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    Real G’s move in silence like lasagna
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    Well done Curtis. http://www.charlotteobserver.com/sports/nfl/carolina-panthers/article184590443.html
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    A few items of interest for you fine folks... THE SERIES · Today’s game was the sixth contest between the Panthers and Dolphins. · With the win, Carolina is now 2-4 all-time against Miami, defeating the Dolphins at home for the first time in franchise history. PANTHERS OFFENSE SETS RECORDS · Carolina set a new franchise record with 548 total net yards, breaking the previous mark of 543 at Chicago (10/2/11). · The Panthers rushed for 294 yards, just five yards shy of the team’s single-game rushing record. It marked the first time in franchise history that Carolina has had back-to-back rushing games over 200 yards. · Carolina had 30 first downs in the game, the third-most first downs in a game in Panthers history. · Carolina scored five touchdowns, the most since a 46-point effort against San Francisco last season (9/19/16). MONDAY NIGHT FOOTBALL MAGIC · The Panthers improved to 10-6 all-time on Monday Night Football, including 7-3 at home. · Cam Newton improved to 5-1 all-time on Monday Night Football. He became the first quarterback with at least two passing touchdowns in each of his first six MNF games. Newton has a passer rating on 101.1 on Monday night with 15 touchdowns to just four interceptions. NEWTON PASSES MARINO · Cam Newton passed for 254 yards and four touchdowns while rushing for 95 yards. He passed Dan Marino and moved into third all-time in total yards (passing and rushing) in the first seven seasons of a career. Newton has 28,006 total yards, surpassing Marino’s 27,835 yards. He is 860 yards shy of Matt Ryan (28,866) for second place through seven seasons. · Newton had a rush of 69 yards, which marked the second-longest rush of his career (72 vs. Atlanta, 12/19/12). Newton has 436 rushing yards this season which leads all NFL quarterbacks. · Newton surpassed 4,000 career rushing yards and currently ranks fourth all-time among quarterbacks with 4,002. · Newton posted a passer rating of 120.4 on Monday night, which ranks as his 15th-highest game in his career. Three of the top 15 games have come since Week 4 at New England. THIRD-DOWN CONVERSION RECORD · Carolina converted 11-of-14 third downs for a conversion rate of 78.6 percent. That marks a Panthers new franchise record. · The conversion percentage ties for sixth in the NFL since Carolina’s first season in 1995. YARDS IN BUNCHES · The Panthers had six rushing plays over 10 yards with one going for a touchdown, and they had four passing plays over 20 yards with two going for touchdowns. · Carolina averaged 7.72 yards per offensive play, ranking fifth-best in franchise history. · The Panthers averaged 8.17 yards per rushing attempt, the third-highest average in a game in franchise history. STEWART RUSHES FOR OVER 100 · Jonathan Stewart rushed for 110 yards on the ground, marking his 15th career 100-yard rushing game which ranks second in franchise history. DeAngelo Williams holds the franchise record with 18 100-yard rushing games. · Stewart’s most recent 100-yard rushing game came against Washington (12/19/16) last year on Monday Night Football when he ran for 132 yards. McCAFFREY SETS RECEIVING RECORD · Christian McCaffrey had three receptions for 27 yards, as he moved into first place all-time for receiving yards by a running back in a single season in franchise history (433). He passed Jonathan Stewart’s record of 413 set in 2011. · McCaffrey finished with a rushing and receiving touchdown. He became just the 12th player in franchise history with a rushing and receiving touchdown in one game, and the first to do it since Mike Tolbert in 2015 (10/25/15). · McCaffrey has five touchdowns this season, including three in the last two weeks. He is tied for fourth among rookies in touchdowns this season. FUNCHESS GOES FOR TWO TOUCHDOWNS · Devin Funchess had two receiving touchdowns and finished with 92 yards receiving. He had a 32-yard touchdown reception, his longest of the season. · It marked his second multi-TD game of the season. KUECHLY PICKS ANOTHER · Linebacker Luke Kuechly recorded an interception right before halftime that set up a Panthers touchdown with less than a minute to play. · It marked Kuechly’s second interception in the last three games, and third this season. He is tied for the most interceptions among linebackers this season. Since 2012, Kuechly has 15 interceptions, the most among linebackers in that span. · Kuechly now ranks fourth all-time in the Panthers record book with 15 interceptions.
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    Something really interesting to think about this bye week. Julio Jones (ATL): 49 Catches | 715 Yards | 14.6 YPC l 1 TD Michael Thomas (NO): 59 Catches | 662 Yards | 11.2 YPC l 2 TDs Devin Funchess (CAR): 43 Catches | 535 Yards | 12.4 YPC l 5 TDs Mike Evans (TB): 40 Catches | 532 Yards | 13.3 YPC l 4 TD From these stats, here's Funchess' hallmarks: 1st the NFC South in touchdowns so far this season with five total. 3rd in total yards and average yards per catch. In the past two games where Funchess was a true WR1: Julio Jones (ATL): 12 Catches | 175 Yards | 14.6 YPC l 0 TD Michael Thomas (NO): 17 Catches | 182 Yards | 10.7 YPC l 0 TDs Devin Funchess (CAR): 10 Catches | 178 Yards | 17.8 YPC l 2 TDs Mike Evans* (TB): 6 Catches | 73 Yards | 12.2 YPC l 0 TD So, based on these stats with Funchess as WR1... 1st in the NFC South with touchdowns over the past two games (2). 1st in the NFC South with average yards per catch over the past two games with an astounding average 17.8 YPC. 2nd in the NFC South with total yards over the past two games, ahead of both Mike Evans and Julio Jones. *In two games prior to suspension So, just something to chew on...
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    I wouldn't consider 4 players as "a lot." And they did not say anything disrespectful at all, they were mocking the reporter for thinking that "A-skips" were tough or freakish. Not a single one of those players said anything bad about CMC.
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    stop. there was no pressure on that play and it was a clear miscommunication between the qb and receiver. it was absolutely not intentional grounding. don't kid yourself into that delusion. admit you got lucky and had help from the refs. because that's exactly what happened.
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    People were seeing a green banana and were convinced it wouldnt turn yellow
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    Sounds like someone needs a tour of the pit of misery.
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    Dan Marino was at the game last night to witness Cam leap frog him in person. lol
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    I will be looking at the coach's film off and on today and posting items of interest, in particular the running game. Right now I am taking a look at the reps Armah got as a blocker that saw mixed results. This play stood out to me. Fantastic blocking by everyone. Dolphins are just getting pushed around. If Stewart doesn't hesitate with that initial first step to his right it could have been a big gainer. Not sure what Stew is doing here. Here is a play that really highlights Armah's athletic ability.. Alex gets up field and demolishes the safety. When was the last time we saw a Panthers FB able to do that? Good stuff. If Shepard would have gotten a better block this could have gone all the way. S
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    Or you could just not sexually assault women and be ok.
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    Okay then! so the playoffs are inching closer and we have a clearer picture who the contenders are gonna be. So lets discuss who, as prodigious Panthers fans, we should be throwing our weekly support behind. Games this week: Tennessee @ Pittsburgh Push. Doesn't have any bearing on tiebreakers. Detroit @ Chicago Push. Doesn't seem to have any real bearing on tiebreakers. Correct me if I'm wrong. Washington @ New Orleans Obvious pick is obvious. A Saints loss really helps us in our quest to reclaim the division title. Couple that with the fact that the Redskins have played good teams tough and won (@ Seattle sticks out in my mind) and this is an upset alert for me. If this game is on in the Greenville SC or Asheville markets, ima be watching it. Kansas City @ New York (Giants) Push. There may be some SOS implications here but it seems pretty convoluted and seems inconsequential at best. Jacksonville @ Cleveland Push. Little brother plays the worst team in the league. I kinda want the Jags to win. I tend to root for them since we came into the league together. Then again, i hate seeing any team go winless this long. Tampa Bay @ Miami We play both teams, but we play Tampa twice and that means their wins mean more to our SOS and SOV. They are also no threat to overtake us in the division so go Bucs. Los Angeles (Rams) @ Minnesota Both teams are 7-2 and a threat to the Panthers possibly achieving 1st Seed. However, the Vikings are on the Panthers' schedule, and we need the Rams to take some losses too. The Vikings seem to be the team to root for in this one. Baltimore @ Green Bay not sure who to pick here. A Baltimore win would push GB further back in the NFC playoff race and perhaps begin the demoralization necessary to convince their coaches to sit Aaron Rodgers for our game in a few weeks. Then again, a Green Bay win could have positive impact on both the Panthers' SOS and SOV. Arizona @ Houston Feels like a push, but probably should root for Houston here. Im sure this lowers the SOS and SOV of our NFC competitors who play the Cardinals. Buffalo @ Los Angeles (Chargers) need Buffalo to win this one. helps our SOS and SOV Cincinnati @ Denver Push, i think. But fug Denver. Go Bengals. New England @ Oakland We want NE to win this game (More SOS/SOV) Philadelphia @ Dallas Philadelphia has the better record in this matchup, and the tiebreaker against us. We need Dallas to win this game. Especially since they dropped that game against the Falcons. Atlanta @ Seattle Going out on a limb with this one, but we need ATL to win this game. hand the Seahawks a loss while they're vulnerable. I think the coming NFC South games + Minnesota will beat up on ATL enough that we can afford to let ATL win this one. the Seahawks are another competitor for for that coveted 1st seed, so we need them to take a few more losses. Then again, they have to play Philly, Jacksonville, the Rams, and Dallas. So its likely they'll take one or two more losses outside this weekend's matchup. Pick your poison i suppose. Dont agree? drag your happy ass to the comments and lemme know! <3 u guyz
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    Enjoy striking first blood but a healthy Cam and Olsen are coming for you. WE RUN THE SOUTH!!!!
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    Funch was a beast today on both TDs and some other tough grabs. He's been great this year and is really stepping into his role. Give him some love.
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    Not sure if some of you remember him, but he used to be a RT for us for a few years. He was pretty good, got hurt a lot, then left for greener pastures where he excelled, got hurt more, and then retired. Now he's a writer/analyst and clairvoyant. Check out this article from back in September. More specifically, check out this particular part: By gawd, that dude done called it. Maybe Shula isn't a complete putz and the offense just needed time to figure their poo out. Hopefully what we have been seeing the past few weeks continues into the future. I sure hope so.
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    Another week, another win. This time, the offense arrived. In a game where we simply demoralized an inferior team (for the first time since 2015), there is a lot to rejoice. However, there are some things to be concerned about moving forward. I know, I understand nobody likes negativity after a win, but objectivity is important and we need to remain level-headed because the next month is going to be deciding whether we're a playoff contender or if we're a wild card and 1 and done. - Cam is looking like MVP Cam. There were a couple of times where Cam made a check at the line that resulted in a first down, and one of those was a TD to Funchess. He's throwing the ball better than his stats are showing because of drops or receivers otherwise not doing what they should have been doing, but that doesn't matter because he's playing at the level we all know he is capable. He's definitely a streaky player, so this staff needs to keep setting this offense up to succeed early so he can get a feel for the game each week. That is what gives us this Cam Newton. - The read option is our identity. I know several users over the past several years that have disputed this as a viable approach in the NFL. Well, this is what happens when you execute it. You simply do not have the numbers to stop it consistently. We didn't "call it in certain situations". It was the bulk of our ground game. It is what this offense does. It is what needs to be done. The reason it is working now and wasn't in other games isn't because the Miami defense is bad. Their run d is top 10. It is blocking. This was our best game run blocking and this is what we SHOULD look like when given those blocks. So, no more trash talking the option. It is absolutely unstoppable in the hands of this offense. - CMC is still a driving force of this offense and it is starting to become more productive for the offense as a whole. McCaffrey is starting to find his groove and timing on his cuts with the ball in his hands, which is resulting in incrementally larger gains each time he touches the ball. It's almost like he's constantly saving and referencing data from past experiences and fine tuning his game. Really something to watch. - Samuel is coming into his own. Sure, the drop and injury sucks. He should've had the TD. However, he's a rookie playing on Monday for the first time in his career. It's OK to have that happen now so long as he learns from it. Samuel will be big for us going forward as long as he stays healthy. Cam is developing a good connection with him. - This defense is absolutely scary when it wants to be. Sure, a bad offense they faced....but oh my, was it fascinating to watch. The sheer numbers game we played against them on tackling. Now, the big TD run was painful, but that's just one of those runs that happen from time to time. We got caught being too aggressive and it bit us. Fine. You've gotta live with that, especially when your offense is firing like ours was tonight. - Russell Shepard....where to start. The guy just didn't show up tonight. End of story. May not be indicative of his ability, but it hurt early. Had a couple of nice catches (towards the end had a big 3rd down catch). But when you're dropping balls early, you're getting the offense out of sync. - Devin Funchess showed up tonight. Guy is absolutely comfortable in his new role and the offense is seeing the benefits. - Shula is still inept at times, but coming around slowly. It's games like these that make you wonder if he's simply in the habit of being TOO basic early in the year and opening the offense in the back half of the season. This is both wise and completely ignorant. You're putting a LOT on your defense early in the season to keep games close if your offense doesn't get it done with your "smash head into wall" offense. However, you catch teams off guard late in the year pushing for the playoffs. If (BIG IF) this is by design for Shula, fair play. Don't agree with it, but I understand it. If this is simply Shula having his memory swiped at the end of every season and having to start from scratch each season, then we need to get somebody that understands this offense to call plays so Shula doesn't jeopardize the team in the first half of the season. All this said, Shula called an overall good-to-great game tonight and should be commended. - I still hate Stoic Ron. Just a little excitement now that your team is dominating as they should wouldn't kill ya. - Our secondary is still not quite where it should be. Some of it is simply the coverage. QBs eat us up in zone and we're not equipped to go man coverage too often. Zone coverage will leave gaps and the frustrating part of that is realized when you watch the eyes of our LBs and secondary players. They get in the habit of eyeing the backfield and not looking around for open guys and getting to them. The last TD they scored, find Luke Kuechly. If you watch his positioning, he can get to that man and make a play. He's eyeing Cutler (when at least 2 defenders are between he and Cutler) and never realizes how close he is to that man. Head on a swivel, find the open receivers. It's basic, and I know a lot of people think reading a QBs eyes is how you play the pass, but reading his eyes doesn't matter if guys are running free and you can't get there in time to do anything about it. We've got to find a way to keep pressure on teams or at least play with a lead more often than not so the secondary can focus their energy there. The garbage time TD doesn't count because well, it's garbage time. That being said, can't do that if it's a tighter game and that is concerning to an extent. - Last but not least, Cameron Artis-Payne. Talk about a coming out party. Kid is solid. Showed the doubters that the fanboys were right. Showed the fanboys that their praise was worthy. Solid burst, solid vision, solid ball security. Absolutely a viable Stew replacement with runs like he had on that last drive. We're at least 3 deep at RB where we may have to change the approach depending who is in, but my goodness can we run it. Tons to love here, folks. Feel happy. Feel proud. Enjoy that hangover at work tomorrow. Last aside, how do you get a flag in the victory formation? He'll never hear the end of that.
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    The Panthers have had two consecutive 200+ rushing yards games. This is the first in franchise history. Whoo wee mayne
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    Jesus Christ people he’s not saying we should. He’s just theorizing for shits and giggles. Gd.
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    The Dilly Dilly at the end made my night.
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    It just doesn't seem like football unless a team has a full back. Glad to see us using him.
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    yes every team with the #8 pick should be drafting a once in a generation type player every year
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    Miami was 7th before last night. Atl was 11 before facing us. Stats, they change
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    It was the second 2nd largest Implosion in Falcons history!
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    For today’s supposed “Michael Vick” - a runningback who throws sometimes - Cam Newton has been doing great so far in his career. So far, Cam Newton has played in 103 career NFL games. His passing yards have landed him in the top 15 all time for other quarterbacks in the same timespan. As far as passing yards before quarterbacks pass the age of 29, he beats our Aaron Rodgers, Eli Manning, Ben Rothlisberger, Phillip Rivers, and Tom Brady to name a few. He only needs 176 passing yards to surpass Brett Favre in this category. Just this past Monday night, he surpassed Archie Manning for career passing yards. He’s on pace to creep into the top 20 or higher by the end of his career. Reminder: if Cam Newton had 2011’s level of talent around him every year, his passingn stats would be beyond the roof and near unfair. So many drops, incompletions, and bad mistakes by his poor cast, and he’s still putting up monster numbers. Let’s appreciate the fact that Cam Newton’s our QB.
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    I know right? Local kid, went to Western Carolina, walks on to the Panthers and has a 10 year career as the best FB this franchise has ever had. oh wait, you meant he’s white. GTFOH
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    From Jimmy Clausen, to one of the most prolific quarterbacks to ever suit up. Yet there are still people who don't want him here lol.
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    Jimmy Clausen is a better QB than 99% of this board as well. So what?
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    Before Mr.Saca cuts up another one of Vinny’s articles, give it a click and a full read. Vinny, is a writer for the Riot Report and does a lot of good work. If Kalil can just be serviceable, it makes Cam’s life so much easier. We saw what Cam was capable of with a serviceable LT in 2015 with Oher.
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    This. They're not disrespecting CMC. They’re disrespecting the reporter who thought that warmup was worthy of a tweet. Wonder if she even knows about embracing the physicality of route running?
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    Patiently waiting ten yards off the line of scrimmage
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    did she have crabs? alright, not funny. shame on you winston.
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    http://www.nfl.com/news/story/0ap3000000877642/article/tom-brady-cam-newton-among-players-of-the-week Welcome back, Superman.
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    So..... Panthers superbowl tailgate at Kalil's joint then?
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    FOH....they will be the best team when they officially WIN the division. Hasn't been decided yet.
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    I think seeing Funchess grow without the shadow of KB is one of the more telling games, looks like Hurney made an awesome and season saving decision that we roasted him for.
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    I believe starting next week it is going to go to Goodell's private jet and lifetime healthcare for his family. But I could be wrong.
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    Yup. I keep a post it note at home just to make sure I stay consistent with panther fan logic. Good play = Cam audible Bad play = shula play call Bad execution = bad play call (say something about run, run, pass even though they only run on first down 50%) good execution = players bailing out Shula (make sure to slide in some shot at KB here)
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    Damn, now the check engine light is on the Titanic. That thing can't catch a break.
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