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  1. Comments on NOLA article

    Apparently they were roided up.
  2. Is anyone worried Stew might get burnt out?

    He's also ranked at the top of forced missed tackles. That tells you that within that 3.9 ypc, he is being hit early at the line. That can fall in one of two places, he isn't hitting the correct hole, or there isn't a hole. So you want a guy as big as Stew but faster and will break those long runs? Maybe the play isn't there to be made. Also, as I mentioned, there are only two runners like that in the NFL, Adrian Peterson, and Todd Gurley. You're asking for a Madden type switch or pick-up that just isn't feasible.  To wish is one thing, but to expect it is another. 
  3. Is anyone worried Stew might get burnt out?

    So winning 44-16 and 33-14 is too close for you? We are averaging almost 30 points and game, and with the style of offense we run, we stay with the same personnel and style of runners to not give away any tendencies. Having two guys with similar running styles keeps our playcalling unpredictable. If Fozzy is in the game, it is almost always going to be a screen pass or he is going out in the pattern. With Stewart or Tolbert in, you have the full playbook at your disposal. So if I have to weigh the odds of having a guy who might break off one long run once every 5 weeks, versus a guy will will grind out 20-25 carries a week for 70 to 125 yards, I'll take the grinder and element of surprise. 
  4. Is anyone worried Stew might get burnt out?

    Actually, you missed the point. I never said that we didn't have to run the ball. I said we don't have to have a guy that will break off 80 yard runs weekly. Two guys in this league that are capable of doing that week after week are Adrian Peterson and Todd Gurley. Generational types that are drafted. I'm simply saying that to bench Stew in favor of a "home run" threat is a terrible idea. 
  5. Comments on NOLA article

    They were also referring to Alexander being suspended. No articles actually explained that the suspension of Alexander was for illegal substances while Horton's were for banned substances. Alexander likes the ganj, Horton likes to have super human like recovery time.  Oh well, this won't come out and be explained by anyone but me. The Seahawks and their aderall violations are worse than PED use in my opinion. As someone who does not have ADD but has taken adderall for exams, that poo will make you hyper focused and take you to a whole other level of juiced. 
  6. Trent Dilfer after MNF

    The Pat's were outreffed in the Bronco's game. Bayless got it right. A 3rd down conversion called back by a ticky tack call. A 3rd down conversion handed to the Bronco's on a ticky tack call. A blatant hook and pull on Lafell no call. Holding by the denver defensive line on their stunt's to open up holes for the blitz. Holding by the secondary. Brady and Belichick had every right to be upset about the ref's during that game. Anyone who only cares about the present state of that team and not what has reportedly gone on in the past could see that. 
  7. Did Anybody See Travis Kelce Dance?

    In Brady's defense, that game was called horribly. That was one of the most one sided games I had seen and it almost looked to me like the ref's had a vendetta against the Patriots. Not that anyone here would care as many of you will post Cheatriots or some stupid poo like that. As an objective viewer of that game, ticky tack calls were called on the Pats while blatant hooks and a few late shots on Brady were not called. (The late shots i'm fine with because he needs to be treated the same as anyone else). But also there were a lot of "stunts" the Denver defense was running that were actually holding because the defensive lineman would stunt and hold the lineman to leave the hole for the blitz. That is defensive holding as well as the mugging the receivers were getting. 
  8. Is anyone worried Stew might get burnt out?

    In the NFL, you have to be able to drive the ball to win games. If you can't possess the ball for long periods of time, more often than not you will lose. I was actually encouraged by the first quarter of the Redskins game simply because they couldn't drive the ball and they wouldn't continue hitting home run plays. You don't need a home run threat in the running game. You need a battering ram. With a smaller back, the defense could rush 4 and know that he can be brought down by one person. Stewart always requires more than one tackler and if its a defensive back on the edge, he is almost always going to throw them to the ground. A speed rusher will get hit for a loss and thats not a formula for winning. 
  9. Is anyone worried Stew might get burnt out?

    I had a dream last night that Cameron the Artist Payne broke off several long runs against the Saints. Now my dreams are usually irrelevant and i'm not a believe in foresight, but hopefully we see him get in the game this week. With Atlanta's loss this past weekend we have sealed the division. As long as Payne isn't having issues with holding on to the ball, I believe now would be the time to begin to lower Stews snap count to keep him fresh.  Assuming we get a Wild Card bye, he could be in week 4 or week 5 shape by the time the divisional round starts.  ( I may be flamed for this post, but it is a well known fact that many runners will slow down as the season goes along, and if they don't, the next season is usually a grind.) 
  10. Is Norwood the worst Gettleman move to date?

    Well when you have Ginn, Brown, Funchess, Bersin, Cotchery, and Olsen who know the offense and had an entire off-season of work (Funchess). It isn't surprising that Norwood hasn't played. He is waiting his turn and trying to learn the offense, which is best case. He is only a second year receiver and guys like that need to sit back and learn unless they are of an elite group of players (which Norwood is not). He will be much like a Lafell or Cotchery type receiver for us. 
  11. I never doubted Stewart. I always thought he should start over Deangelo, and I think beginning in 2012 (had he not continuously been tackled at the knees in the open field) the role should've been much like Deangelo was doing before Bell was injured.  He has always shown to get better as the season goes on and really gets better later in the game. He is the definition of an NFL runningback and is one of the top blocking running backs in football. When we are playing 3 vs. 7 on 3rd down (3 receivers versus 7 men in coverage) its imperative that Cam has time. Stew and Tolbert are a big reason Cam has enough time in those situations.  He is a complete back and if casual fans cared about anything other than statistics, he would be a Pro Bowl player. 
  12. Next Time...

    I understand that this thread is dead, but i've looked through quite a few posts and am on here everyday and have yet to read something that I posted. Most say, "people say we haven't beaten anyone, but we won all of our games." I posted factual information to back up an argument against that sentiment, such as the number of potential playoff teams we have beaten. It was an objective post to counter a subjective argument, and you didn't take any of the detail I have read which tells me that you only take the main idea of a topic, and not the nitty gritty. Good luck to you...Panther fan in Colorado. 
  13. Next Time...

    Someone says that Carolina hasn't beaten anyone or has played a soft schedule. The Panthers have beaten the Redskins(not saying much), the Texans, the Seahawks, and Green Bay. All four of them, as of right now after week 12, have spots in the playoffs if the season ended today. while you can say these teams aren't great, or had problems at the time, the NFL isn't a college league as Thomas Davis said. To win that many games against potential playoff teams is a positive sign.
  14. Cowboys Week: Let's do this

    In 1995.....I was 4 years old. So what happened in 1995 is meaningless to me regardless of who the team is. 
  15. Not sure what to think about this...re:Davis, Hardy

    You know, without being in the situation or around a similar situation it would be difficult to have an opinion on the topic. That is what Davis is saying and ultimately, what Hardy said about needing to restrain her from hurting herself or someone else could explain the marks just as easily as her story could. What you choose to believe is on you. When I read court transcripts of her stating that marijuana flew out of her window right before she got into a car accident, her credibility was shot.