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  1. Purrbacca was on tv today

    Almost a happy ending..
  2. I feel bad for the teams playing in the first LA SB.. how many distractions might THAT bring lol
  3. It's funny.. I built my team with our scheme in mind and Bucannon was my choice. I then drafted a stud physical freak (93 speed / high strength linebacker with great zone and OK man and moved him to the single safety slot. I look forward to his development. #madden
  4. I did it I bought PSL's

    So that is an obligation of $1,000 every season to keep them, correct? Is there an opt out rule?
  5. Worley Signed

    Bring in the heavy formation?
  6. Seems thorough. We'll see.
  7. SF 49'er safety Jaquiski Tartt

    Pied for effort
  8. That has a very Django Unchained feel to it. All that's missing is a broken glass and a dinner table.
  9. A Funchess Reminder

    it is of my opinion that our will was broken in SB50 when Philly was thrown out of the game. He was our only movable piece on offense and he excels at that roll.
  10. Aren't you a ray of sunshine
  11. Hmm... Where am I getting 17 from??? That seems tied to him, for some reason??
  12. 4 years at 11 mil = 44 mil 44 -17 = 27 27 mil over 3 years = 9 + 9 + 9 BAM