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  2. Coples is a free agent again. Coples>Horton

    Can't be worse than Horton.  
  3. The thread is about a fuging beard.  I highly doubt that's the worst.  
  4. Na, his footwork is still poo.  Something he can improve on though.  MVP or not.  
  5. Since Cam "works so damn hard." I just hope he works on his footwork.  
  6. Coples is a free agent again. Coples>Horton

    Yes fuging sir!  
  7. Coples is a free agent again. Coples>Horton

    We would use him as a backup, sir.  
  8. Rand Getlin– Verified account ‏@Rand_Getlin The #Dolphins are releasing Quinton Coples, a source said. 1:25 PM - 12 Feb 2016 112 RETWEETS71 LIKES
  9. Let's talk about Ted Ginn Jr.

  10. Wes Horton re-signed

    Ah, we agree again.  Glad we can continue this trend upward, good sir.  
  11. Wes Horton re-signed

    He doesn't contribute much at all, but cheap he is, and I hope they find somebody better in free agency.  
  12. Wes Horton re-signed

    Decent back end of the rotation is Addison that actually produces, this guy got released and stashed on the Practice Squad for a reason.  He's not good depth, because he gets pushed back when pass rushing.  Run stopping is cool, but meh.  As a DE, that does nothing anymore.  
  13. Wes Horton re-signed

    He's useless, but cool.  
  14.       Kidd-Gilchrist's MRI revealed a torn labrum in his right shoulder. Kidd-Gilchrist injured his shoulder in Wednesday night's game against the Pacers. Though team officials say he will be re-evaluated after the All-Star break, the severity of the injury likely means that Kidd-Gilchrist will be out indefinitely.  
  15. Levis Field is Horrible

    I heard this guys going to be the next superstar: Watch out for this gaming system heard it's going to be the next big thing: