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  1. Alverez added a post in a topic Long Story short....   

    Only thing I have issue with, is the fixed width of the site that wasn't that way before. (that I recall) but, I'll adapt if needed. :P
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  2. Alverez added a post in a topic Once in a Blue Moon?   

    From what I read last night a out it, the phrase comes from the rarity of the blue moon itself. As the last one of them was in 2012? and the next isn't until 2018 or something. Other than that... No idea. Lol
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  3. Alverez added a post in a topic Once in a Blue Moon?   

    I was waiting on that... I was going to say, maybe have a Blue Moon Friday night at practice while the Moon is Blue... and bring it all together. Hmmmm....
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  4. Alverez added a post in a topic Once in a Blue Moon?   

    to be honest, I'm not sure.
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  5. Alverez added a topic in Carolina Panthers   

    Once in a Blue Moon?
    Oh, what a crazy random happenstance....

    When does the Panthers NFL season start again?

    Maybe it's not that too crazy to believe...

    Once in a Blue Moon...


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  6. Alverez added a post in a topic Camp starts in 3 days   

    I am hope'n to be there. If the person that's supposed to go with me bails tho (as it seems they might) I WILL be there. if not, I have to wit for them to get off work first. :( Either way, I'll be there this weekend until After Monday's Practice!
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  7. Alverez added a post in a topic 2014 Carolina Panthers: Finishing The Race   

    OMG! I need football in my life!! Thanks for the post!

    I have to laugh as the voiceover guy, talking about the bears game... says "Cam Newton and Greg Olsen were crazy good, connecting on 2 touch downs..."
    LOL "crazy good"
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  8. Alverez added a post in a topic Saints release DE Junior Gallette   

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  9. Alverez added a post in a topic Saints release DE Junior Gallette   

    Per Galette's cap hit in 2015 is 5.5M, and $12.1M in 2016.

    2015 Dead money currently is $27.1M
    The TEAM's Dead money for 2016 per the same site is $12,103,600 in total. Covering Galette and a TE Spears for 3,600.
    Currently, So, it seems all their dead money is going to poof at the end of this season?
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  10. Alverez added a post in a topic The longest offseason   

    What's it 3 days until the Steelers break open the gates for their camp!?

    Something to follow for a week!?

    LOL I need a fix man! OMG! ARGH!
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  11. Alverez added a post in a topic I guess I can publish all PFF stats this season   

    I saw the tweets... they never gave credit or tweeted credit, or deleted the tweet?

    That's insane.
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  12. Alverez added a post in a topic Has there been any news regarding Shaq?   

    I know it's weird. but, being he had to finish up his schooling and all away from the team... and didn't the media give the attention to Funchess?

    Then Thompson only had one "media day" before things were done for "break" before TC right?
    We are all kinda in the dark as to what he's gonna do at the moment. But, Funchess, we know, will be a contributing factor in the WR game on offense.

    So Funchess is more "known" for what he'll bring to the table. Thompson can bring a bunch, but no one knows what that might be at the moment. So I feel that's prolly why we havent' heard much.

    But, that's just me.
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  13. Alverez added a post in a topic I will be Periscoping the first Wofford practice from start to finish   

    Yeah, I dunno if that's such a great idea. pieces parts maybe? but yeah...

    I'll be there tho, snapping pics where I can, and watching. If something happens tho, I'll tweet or post when I can.
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  14. Alverez added a topic in Carolina Panthers   

    Atlanta's "the falcoholic" writer gives props to the Panthers.
    "Another year of not giving the Carolina Panthers respect would be foolish" "Despite repeating as NFC South champions, another off-season is passing by with the Panthers not being pegged as the favorites to win the NFC South. Why hasn't everyone accepted that Carolina is a well-rounded team that won't go away for years to come?"
    " The concerns about their difficult schedule and fragile offensive line are well documented. Other than that, it baffles me on how Carolina has already been discounted by several analysts and fans. You can’t find many well-rounded defenses that feature multiple studs at linebacker and an array of pass rushers with upside. Carolina’s defense alone will keep them in games on a weekly basis, regardless if Newton is struggling with his accuracy or the offensive line is getting annihilated."
    The article (I think) is pretty well done, and from a Falcons standpoint.
    What say you Huddle?
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  15. Alverez added a post in a topic Smart Handsome Panther Fan Trying To Say that Cam Newton is better than Matt Ryan   

    I actually watched both all the way through... I know. I was torture'n myself with the other one. But, I was yelling at he dude all through it. "are you serious?!", "Dude! You can't even come close to talking poo there!"

    I watch this one and felt like "See! he said what I was thinking!"

    I will say this... I feel the whole "We have back to back NFCS titles" thing is getting weak. No one cares about that really but us. When they bitch about that, I just say "Ok, well we have 4, you have 3". They kinda stumble a bit there and then go to head to head records all time.
    Falcons fans have been fighting with Saints fan for so long and so much lately that I think that both fanbases are share'n a collective level of "Aaaaaaaaahhh Duh!".
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