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    He's been a great Panther, but this is a move that sadly needs to happen. I won't celebrate it.
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    And introducing our new owner, Jerry Richardson.
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    Since it's pepper, I'd say Julius. If it was salt, I'd say deangelo
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    Hey look another NFC contender doing whatever it takes to improve. We bout to franchise tag Gano though!!!
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    Wouldn't need to tag a kicker if we kept Butker last year...
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    Good thing about rookie kickers is I keep getting older and they stay the same age...
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    Not our friggin' GM.
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    Welcome new owner Gerry Richardstein
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    I have a baby boy Panthers fan on the way, due March 31st. First kid, wish me luck.
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    While everybody is screaming for WR's. This is my dream target. Bring him back home, he never wanted to leave. This guy is Carolina, we lost our swagger on defense when he left. Lets end this the right way.
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    Billy Price - Center/Guard - Ohio State http://www.nfl.com/draft/2018/profiles/billy-price?id=2559911 Future pro bowl center who played left guard extensively. Replace Norwell with him now, and can replace Ryan Kalil long term. Makes a ton of sense for the Panthers in the late first round.
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    Having a good rookie kicker for the next several years would have been really cool.
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    How can one be a rookie for several years
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    Just someone buy the team and get these people out of here.
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    anyway you dumb poo that profile was created a week after the shooting by people who benefit from fooling retards like you
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    I bet he is more professional about it than that cry baby Deangelo Williams
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    This. Me and the wife invested in this big boy 36 passenger party/tailgate machine. It's not a lambo but it can fit waaay more huddlers. PM me, huddlers will get the hookup! Sadly we missed tailgating season :-/
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    Good high comp pick next year.. Can't keep everybody when you're good at developing talent..
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    I lived in Tampa Bay during the transition from the Culverhouse ownership to the Glazers. So many parallels here. Culverhouse was the original owner for 20+ years. Tight with money. Boring. His teams were so much worse than the Panthers though, so we have that going for us. Once new ownership came in it was like a rebirth of the franchise. Everything changed including the overall feel of the team. No longer old and conservative. Things moved quickly into a more fun and relaxed atmosphere. Pretty much all the changes were for the better. I suspect we will see the same here. So while I hate the mess this team is in right now, I feel pretty confident a year from now it will be a distant memory.
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    Everyone talks about the prima donna Tom Brady playing at a high level at the age of 40 but what about an almost 40 year old DE still getting double digit sacks and playing only half or less of the snaps... Id say that’s more impressive
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    The nerve of this letter blows my mind. You killed her daughter and handicapped her grandson. Any grievances he has pale in comparison to that. Be thankful that you get to even see the sun again, let alone your son you POS.
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    Screwed up his son's life and ended a beautiful young woman's. Of the three, he gets the best deal. No pity here. I understand remorse for your actions, reflection, etc. But not at the expense of others.
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    Or could this be Gettleman trying to make Hurney do something silly.
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    Yeah, who didn't see that coming? New ownership will hopefully fix a lot of things.
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    Quoted from a New York magazine profile that I listed in the potential owners thread... I get the impression this is a guy with a low tolerance for bulls--t.
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    Here is the need index for GM, Owner: GM 1. CAR owner 1. CAR
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    republicans are the party of personal responsibility. meaning anything that happens is the personal responsibility of someone other than them.
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    Well if they want to pay him 14 million a year anyway then maybe we should tag him and trade ha.
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    Gettleman was right. Period. Sign him for the vet min or let someone else over pay him.
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    I doubt they'll find any takers on that contract, but if he's released...
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    I feel like safety is a strong possibility in round 2 this year. As such, Keep an eye on WVU's Kyzir White. http://www.nfl.com/draft/2018/profiles/kyzir-white?id=2560097 This sounds like a Ron Rivera strong safety to me. "Gift wrapped, NFL-ready frame with good length and well-distributed musculation. Expected to carry more weight and transition to hybrid role. Comes from athletic family that is highly supportive. Team captain and true team leader. Plays every down with the same level of grit and urgency -- even when he's away from the ball. Quick to diagnose. Supports run with vigor along the edge and in contain. Forceful hitter. Thumps and engulfs targets while running his feet to finish. Quick to diagnose play-action and retreat into coverage. Very physical with tight ends in man coverage. Has movement, size, and hands making it hard to finesse throws over him without risking a turnover. Absolute freight train as a blitzer who looks to leave a mark on the quarterback."
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    Well, bye. Norwell is good, but he's not THAT good.
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    This franchise a joke Go away already JR

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