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  1. Any chance / desire to bring him in for a look? Washington cuts Orlando Scandrick five months after signing him
  2. Cris Carter is the only one that comes to mind. Edit (looked it up) Bernie Kosar (drafted in 1985), Cris Carter (1987), Bobby Humphrey (1989), Rob Moore (1990), Mike Wahle (1998), Jamal Williams (1998), Ahmad Brooks (2006), and Josh Gordon (2012)
  3. I hope he shows out in camp. Would hate the optics created by cutting him.
  4. Biscuit

    Julio Jones holding out

    Break the bank, Arthur!
  5. Biscuit

    Julio Jones holding out

    May it be long, bitter, and contentious.
  6. Biscuit

    Testaverde Jersey

  7. Biscuit

    The secret Twitter story

  8. Biscuit

    The Big Kid

    Wasn't Kris Jenkins nickname "Big Kid"?
  9. Jerry Richardson (deservedly) paid a substantial penalty for his misdeeds. The league not only made him sell the team he founded, but they railroaded him into selling to their preferred partner for less profit. His hush money deals have been dragged into the light of day. No one in the league came to his defense in any meaningful display. His legacy, which is important to him, is in ruins. Case closed. Let the Panthers rise up out of the ashes and celebrate a new day.
  10. He's got an impressive FU bankroll. Hope that translates into hiring and poaching his way to an unstoppable front office and coaching staff. .
  11. He's practically Riff-Raff.
  12. Our GM pays RBs twice what every other team is willing to pay while asking for only half the workload?
  13. Interesting graphic, but already posted. http://www.carolinahuddle.com/boards/topic/149123-dj-moore-advanced-stats/