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  1. mrford added a post in a topic Courtside or luxury box seats?   

    the buffet in the royal boxes is the poo
    the free beer in the back court club is also the poo
    cant really go wrong with either.
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  2. mrford added a post in a topic Hotels Around TWC Arena   

    anywhere down south blvd and ride the light rail if cheap is your goal.
    otherwise i have stayed at the holiday inn quite a few drunken nights. nice place. all hotels in center city are pretty nice, just shop around and ask for discounts. the art of negotiation is still alive if you are brave enough.
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  3. mrford added a post in a topic Hornets @ Nuggets 1/31   

    Hornets didn't make a single 3 pointer in this game, 0-11, and still dominated. Paint game strong as hell.
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