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  1. Trai turner

    10 out of 10. Would OP again
  2. CMC

    I'm sorry. I am not sure where I lost you.
  3. CMC

    In response to that, I will reference animals. The theory is during our earliest evolvement (Africa), we spent more time running around and surviving (think of herds following a water source / avoiding prey) than we did doing anything else. This would potentially lead to a more nimble / fast specimen. The Europeans refence is simply a note to a greater society that has slowed down to a consistant hunter / gather state. A speciman might do better with a stronger torso in these situations. Make sense?
  4. CMC

    I mean, I never once referenced our relation to animals? Not sure, from where that came. I would suspect there are more than an infinite many variables determining a species development. An evolved trait doesn't even need to be a better trait. Just a dominant remainder in the reproduction pool. I don't think we are disagreeing here.
  5. CMC

    I can't say I've studied that, yet. I've hypothesized the eyes come from a long maritime relationship.
  6. CMC

    Real answer? We all evolved from the African plains where survival and being as nimble as possible was key. This resulted in smaller torsos and longer limbs. Europeans later evolved for more power based structure with a larger torso. This differences anatomically now are miniscule but those preconceived notions of a better African athlete do hold some historical merit.
  7. I guess Jerry didn't like the meeting results.
  8. I moved him to DE as camp fodder in Madden lol
  9. We get it, you're a g. Let's not resort to that poo. There might be young ladies reading these boards. We get you're a piece of poo but try to keep that in your own locker.
  10. Funch is still soo young, too. He's basically still a college senior
  11. How old was his mom? rip
  12. This is why we can't have nice things. I'll go smoke a b now.
  13. OLB Question..

    Shaq plays a different position than Klein, sir. I am with you. TD, this is your final year starting. Here is a salary for a modest 2 years of backup $$$ or we're done