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  1. NBA Playoffs Discussion

    That does not look good for Whiteside.
  2. Game 7

    Well, better luck next year. Very disappointing not to close it out at home given the opportunity. Our 3 point shooting didn't show up at all this series.
  3. Game 7

    Awful pick and roll defense. Kemba goes under the screen but Batum swtiches to his man. Bad combination.
  4. Game 7

    4th Layup missed
  5. Game 7

    Lee having a very efficient game
  6. Game 7

    Not sure why he passed up that shot in the paint. Luckily Batum still got us 2 on the play.
  7. Game 7

    It's just odd you singled Zeller out when he is a better rebounder.
  8. Game 7

    We've missed 3+ layups this quarter
  9. Game 7

    Winslow should have passed but you knew he would take to Frank
  10. Game 7

    Frank isn't a better rebounder
  11. Game 7

    Game over if we don't keep them off the boards.
  12. Game 7

    Not sure why Big Al dropped so far off Whiteside there. Kemba had him.
  13. Game 7

    I said it last game but Frank has got to learn how to close out on defense.
  14. Game 7

    I know. They scored off of that too.
  15. Game 7

    That was the most hesitant drive right there by Frank