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  1. Shout out to anybody who has also performed remedial action on an M-4 while taking fire.  Not all veterans are created equal.
  2. Erect. And ready for insertion into the orifices of all opponents.  That's what I observe when I watch the defense especially.  The guys line up and they all exude the aura that all men exude right before they dive into something sweet.  I can tell.  Even through the tv.
  3. OP should get his Testosterone/Estrogen ratio checked.  This dude stays sounding like a teenaged female in the throes of an extreme menstrual cycle.  Why the fug should we worry about next year when we haven't even handled this years business yet?  Stfu.
  4. Almost that time again.

  5. RIP Dad. March 8th 2014. Be at peace father. How the hell did you die before me anyway? Never thought that would happen when ragheads were going for my skull.

  6. Degrees? I got a lot of that per Young Jeezy. Bout to have two on my wall...third in sight. KIA. Academic action ribbon for real bruh.

  7. Doggin these hoes I need quarantine.

  8. Grad school approaches.....orders acquired.

  9. Graduation in a month. What a wild ride it's been.

  10. I think its Jenny Hendrix. I'm not 100% sure though.