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  1. Jeremy clearly missed the boob in this picture

    Seriously though, egregious fouls involving twisting someones head and bringing them down that way need to be penalized more severely. It was clear that Talib wasn't going for a legitimate tackle there and went straight for the helmet which in my opinion warrants and ejection. If one of our guys did that I would say the same exact thing. To preach player safety and then have a player deliberately twist and pull someone down by their head is outrageous and far more dangerous than a horse collar tackle. 
  2. NFL Rigged?

    They didn't rig Tolbert fumbling not once, but twice. Cotch dropping balls. Ginn letting a catchable pass bounce off of his hands. All of those things contributed to the downfall.
  3. I believe it was Funchess having his first 100 yard game. Dude it so fluid and deceptively fast that I can't wait to see more. Also getting Ginn back was huge in my mind. Sadly he had the ball that was picked bounce off of his hands. 
  4. Kony Ealy

    This isn't going to be a popular sentiment but if we were to get Hardy back on a one year deal our defensive line would be godly again. To have Ealy, Hardy, Johnson, KK, and Star would easily have us back to 12 wins next season. I know it isn't a popular sentiment and more like likely wouldn't happen but the Broncos may have had less than 100 yards if we had Hardy last night. 
  5. Kony Ealy

    Addison and Ealy are the two guys of the future for the defensive line. Johnson can be disruptive at times but he needs to see less reps. 
  6. Kony Ealy

    3 sacks, 1 interception, 1 forced fumble.  That is a Super Bowl MVP folks. If there was ever a situation in a losing effort that a player would win MVP, that is it. 
  7. Official Panthers - Broncos Superbowl Gameday Thread

    Seriously, I'm over the lead up. Broncos fans more than other have discounted and discarded anything resembling intelligent football talk or social awareness and it's time to crush their spirit.
  8. Stephen A. Smith

    It's shifting from fear to acceptance. To many (including many many many many Broncos fans) Cam comes off as arrogant even in his humble comments about issues such as the ones he alludes to. Things must be different out west than they are throughout the Southern states. Lot of ignorance there that hasn't been addressed.
  9. Stephen A. Smith

    I believe the reason is implied. In no way is it meant to harm anyone, but that is an unfortunate truth. What's worse is that even when people do vote they are so affected by the information that hear from people rather than what their actions up to that point have been that they are often voting based on promises (made in good faith) that cannot be kept.  You really believe that the highest early voter turnout in state history happened simply because people became interested in politics in 2012? Too many people worried about social relevance and not enough worried about career politicians with relatively little real world experience (not CEO or board of trustee members) running the country. 
  10. Stephen A. Smith

    Eh....I think many people would disagree. Idealistic folks not understanding governments roll in economics is what led to him being elected. Today's americans...too idealistic and attached to social issues to realize that it is beginning to wear down on real progress in other areas (i.e. economic) that will effect social change as well.  At any rate, voter turnout will be much less this November than it was in 2012 and you tell me why that is. 
  11. Rodney Harrison is running his mouth again.

    I'm not even talking about playing nice. If the dude says something unreasonable or that may not possibly happen, let me know. You make judgments based on prior experience. In his case, they are predictions (guessing) and he has plenty of experience to back up what he says. If we kept tabs on how many people have disrespected the Panthers throughout the year, I guarantee it would include multiple people from almost every major media outlet.  Yet, Rodney Harrison is the focus. I call it, "The Patriot Effect".
  12. Drew Brees picks the panthers to win on conan o brian

    I actually like Breesus. He's a personable enough dude. 
  13. Rodney Harrison is running his mouth again.

    Oh I watch the Dan Patrick show, Sunday Night Football and check NBC's website. I hear what he says but none of it is really that dishonest or disingenuous. To flame someone for their opinion, while it may be off the wall, however not completely out of the realm of possibility is ridiculous. 
  14. Luke is so white hahaha

    I must also be very white. The color of my skin just lightened up, i'm almost see through now. 
  15. We will still be picked 4th in the division because Tampa got a new coach, New Orleans retained Payton, and Dan Quinn is destined to get that team going. Furthermore, we drop because we won the Super Bowl and retained everyone that can't be replaced by a plug and play guy and didn't play the free agency game. Either way, i'm always middle of the road with us because I never know what to expect. We rarely have standout players who can be difference makers to suggest that we will be great but might be bad. In other words, I live in the moment.