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  1. Reshaping Newton

    When Cam had full practice all week he played great on Sunday. When Cam was limited in practice he didn't play well on Sunday. It was that simple this season.
  2. I thought I would never get that off!
  3. I think it's time to fill those needs via Free Agency.
  4. Pep's locker room interview sounded shaky regarding him returning for another season. Run CMC, is ready to replace Stewy. I would love another Greg Olsen on the opposite side of him. Of course we need durable WR with hands.
  5. It’s Coachs Birthday

    Happy Birthday Coach! BTW, anybody see him in his brief interview after the plane landed. Coach had sauce too!
  6. Cam and O-line board the plane. SWAG! https://goo.gl/Gy4oEg
  7. How long do we beat the dead horse? What else is news?
  8. Whats the chances Matt's illness lingers into the weekend?
  9. Cam's designed runs never turn into big gains. He is best on scrambles. I'm sick of Shula's decisions for Cam to run.
  10. There wasn't much shredding in the week 13 game. It was more things ;such as, Pep getting the late hit out of bounds call, Clay fumble on the punt return and Kalil missing blocks (Well still no answer for that one) but everything else seemed fixable.
  11. I just re-watched Dec. 3rd game and it's amazing how different the game looked without emotions. Watching that game gave me the confidence that we will win this game minus the mistakes made back in week 13.