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  1. 4-3/3-4 hybrid

    True but it did seem that Gettleman really wanted to try to resign both KK and Star. Butler has been said to able to play all the positions on the line. Gettleman has said big guys make you compete. We have also signed Soliali who is a backup NT and Love who is a backup UT. With the big guys help you compete and his versatility I just see us going with a 4-3DE, NT, UT, 3-4 DE (Ealy, Star, KK, Butler) lineup. Its a matchup nightmare considering we are getting hybrid style LB's like Shaq who can drop back, blitz, cover RBs in space etc. Especially if we do hold onto KK and Star. You just don't draft a guy in the first who's going to be a backup more than a year.
  2. 4-3/3-4 hybrid

    This isn't a sign where we are with KK's contract is it? I don't see us drafting Butler in the first to be a sub for 5 years. We've seen KK slide out at end, also Butler's comparison is Muhammed Wilkerson who is a 3-4 DE for the jets. May be a dumb question considering our D has been been pretty good the last 3 seasons so why adjust it. But could we see us sliding to a hybrid style D with Ealy, Star, Butler, and KK being the DL. Understand the bpa, but unsure we'd use it on a guy playing the same position we are signing long term unless we are adjusting down the the getting both in.
  3. Chris Gamble to announce 2nd round pick

    I think I found our guy then "Fourth-year junior from Houston. "He's Chris Gamble," one scout said. "That (mental) is going to be a key for him. At one time this was going to be everybody's sleeper." Had a 10 on the Wonderlic. "It is not ideal, but at corner you cover the receiver," a second scout said. "You play defensive end, you rush the passer. I like him. Doesn't run quite as well as you'd like but makes up for it with length." Started 26 of 39 games, finishing with 98 tackles (5 ½ for loss), 10 picks and 23 PBUs. "Man cover corner," a third scout said. "He is tough to throw on. Not a lot of balls completed on him. He tracks the ball well. He is physical."
  4. 1. LA Rams: Jared Goff- tough one. Quite a few like Wentz more. LA wants the young California kid to make a big splash. One of the kids biggest knock is him playing in adverse weather. Down in sunny LA he won't see that half of the games a season. 2. Philly: Carson Wentz-just what they want. Their GM traded up in hopes Wentz would be there. And to their luck he did. 3. SD: Jalen Ramsey- chargers could go anywhere here. Think they go with the guy some said was the best protect in the draft. Also fills a BIG hole that opened up when Weddle left. 4. Dallas: Joey Bosa- As much as I want to think they go with Elliot here. They hold out hope Henry will be there for their 2nd pick. They have a giant need at DE. Hardy is gone. Their guy they hoped would pan out Gregory is suspended to start the season. Also with Manning, Kirk Cousins (starting to look decent), and now a young Wentz in Philly. Dallas needs a pass rush real bad. Bosa would be the obvious choice here 5. Jax: Laremy Tunsil- most think defense. But with as much as they invested in the D this offseason, think they go with the guy who many had going #1 overall prior to the trades. LT is still a big need. Former 1st round Joeckel has been bad on the left side and needs to move over to the right side. Tunsil on the left and Joeckel on the right would be huge for their franchise QB Bortles. Especially playing in a division with Watt in it. 6. Baltimore: DeForest Buckner 7. SF: Myles Jack- Chip can build a offense. He needs help with the defense. Filling that hole that Willis left is a BIG start. 8. Browns: Ronnie Staley- holes everywhere. Joe Thomas getting close up there in age. And QB is made of glass. Need I say more. 9. TB: Vernon Hargreaves- They wanted Staley here. Instead they go with a coner. Facing Julio, KB, and Crooks twice a year. 10. Giants: Eli Apple- Elliot would be thought to go here. But they just lost their top corner this offseason. 11. Chicago: Ezekial Elliot- could go D but rumor is Chicago is really high on him 12. Saints: A'Shawn Robinson- holes all over the D. Starting up front will help. 13. Miami: Darron Lee- even with Suh up front. The LB'second have been horrendous. Lee, very good in coverage is what they need to cover Gronk twice a year. 14. Raider: Robert Nkemdiche 15. Titans: Taylor Decker- your not going anywhere with Byron Bell starting on your line 16. Lions: Jack Conklin 17. Falcons: Shaq Lawson 18. Colts: Ryan Kelly- They got destroyed up the middle and their franchise QB took a beating. They are looking for that Jeff Saturday to Manning with Kelly and Luck 19. Bills: Kevin Dodd 20. Jets: Leonard Floyd 21. Redskins: Jarran Reed 22. Houston: Corey Coleman 23. Vikings: Laquon Treadwell 24. Bengals: Reggie Ragland- going out on a limb here. LB is still a need and they think they could get one of the local Ohio state WR's in the 2nd. They go with Ragland who has dropped down they draft. 25. Steelers: Makenzie Alexander 26. Seahawks: They need a LT and Thomas Rawls and a Solid season subbing in. But Derrick Henry could be that beast mode they miss in Lynch 27. GB: Vernon Butler 28. KC: Cody Whitehair 29. Arizona: Noah Spence- somehow someway Spence falls down and gives them a fierce edgerushing duo taking a page from Denver playbook 30. Carolina: Ogbah- with several Solid players sitting on the board including William Jackson, Doctson, Billings, etc. Gettleman grabs what he likes the most. An athletic edge rusher 31. Denver: Paxton Lynch- pretty similar to Osweiler Round 2* Cleveland: Josh Doctson- fill that gap they tried to fill from Josh Gordon Tennessee: Jonathon Bullard- plenty of picks to play with. Needs help on D. Starting with the top prototypical 3-4 DE in the draft. Dallas: William Jackson SD: Jason Spriggs- As much as they'd like to use this pic on D. Phillip Rivers isn't getting younger and is not the most Athletic QB out there. In a division with Von Miller/Ware, Kalil Mack/Irvin, Houston/Hali. All in their division, Dunlap needs to move to the right side. Spriggs one of the most Athletic OT's in this draft.
  5. Let's talk about safeties

    As much as we need a SS. I know many said even in the middle of last season that Coleman was a better SS than FS. I'm starting to like that Von Bell kid from Ohio state a lot
  6. Gettleman's impressive draft history

    This! People give him way way way too much credit. They just use he got Luke and Cam. The rest of these picks were duds for the most part. He did get Norman but every blind squirrel first day a nut sometimes. The Cam and Luke argument is dumb for him too. We got Cam after we ended up with the #1 overall pick. We had the top pick due to poor contract negotiations and poor drafting the previous years. Whichled up to that disaster which ended up leading to a house cleaning. Anyone could hit a boom with the top pick that year so giving him credit for is recdiculous. Other top 11 picks from that draft included. Von Miller Marcell Dareus AJ Green Patrick Peterson Julio Jones Aldon Smith Tyrone Smith JJ watt And at 14 Robert Quinn. The following year in 2012. We had one of the worst defenses in the whole league while the offense was solid. We didn't need a QB or RB with Cam and us having majority of our Captied up with double trouble. So we weren't drafting Luck, Rg3, Tannehill, or Richardson. He happened to grab one of the top defensive players in that draft which any GM would have done. The players sitting get there were Luke, Stephen Gillmore, Poe, and Fletcher Cox. Bruce Irving was also picked at 15. So there were plenty of solid defensive players sitting get there. Hadwe not got Luke. We still could have got a probowl defensive player sitting get there.
  7. Congrats to Josh. Thanks for he time here. heres to him making Odell his bitchagain. And shutting down Dez and the cowgirls! Redskins aren't going anywhere so seeing them with the opportunity to keep dragging the cowgirls and giants down is great.
  8. No way in round 1. Round 2 yes. His injury isn't the whole reason he has fallen. His first 2 seasons he looked like a stud top 15 pick but even prior to his injury this past season he didn't look that great. I like William Jackson in the 1st, he screams Norman replacement. Big fast Athletic corner who is a perfect fit for our zone scheme. Just needs to develop that Norman edge/chip.
  9. Post Norman update
  10. Sterling Shepard Highlights

    "The premier set of hands in college football belong to Oklahoma'sSterling Shepard. Shepard has dropped just four passes on 225 targets over his three seasons, including only one drop over his last 162 targets. However, Shepard is more than just a great pair of hands. In 2014, he was targeted 35.2 percent of the time (a relatively high number, showing the confidence his quarterback had in him) and had a catch of 25 yards or more once every 6.5 targets (Pitt'sTyler Boydaveraged one every 10.5 targets). Shepard's soft hands, elite focus and ability to get open will make him a favorite of NFL scouts."
  11. Blockbuster Trade in the Works

    Gotta be made up. Broncos would be trading a 1st and a current roster player for TT. You hardly ever see someone traded for a 1st anymore. No way in he11 they'd do that for TT. if this new guy could draft worth a crap this would be another train robbery jimmy Johnson trading Herschel Walker. Giving them 2 1st and 2 2nds.
  12. Sterling Shepard had private workout for Panthers

    Very bad comparison imo. Philly was a solid athlete and return man who people thought could turn into a solid WR. Very much like Joe Adams. Philly has inconsistent hands is still raw at route running etc. Shepard has the most consistent hands in the this draft with a crazy 2% drop rate (only had 1 drop his junior season). He is said to be one of the top route runners to come out the last few year possibly the best since ODB jr. He is very quick with speed just not that Dorrsett, Perriman 4.3 speed that shoots people to the top. He is very very hard to jam. "Sterling Shepard simply broke the system with an 82.8 percent success rate against man coverage, and 91.1 percent against press. Question his size, or a future as “just” a slot receiver, but that is a rare ability to get open. Over a full Reception Perception sample, Shepard posted SRVC numbers akin to that of some of the best wide receivers in the NFL. His advanced and nuanced route-running combined with tangible athletic gifts should make him a lock for a top-three ranking at his position." You don't dominate man coverage from just being quick. Majority of the time in man coverage they try to jam you and get physical. Shepard destroyed the #'s from that category. He's exactly what we need at the slot. Who he reminds me of is Randall Cobb. Cobb: 5'10 191 33.5" vert 16 bench 115 broad jump 4.46 40 7.08 shuttle 4.34 20 Shepard 5'10 194 41" vert 123 broad jump 20 bench 4.48 40 7.00 shuttle 4.35 20
  13. Doctson and Coleman will go pretty early in the 2nd. After that Michael Thomas because his size , some had him slotted the #2 WR prior to the combine, he fits what some teams want as a #1 or true #2. Then you have Braxton which several teams are Extremely high on. Have seen his name broker like everyone 1st if not in the 1st in several mocks. Then you have will Fuller. His combine caused him to shoot up. Every year there's that guy that runs a 4.3 and goes from a round 3-5 guy to 1st-2nd guy (see Perryman and Dorsett last year, and Dorsett had Fuller hands) Then you have the Shepard and Boyd's. I don't see more than 4 WR's going ahead of us in the 2nd especially with the amount of WR's taken round s 1-2 the last 2 drafts and the stacked DL class.
  14. 1st: William Jackson- I look at this kid and I see Norman. With DL being so deep CB's will fall. Jackson is big fast Athletic and a puzzle piece fit for a zone scheme. Fits what Gettleman wants BPA and big. Gettleman likes his big guys, reminds me of KB at CB. Won't be Norman right away but will certainly help vs Julio and Mike Evans twice a year 2nd: SterlingShepard-Solid WR. Explosive, good route runner with great hands. After back to back top heavy WR classes, the WR's will slide down the board. Shepard moves right into Cotchery spot in the slot and becomes a Randall Cobb type player real quick for Cam. 3rd: Carl Nassib- grabbing a corner at the top we have our sights on a potential good future DE to groom under CJ. Trading away our 4th 7th and a future 5th or 6th (will be easy to let go since we should get a 3rd for Norman next year). We slide up to the top of the 3rd and Grab Nassib who fell out of the 2nd. Big Athletic with a top notch work ethic, has Gettleman drooling at the thought of tossing get him in our locker room among some of our stud DL 5th: Max Tuerk- needs some bulking and work in the weight room. Let Kalil mentor him until he is ready to retire to make a nice easy transition
  15. Sterling Shepard had private workout for Panthers

    Want this kid real bad. He is exactly what Cam needs with him sitting in the slot. I expect him to fall in the late 2nd and will be wavering around our spot in the 2nd. This WR class is no where near what they were hyped the last 2 years. With the amount of them drafted high the last 2 seasons I really don't see many going off the board high like the last 2 years. 1 maybe 2 will go off in the 1st then 1-2 will go towards the front end of the 2nd. Shepard will be around the 5-7 WR range due to mopt saying he's not a outside future #1. We get him and I see a future Randall Cobb.