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  1. Bumping for recognition of a great masterpiece. You have real talent.   This poo should be pinned.
  2. The Kalil brothers swap info

    This is good!
  3. I Disappointed Cam Newton

    Never heard of ya
  4. Will the refs call a fair game?

    I don't think even the refs will be able to control this game.
  5. The Keep Pounding Drum

    wait for the horse to enter the field... start banging the drum.. profit?
  6. I laughed, I cried. I laughed again.    
  7. more of this fugging racial bullshit. Cam did a good job deflecting it though and shining light on his intended direction.  
  8. Live view of Panthers when they arive

    We ain't going, brother. We're there!
  9. J.A.G. SWAG

    You had me right here
  10. There was a brief rivalry with us and the Kap led niners. We collectively decided he looks like squidward. That's the joke..
  11. Was Jerry in Shock?

    underrated post
  12. "It's the humidity that will kill ya"
  13. Barring a change of circumstance and contract, running back Marshawn Lynch isn’t expected to be back with the Seahawks in 2016. But will he be back in the NFL?    
  14. todays practice tweets: no Jared

    DA and Ginn looked collllld lol