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  1. Cleaned that up a little.
  2. He's not coming here because the 'Hurn-dog' nickname has already been taken.
  3. Alabama DT Da'Ron Payne visiting today

    Smart. Keep your strengths strong. And your weaknesses anemic.
  4. There was plenty of speculation that he was going to be released eventually, so I have to believe Hurney considered his impending availability before signing Smith and Wright. I think he got the two guys he wanted at this tier at the prices we were willing to pay.
  5. Hurney should have been suspicious when he heard Breeland humming Margaritaville before his FA meeting.
  6. I'm more excited by this signing than Torrey Smith. Reliable on 3rd and long, which is our signature down and distance.
  7. I believe he is destined to be a Patriot. Gronk's litany of injuries and retirement talk means they are in the market for a TE with superior physical traits.
  8. Lions release tight end Eric Ebron

    Lapses in concentration have been chronic with this guy since he reached the pros.
  9. I'm not sorry we weren't the ones to make Solder the highest paid tackle in the league.
  10. Sort of surprised they didn't sign Stew.
  11. Nah, man. I meant on that salary offer. No way Kirk is worth that kind or bread.
  12. Retire? Ed isn't old enough to make that call.