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  1. Caption This Derek Anderson

    I thought the guybwas starting to help him up..
  2. Titans Mom Responds Back to our Swag QB

    where are you going?
  3. Titans Mom Responds Back to our Swag QB

    She's a PR person. She knows what she's doing.
  4. they will not BOTH happen.
  5. Mike Mularkey was SALTY after this game

    anyone have a clip of the Coleman hit?
  6. SkyBanner for Dallas game?

    NFL games are restricted air space, no?
  7. Week 10 TV Map

    el oh el
  8. I also see us taking this game a little in 3rd gear. I expect some healthy dosage of Cap. Don't look for Cam to run too much. Not worth it, here.
  9. Well.. They have a rookie QB who isn't afraid to toss it in there. Think of that rookie they threw in there to take on Kevin Costner in the Perfect game. He didn't know what he was up against and that made him dangerous.   I'm not really sure, otherwise.
  10. It'd be whatever Flacco would be worth on today's market.. Not much more than what we got.   He was already a two time playoff QB.
  11. Remember when people were ragging on Kony Ealy?

    you're a thug.
  12. Remember when people were ragging on Kony Ealy?

    teams have been holding him all year. he's been stellar.
  13. Pardon me.. But why not?

    Copy. I guess it was a silly question I was asking from afar. I was just curious if it had advantages when applied on the court?
  14. In Hockey (thank you to those who are still reading), coaches will deploy up to a 3rd and 4th line on the ice during 1 game. Each line has a preset estimate for how long they are expected to be on the ice.    Different lines have different jobs. Some lines are even built strictly for bruising the opponents top lines. Why do we not see more of this in basketball? Or if we do, how does it fair? I guess it comes down to basketball's rules for subsisting players into the action? Hockey is a line change during play.