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  1. CBS Sports Mock Draft (this week)

    Looks like Todd Pinkston out there.
  2. L-M-A-O

    Begs the question, does Bevell get a call for our vacant OC position?
  3. I am cautiously optimistic, but practically speaking, I believe Norv is one of the few legit options that would accept this job at this point in time. I think most potential candidates would be hesitant to accept a position in our organization until the dust settles. Ron and his staff might only be gainfully employed here for another season or two. No one wants a one year gig outside of an old war horse like Norv that could be just as content going back to the golf course he just left.
  4. Norv would be good for Cam.

    Air Crayon Hell
  5. Please not Ron Turner.

    I'll take another Shula, honestly. At least I regain hope for a season or two.
  6. I bet Shula not getting called in for any interviews forced Ron's hand finally. He waited 2 seasons for someone to come callin', but no suitors showed up at the door. He had to swing the axe himself.
  7. I'm just here so I won't get fined.
  8. Pie For ALL

    Hurndog handing out haircuts.
  9. Dan Henning anyone?

    How about Doug Henning? He could work some magic here.
  10. I'm pretty sure they are just trying to suss out if this is a systemic problem throughout the organization and who if anyone else needs to be booted out of the front office. They really can't do anything further to Jerry..
  11. "You been reading posts, huh? That's cool. Read this!"
  12. A Cam for Christmas

    Well the Cam ornament is currently hanging on my tree beside baby Jesus, so Ed better be on his best behavior.