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  1. Mike Wallace expected to be cut

    It's early but my guess is he might be available when we pick in the second round, but no later. He does remind me of KB, and the idea of having 3 NBA power forward type WRs facing little DBs is thrilling. It mixes well with how Cam likes to play, and can you imagine the run blocking? We'd be the most lethal red zone team in the NFL, and teams wouldn't be able to load the box on us. Or they could try :D
  2. Mike Wallace expected to be cut

        Gettleman might want this guy imo.  
  3. Mike Wallace expected to be cut

    I wouldn't mind splurging on a top quality WR, but Gettleman is a loyal Wal-Mart customer. He'll be looking in the value bins at some truly oddball WRs who might be on their last legs. Some guys you've just never heard of even though they've been in the league for many years. Now where you might be excited is in the upcoming draft. Gettleman will probably be looking for another big WR to put opposite KB,  with tweener WR/TE Funchess in the slot. The triples towers. Single cover that.
  4. Sound FX: Superbowl 50

    I assume it was entertaining.
  5. Sound FX: Superbowl 50

    I couldn't watch it.
  6. Forte won't be re-signed

    He sure had no trouble destroying our defense in the past. But that's the thing about these speed guys, father time has no trouble destroying their career.
  7. If a veteran player's production doesn't match his pay then you bite the bullet and cut him assuming the cap hit isn't too harsh. It frees up a valuable roster spot for a young player who can develop for a low price, or a veteran who is likely to produce similar to what he's being paid. I think CJ will be cut.
  8. Free Agent DB's

    The positive side of things is that Bene has not hit his ceiling of course. Time will tell, but we'll certainly need to bring some guys in for competition at the spot.
  9. Free Agent DB's

    Not a fan of Bene at all. I certainly hope Gettleman has plans to bring in starting level CBs. Opposing coaches saw that Bene can't cover for poo and targeted him. Bene is good for giving up tons of catches, and then desperately trying to run the receiver down afterward. Hell you can get any guy off the street to do that. Need to upgrade, but do it without breaking the bank of course. I'm hoping we tag Norman and then let him start his decline with some other team.  
  10. 2016 Top NFL free agents - running backs

    Forte would pair nicely with Stewart.
  11. 2003 or 2015.... which one hurt more?

    2003 not even close. I had a feeling after that game that I might not ever see the Panthers win a SB. This one wasn't that bad because we played like ass and deserved to lose, and we should be back in the SB very soon. Maybe even next season. It's not that bad.
  12. Positions we need to upgrade

    Cam just texted me that he "he doesn't want me at RT, he NEEDS me at RT" so things are not looking good for Remmers. I'm not even big enough to play tackle.  
  13. Offensive Tackles cost us the game.

    I only watched the SB once, so I might be wrong, but I thought Daryl Williams was out there with help most of the time. And didn't we run a lot of max protect once Williams went into the game. That would indicate that Shula is less confident in Williams pass blocking than he is in Remmers. That would suggest that Williams might be a backup player for his career here. Of course he has room to improve, so he might end up a starter. At any rate we need to look at RTs in this draft and FA.
  14. You have to know going into the game that Remmers would need help. The game hinged on giving Remmers help to protect Cam. Shula failed.
  15. Who Should Go or not resign

    Charles Johnson - His body is falling apart, and he's not producing. Gone. Jared Allen - Too old. Gone. Roman Harper - The slowest starting safety in the NFL. Gone. Jerrico Cotchery - The slowest WR in the NFL, and pooped the bed in the SB. Gone. Peanut - One of the slowest CBs in the NFL, and body is falling apart. Gone. Jonathan Stewart - His production matches his pay, and our other RBs are a major downgrade. Welcome back. Josh Norman - Congratulations on your new contract with our team.  Remmers - Pooped the bed in the SB. Welcome to career backup. Had flashbacks of Nate Chandler watching him *shudder* McClain - No real need to sign him for depth when you can just cut him, and then if needed sign him off the street again. Finnegan - Can stay for cheap, or hit the bricks. Who cares? Could be roster churn.