining to be played, but to me it feels like this year there are quite a few more open spots on the likely 53 man roster than in years' past. In other seasons it's seemed like there were 6-8 spots open, but this season it feels like there are as many as 10-12 with real competition. Perhaps it's because QB2 is still wide open that things feel so different. Here is my breakdown of what spots still seem very uncertain: OFFENSE: 5 open spots. QB2; TE3; RB3; OL9 & OL10 QB: Cam / ? I still have no idea who is ahead between Gilbert and Heinicke. It seems to vary from day to day.... And there's still some possibility that we could sign an experienced vet if neither of these guys measure up. Right now my gut feeling is Heinicke wins this, but so hard to say..... TE: Greg / Ian Thomas / ? Ian Thomas seems to have made a great case to make the roster as TE2 if he continues the preseason as he has begun it. But TE3? Presumably that would be Manhertz, but a lot will depend on his recovery from the Jones fracture. With a new offense under Norv and not getting any reps in training camp, it's hard to see Manhertz fitting back in, especially when he's not shown much to begin with. BUT, there's no other guy with experience to fight him for the job, and so if healthy, I'd assume his experience wins, but right now it's still pretty uncertain. Although Vander Laan has had a very good start to preseason, it's not likely he wins the TE3 spot, but not impossible either. And there's always the possibility of adding a roster cut from another team if Manhertz starts the season on the PUP.. Here's a question: If roster spots are at a premium, do you think we'd consider going with only 2 TEs plus Armah? (With Vander Laan or other on PS) RB: CMC / CJ Anderson / ? I'd presume CAP is still the favorite for RB3, but the competition with Barner and Hood is tighter than I expected and I wouldn't be shocked to see CAP cut. FB: Alex Armah WR: Barring injury (heaven forbid) or some player just balling out in some way that makes cutting them impossible, it's hard to see beyond the presumed top 6 WRs: Funchess / Moore / Wright / Smith / Samuel / Byrd Nothing I've seen so far has suggested any shakeup to this group. OL: Here's where the biggest questions are on offense, especially because the possibility / timeline for getting Daryl Williams or Silatolu back makes the forecast cloudy: Right now, I'd have to say 8 O line guys on our roster are likely to make it: Moton / Turner / R Kalil / Van Roten / M Kalil / Larsen / Mahon / Sirles / ? ? With injuries and depth questions on the line, I'd say we aim to keep 10, and that leaves 2 question marks Sirles has experience, but hasn't done much yet though. (Injured??) It seems he's being slotted for Swing Tackle. He's definitely still on the bubble.... Perhaps on day 1 those two question marks go to Williams and Silatolu, with Williams going to short-term IR the next day, opening up another space. I'd think that barring some clear adequate depth emerging at tackle (Clausell, Bisnowaty or Sirles?) we'd probably look to sign someone cut from another team, at least until D. Williams can come back... As I've said before, I really don't like the idea of having two injured guys make the initial 53, leaving two other players vulnerable to waivers. I have little confidence in Amini's ability to stay healthy and am somehow hoping we'll just IR or give him an injury settlement now. But... I doubt that's what Marty and Ron will do. Sigh. DEFENSE: On defense, there could be 6 or 7 slots on the 53 which are still undecided... DE: 1 or 2 spots still in flux LB: 2 spots still up for grabs CB: 2 or 3 spots still in flux DE: Peppers / Addison / Horton / Hall ? / ? We're keeping Peppers in bubble wrap at the moment, so it's not immediately clear how many snaps we'll likely play him. But beyond Pep, Addison, and Horton, the depth is still somewhat unclear. Right now my guess is that Hall and Haynes should make the cut. But there's also Bryan Cox in the mix. I also wonder whether any of these possible depth guys (Hall, Haynes or Cox) are strong in sealing the edge. It was interesting that we just picked up another DE (Sterling Bailey) whose strength is in run defense, suggesting the coaches see a possible weakness in our depth in that regard. Something to watch. As for Obada, I assume he'll be sent to the PS again with the international player exemption. DT: KK / Poe / Butler / Love Hard to see anything changing here, especially as we've already cut 2 DTs in camp. I'd guess Norton will make the PS. LB: TD's suspension mixes things up a bit here. Luke / TD* / Shaq / Mayo / Carter / ? ? Carter seems like a lock at this point, but TD won't be on the roster until week 6 (4 games & bye). So.... to start the season, that leaves 2 spots open as I can't see us keeping less than 6 backers. I'd think the edge goes to Jacobs & Norris because of their experience, but Smith could be in the mix... CB: The top 3 seems pretty clear at the moment: Bradberry / Jackson / Munnerlyn. But beyond that are 3 ? ? ? especially since we've been hearing all about rotating at CB2 to provide better match ups... In the mix: Seymour, Doss & Elder or someone not yet on our roster. We need to hope 1 or 2 of these guys steps up. Cockrell's injury is pretty devastating to this group. It might seem the questions here are merely the order of these 3 guys on the depth chart. But I don't know that Ron and other would be happy relying on what are essentially 3 rookies at CB (Jackson, Doss, Elder). Heaven knows we've done it before, but results were bad. So.... I'm guessing we'll add another CB via FA signing, trade or picking up someone cut by a team with too much depth at CB. But right now depth at this group is a big concern. It has been a big relief actually to see Captain playing so well at both nickel AND outside corner (when he got reps there on Saturday). We really need him to be a leader among the DBs. And, in spite of concerns about depth, I'm very hopeful for Jackson. He's a real bright spot in an otherwise worrying position group.. S: With the injury to Parms, I'd say we've got a pretty clear 4 guys now: Adams / Searcy / Gaulden / Jones I don't see any question marks or potential upsets here. Thoughts??- ----- TL;DR: Here are the spots on the depth chart still up for grabs, IMO: QB2 TE3 RB3 OL 9 & OL 10 DE 4 & DE 5 LB 6 & 7' (*one of whom will presumably be released when TD comes back) CB 4 / CB 5 / CB 6
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    Let's be real: This is obviously staged. A Panthers cameraman didn't just happen on David Tepper reviewing responses and saying a very scripted sounding line like "looks like people really want this." But the fact that they filmed something like this and posted it on social media makes it pretty obvious that this is going to happen. It also shows that besides marketing savvy, Tepper has a bit of a flair for the theatrical. We really do have a fun owner. Here's hoping he's also a great one.
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    Yeah, it has only been one game but IDGAF. DJ Moore and Curtis Samuel are both in the top 10 in the NFC. Two up and coming stars for us, and it will be happening this season. Suck it.
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    LB Luke Kuechly: “Ian Thomas. Ian has done a really good job. He’s smooth, he catches the ball well. Big, strong, physical, blocks well.” WR Torrey Smith: “Besides Luke? Donte Jackson. He’s probably grown more than any player I’ve ever seen over the course of an offseason. He’s playing very well, playing very confident. He’s been coachable. CB James Bradberry: “Curtis Samuel. I think he’s taken a leap in his second year. We all know he’s explosive, but he was really attacking the ball in camp.” LB Jermaine Carter: “Definitely Luke stands out. Just hearing his knowledge of the game… He’s on routes before the receivers are even breaking.”
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    Don't get me wrong. I love CMC. And I think Moton, Samuel, Hall and Elder might be able to help us this year.... But dang with all the injuries to an already small draft class, giving away Butker, not being able to really use Moton & Armah last year...... the Panthers 2017 draft class was pretty bad. 2016 and 2015 were also lower than average in terms of rookie impact on the roster. I've posted a pretty long twitter thread with some data. Will try to post the tables and graphs here tomorrow along with more commentary, but it's gotten too late here and I'm falling asleep at the keyboard.... Click on the tweet to follow the whole thread....
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    The fact it's saints, Panthers, falcons at 1 2 and 3 is just ridiculous.
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    The solution is do your job, and get on the huddle when you get home.
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    We kept 6 receivers last year, why are some of you acting like it's some difficult thing to do. KB / Funch / Shepard / Samuel / Byrd / Clay If memory serves were the six that we ended up with to close out the final 53, and eventually Bersin returned due to injury. We kept 4 HB's last year, and CAP barely played, Whit got a couple touches, I could see us dropping CAP, and keeping Hood on the PS with Barner as the 3rd back on the depth chart. But again we kept four HB's and six receivers out of camp last year. Stew / CMC / CAP / Whit I could also see an immediate free space due to the fact WE CLOSED CAMP WITH TWO KICKERS! The numbers game to keep Byrd's ability around isn't a hard one to sort is all I'm saying, I think he's a lock, no one behind him is dynamic in any way we've seen .
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    Went back and watched the 1st string offense again. Looks like Thomas is already penciled in as the #2 tight end. He was in on 6 of 14 plays with Cam. In those 14 plays here are the players and packages we used. McCaffrey,Olsen and Funchess were in on all 14 snaps. After them: Smith 10 snaps Thomas 6 snaps Moore 5 snaps Wright 4 snaps Armah 2 snaps Claussell 2 snaps 1st Series 1st play, 12 Personnel (McCaffrey, Olsen, Thomas, Funchess, Smith) 2nd play 11 Personnel (McCaffrey, Olsen, Funchess,Smith, Moore) 3rd play 12 Personnel (McCaffrey, Olsen,Thomas, Funchess, Moore) 4th play we ran a jumbo package with both tight ends, and added Blaine Claussell as a blocker with Smith and Funchess remaining the starters at WR 5th play 11 Personnel (McCaffrey, Olsen, Funchess,Moore,Wright) 2nd Series 1st play Claussell and Armah out there in a jumbo package, Funchess, Smith starters at WR. - Nice lil play design as Armah slipped out for an open pass on the playaction 2nd play 12 Personnel (McCaffrey,Olsen, Thomas, Funchess,Smith) 3rd play 12 Personnel (McCaffrey,Olsen, Thomas, Funchess,Smith) 4th play 12 Personnel (McCaffrey,Olsen, Thomas, Funchess,Smith) 5th play 21 Personnel (McCaffrey,Armah, Olsen, Funchess,Smith) 6th play 11 Personnel (McCaffrey, Olsen, Funchess,Smith, Moore) 7th play 11 Personnel (McCaffrey, Olsen, Funchess,Smith, Wright) 8th play 11 Personnel(McCaffrey, Olsen, Funchess,Moore, Wright) 9th play 11 Personnel(McCaffrey, Olsen, Funchess,Smith, Wright) 6 of the plays were out of the 11 personnel, our primary package for at least the past few years 6 of the plays were of out the 12 personnel (2 tight end sets) Few quick thoughts based on the info above: Was nice to see us trusting Thomas out there with that many 2 TE sets out the gate. He didn't look lost and thats good for a 4th round pick in his first game Funchess seems to be holding onto the number 1 Receiver spot since he was in on all 14 snaps Also glad to see Smith,Moore and Wright get time in at the 3 receiver sets. Hoping to see Samuel get in that mix next week as well. Appears Armah has a chance to play a bigger role in the offense this year. He did well catching a pass and hitting his blocking assignment on McCaffreys 7 yard run. Only 2 snaps but he managed to look good on both of them.
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    2016 was alot worse. Only 2 fuging years ago and only bradberry and butler are still on the roster. Butler has been an almost complete non factor. So basically we just got a solid cb that cant turn the ball over. And thats it. From a whole draft class. Gettleman fuged us by releasing norman and then reaching for cbs.
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    My favorite was the one he did with Byrd lol
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    Gamble could be up and down at times, but his 2011 season (first with Rivera) was elite. He shut down everyone.
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    I would like to see Cam come out and hit a nice deep pass. The long game was non existent last week. I would like to see Jackson continue to improve, maybe a pick. I would like to see the first string defense in general dominate, a three and out to start the game.
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    Considering the poo show at WR last season I’d be shocked if they didn’t find a way to keep him. They’ll probably keep 2 TEs and use Armah as the 3rd/emergency TE to free up another space for WR
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    In hindsight I regret torturing myself by reliving these moments but I did and sense the last similar thread was well received I figured I share what I saw. Player most responsible for turnover in bold. Technically we had a handful of turnovers on downs as well, those plays are not included. Week 1 vs Niners- 1 pick, 1 fumble lost Cam tosses 45 yard bomb to Benjamin in double coverage in the endzone. Safety makes easy pick. McCaffrey stuffed in backfield, tries to dance around, has ball punched out. Incosequintial as game as was 23-3 late in the 4th Week 3 vs Saints- First loss of the year- 3 picks Saints up 7-6. 1st and 10 from own 24 Cam fakes quick handoff to McCaffrey and tries to jam it in to Funchess on quick slant. P.J Williams playing off coverage baits him right into it and swoops in for the easy pick. Saints ensuing drive ends in Coleman TD reception VS Worley. 4th quarter, score 27-13. Cam throws too high for McCaffrey who has it bounce off his hands, tipped in air 3 times before being picked off by Marcus Williams. Saints ensuing drive results in a 56 FG Next offensive drive, 3rd and 16. Cam tries to force it downfield to Funchess, saints are sitting in zone, Vaccaro swoops right in for the easy pick. Meanwhile Samuel was cutting across the field on a crossing route with all kinds of daylight Week 4 vs Pats 1 pick, 1 fumble 1st Q, tied at 3-3. 3rd and from own 43. Mccaffrey motions to left slot, and we are 5 wide. Cam looks to left for McCaffrey on the out route, isn't there. Funchess sits at LOS out far wide right, his man(Butler) quickly bails deep to help double Byrd out of the slot. Cam takes his shot downfield on the far right sideline to Byrd, only to find him blanketed in double coverage for the pick by Butler who is chased down for no gain and tackled at the pats own 28 by Byrd 3rd Q, Panthers lead 17-16. 1st and 10 at New England 13. Stewart runs behind the right side of the line, Trey flowers reaches around Williams who's blocking him with his right hand punches ball out of Stewarts hand 9 yards from the endzone. Week 6 Vs Eagles- 2nd loss - 3 picks 3rd and 5 with 6:46 on clock in 2nd Q. Turner gets steamrolled back into Cam by Fletcher Cox as he was releasing the ball, causing an errant pass that goes up in the air and picked off by Rasul Douglas. This gave the eagles the ball back on our 26. The ensuing drive allowed the Eagles to tie the game at 10-10 on a 1 yard TD pass to Ertz vs Worley. 1st drive of Q 3. 10-10 game, Stewart motions out wide, play design is a quick bubble screen to Stewart, he bobbles the easy pass into the air and Patrick Robinson has the easy pick to get the ball back on our 17. Stew would have had plenty of daylight as Samuel redirected one corner, Benjamin was heading for another, plus Norwell pulled out to the left to hit someone. 2 Plays later Wentz finds Ertz in the endzone vs Adams for the go ahead score. 18-10 Eagles. (They went for 2 after Star jumped offsides). 23-28 Eagles, 3:16 to go in the 4th. 3rd and 10 from the Eagles 41. Blitz off the right side from Eagles, Cam throws don field but the pass was so far off I don't know if he overthrew Funchess, or Shepard ran wrong route. Cam will take the fault for this one. Week 7 vs Bears (what a shittt show) - 3rd loss - 2 picks Panthers march right down field to to the Bears 24. Fake handoff to McCaffrey, then outside toss to Samuel. He bobbles it, loses it, scooped up by Eddie Jackson and he sprints to the endzone untouched for the TD. Technically this counted as fumble against Cam since Samuel never had possession. Panthers take over at their own 42, after Short blocks a field goal. 3rd and 10 and Cam attempts a quick slant to Benjamin. Lazy route and effort by Benjamin who appeared to have 2 hands on it, but Amukamara tapped it up in the air and Jackson runs it back for 6 for his 2nd score of the day. Not a turnover per say, but at the end of the first half, Newton spiked the ball with 1 second left at the Bears 15 to kick the field goal. False start on Shepard causes 5 second and run off and halftime begins 4th quarter, down 17-3.3rd and 10. Akeem Hicks pressure vs Amini (RG) forces Cam out of pocket, he rolls to the right and tries to force one in to McCaffrey. Ball underthrown and picked off. Week 8 vs Bucs - 1 pick Cam audibles or at least pretends to at LOS. Has Dickson open towards the sideline on a corner route, just underthrows it and Conte who was in off coverage seized the opportunity to jump in front for the easy pick on an under thrown ball from Cam. Week 9 vs Falcons 2 fumbles lost Stewart has ball ripped out by Keanu Neal as he fights for extra yardage at the Falcons 40. Stewart has it happen again by Neal again at the Atl 19 this time. Week 13 vs Vikings - 1 pick Panthers up 24-21 with 4:47 to go in the 4th. 3rd and 5 from our own 30. Cam hits McCaffrey on a quick slant out of the left slot. McCaffrey had his man beat, Cam threw it a tad high and a little in front of him. Ball bounces off his hands and into Sendajo's who picks it off. Ensuing drive the Vikes are held to a field goal, thanks to a Kawann sack on 3rd down. Cam redeems himself with a 62 yard scamper that set up the go ahead and final touchdown for Panthers to win 31-24. Week 16 vs Bucs - 1 pick 3RD Q, panthers up 12-9. Cam throws a laser from own 46 to Bucs 25, hits Bersin had it in his hands for a spit second, then Conte manages to tip up in the air, Kwon Alexander snatches it and runs it back to midfield. Bucs score a TD on the ensuing drive with 16 yard pass to Bobo Wilson, with you guessed it, Worley in coverage. Week 17 vs Falcons 5th loss - 3 picks 3RD Q, Falcons up 10-7 with 5:47 to go in the Q 3rd and 7 from our own 28 yard line. Jarrett quickly closes pocket on Cam by shoving Norwell back. Cam makes a horrible decision and overthrows Bersin over the middle for an easy pick to FS Allen sitting in coverage who runs it back to to our 35 yard line. Ensuing drive leads to a Falcons FG. Now down 13-7 4th Q, 4:20 to go, Falcons up 19-10. 1ST and 10 from own 25. Cam throws too high and behind Olsen, who manages to tip it up with one in hand. Picked by Neal. Funchess was wide open on short crossing route and also worth noting, last drive stalled when Cam missed Olsen too high when wide open on the last drive. 4th Q, game out of reach, 16 seconds left. Cam finds Funchess in endzone 1 on 1 vs Alford. Clearly Alford wanted it more. One last note on this game, Olsen was targeted 9 times(12 by Joe bucks count) and only had 1 catch. Cam finished the game 14-34, 180 yards, 1 TD AND 3 picks. Final notes and thoughts. By my count 10 of Cams 16 picks, were squarely on him. Stewart fumbled 3 times and lost all of them, he also led to a pick by bobbling a screen pass. Those 4 turnovers make him responsible for 20% of the 20 we had on the year!! No other player outside of Cam can be blamed for more than 1. The only game we lost without having a turnover was week 13 to the Saints, 31-21.( They ran all over us). Week's 9 thought 16 (includes week 10 bye week) I really could only pin one pick on Cam and it wasn't very egregious. We went 6-1 during this stretch and the game we did lose (saints) Cam didn't throw any picks. There was a 8 game stretch where we only threw 3 picks, weeks 8-16. 9 of Cam's 16 interceptions happened in 3 games! On the flip side Cam's best 4 games Cam threw 14 TD's,rushed for 1, and averaged 291 yards passing. Bad news is, this means he only threw for 8 TD's in 12 other games. All in all I feel confident Cam should have a bounce back year, as he finally has enough weapons to where he won't have to carry the team by himself this year.
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    Well, he already knows how to keep pounding.

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