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  1. Mel Kiper Mock Draft 2.0

    nctarheel0619 what number is Cam wearing in your Sig?
  2. Anyone greeting the team back home

    Wouldn't flight be a charter flight - does that show on schedule, there is a 3:30 and 4:30 arrival, do we know which one?
  3. Anyone greeting the team back home

    I hope not that late, my daughter has BBall practice at 5:30
  4. Anyone greeting the team back home

    Man I can't wait till next year, that is leaving a terrible taste in my mouth on a great season.
  5. Anyone greeting the team back home

    do we know yet when they will arrive.. I want to be there if possible..
  6. Superb Owl Push

    Thanks for all you do Jeremy, I know it isn't all your work, but you and your team of Huddlers areoutstanding. Best NFL board by far...
  7. Jake Delhomme must bang the drum- Its Destiny

    He was there last week, didn't turn out to bad...
  8. DVOA. DVOA. Wherefore art thou DVOA?

    Someone who isn't banned on their board like me, remind them they are 4 time champs...
  9. DVOA. DVOA. Wherefore art thou DVOA?

    4 years in a row even... not even sure why other teams play the games.
  10. DVOA. DVOA. Wherefore art thou DVOA?

    Paper Champions, maybe they can hang a banner or something, DVOA Champs 4 years in a row...
  11. Huddle Contest: Tickets and Pregame Field Passes

    This would be crazy good. I love me some Panthers and can't wait for this game on Sunday.
  12. What Seahawks Fans Are Saying - Playoff Edition

    Sorry was looking to see if I could get my sig working, just a test post.
  13. Luke is by far the best middle linebacker in the league, and so glad we got him locked up for another 5. LUUUUUUUUUKE ! @jfrancois
  14. Round 1 - Carolina Panthers Select Shaq Thompson

    Not sure if anyone posted this yet, but SI had him ranked as the 14th best player in the draft... I hope they are right....