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  1. This looks like a strong move! Especially considering where we’re at in FA and our failed attempt with Breeland. This guy has a nice sample size and could turn into a great CB here. We’re gonna have a better d-line than the Giants did. I‘m excited to see how the CB spot pans out. Also excited to see how Seymour improves with a full offseason here. Might have three solid starters out of this even before the draft.
  2. Been all about Rasheem Green. He looks like the Danielle Hunter of this draft-- coming out a year too early, but will turn into a stud. I'm worried that we'll miss out on him though. I'm thinking we're gonna have to hope he hangs around til our first pick in round 3 before we can take him.
  3. Hayden Hurst in round 1 or bust.
  4. Granted, I've mainly followed his career through fantasy football, but over their entire careers from 2014 to now, I feel like Hurns has low key been the most productive Jags WR. He blew up his rookie year and has had the goods regularly since then. I know he's been injured, but seems more consistently good than Robinson and Lee.
  5. how many WRs are we gonna get? Funch is staying, Wright is staying, Samuel is staying (though apparently we're not acting very confident about his usage this season). Everyone else can be cut. Though, I gotta think Torrey Smith sticks around. What is this saying about our squad? Funch/Hurns/Wright Funch/Smith/Wright Funch/Smith/Hurns Hurns/Funch/Wright Funch/Hurns/Samuel Funch/Smith/Samuel Funch/Samuel/Smith Funch/Hurns/Samuel I'm not sure I'm getting it. Though, adding Hurns could be good. We've been needing to make real moves at WR for a while and this is a real overhaul-- Smith and Wright aren't WR1s, but they're legit WRs who have roles, as opposed to people like Clay or Shepherd. I feel like we're gonna see a strangely quality WR core at the end of this transformation, though right now the amount of WRs we're working with feels frustrating.
  6. TE2 is getting worrisome

    My mock draft has us taking Hurst in round 1 this year. I'm actually starting to think it might be the best move.
  7. Mock Draft Idea

    Round 1 Hayden Hurst - TE We get our HH this year. Guy looks legit as an athlete and can learn the mechanics from Greg. Sucks that he's older, but as a TE could still easily play for a decade. Round 2 Terrell Edmunds - S Great attitude, willing hitter, and he can play the ball. Would be a great get for us to fill in the FS spot. Round 3 Pick 1 Kalen Ballage - RB This guy looks like one of those players we wish we'd known to draft when he blows up for some other team. Has a nice shiftiness and gets in the open field fast and has decent speed. He's got some power too and could play off CMC. Round 3 Pick 2 Frank Ragnow - G/C Didn't allow a sack in two seasons as Center for Arkansas. He's a strong run blocker and is a technician. Should be the Norwell/Kalil replacement we need.
  8. I feel like based on what we're seeing with team dynamics, this would be the best move we can make at TE. Ebron failed the Lions based on draft position and value, but that doesn't make him bad. He still has the potential to be a prolific receiver in the league and Greg can show him the value of putting in work to become a well rounded TE. I feel like our coaching staff is in one of the best positions to unlock Ebron's potential with Norv and Hoener (who coached Vernon Davis and Greg). Plus, Cam will help get this guy motivated. If we can grab Ebron on a reasonable 3 year deal, we can have a nice shot at a seamless transition after Greg retires and retain a top TE in the league. I like Willson a lot, but that move should have been made 2 years ago. I think Willson has room to improve still and I like how well rounded he is, but he's a high end TE 2 and after Greg leaves, the drop off in production would be huge. Ebron has the higher ceiling and that seems to be our theme: guys hitting their prime with potential to grow into studs. Won't be sad if we end up with Willson still, but I feel like we'll be pressed harder in a few years to add another TE to pair with him to make up the production.

    Assuming health this year, I think this is the best interior group we've ever had. Poe is like a Star/Dwan combo from 2013 in one player. Poe and Short are gonna wreck people. Having Butler and Love rotating in is gonna be huge too. Love is always solid and Butler is gonna get his chances to show why he was a 1st rounder. Anything else is gravy. I feel like Pep will be about the same as last year and Addison will continue to be productive. Would love to see some real flashes from Hall with a year under his belt, time with Pep, and his natural athleticism. The DE group could overachieve this year just based on our DTs. Very excited about our d-line and pleasantly surprised that we seem to have spent the most on a stud DT to fill the hole Star left.
  10. I’m pretty convinced we’re gonna take a safety high in the draft, but having a vet like Parker or Reid would be very solid. Kinda feel like CB is gonna be an issue no matter what now.
  11. Worley always thought he was better than he was. Tried to take Josh’s Batman persona as a rookie, chirped on social media when he got his PT cut, and now wants to poo talk from a distance. Wanted to support and like Worley, but he’s the kinda nerd kid who doesn’t want to accept he’s a nerd. Instead he tries to copy the cool guys and it never goes well. He doesn’t suck, he’ll just never be good. Sucks to have to part ways with Breeland, but Worley won’t be missed.
  12. Vinny Curry getting cut http://www.nfl.com/news/story/0ap3000000921781/article/eagles-to-cut-dl-vinny-curry-after-declining-pay-cut
  13. fug. I wanna know what the issue is and if it’s something that he can come back from, sign him for even cheaper and wait it out. Otherwise put that money towards Mathieu.
  14. Could definitely see him leave after this year to move on with all the other old guys. Would be surprising for him to leave this year, just because we seem to have a chance to build a solid playoff roster.
  15. I like Dickson, he’s very good for what he was, but I don’t think he’s a full time starter in the way that we want and though it seems keeping him at a price we think is reasonable would have been good, part of our strategy there has to be trying to develop an Olsen replacement. Willson is more surehanded than Dickson and has come up clutch in games and is well rounded. I personally think he has a higher ceiling than he has credit for and the FO must think that too if they brought him in. Similarly, Ebron had high expectations and hasn’t lived up to them, he has issues, but he still has the measurables and still has time to unlock his potential. Plus, it’s not like he’s been bad— those posts about him being top 5 in catches or whatever shows he can produce. I remember him coming on pretty well at the end of last year too. Maybe we can give him the setup he needs to take the next step. If we can do cheaper than Dickson, that’s huge.
  16. I’ll trust in Norv to make this call. Seems weird to say, but Greg’s years are numbered here. We need a guy who can be the number 1 at any moment.
  17. Sorry, but from everything I’ve seen, Seattle doesn’t know to use the TE the way we do. They do well at other things but Willson has the chops for more if we give him the plays and the coaching. We’ll have those things here.
  18. Thomas Rawls Visiting Carolina

    Derrick Morgan edit: although now I’m feeling like Patterson said that too
  19. Thomas Rawls Visiting Carolina

    He said Carolina blue skies.. false alarm
  20. Great news! I've been wanting this guy for a while. Classic if you can't beat him, make him join you player. Although its been a few years now, for a while he was handing us daggers in our old close games against them. Seems like a tricky receiver with reliable hands. Also, can block and do other things. Perfect fit with Greg. I had the feeling a year or two ago when he popped up as a FA that if he'd leave the Seahawks system and went somewhere with more catching opportunities, that he could produce even more. He's a little older now, but if he gets the opportunities in the pass game, could prove to have more potential than previously thought.
  21. Been waiting for a highly drafted Safety for years and it looks like this may finally be the year. Lots of talent at the position. Would be happy with RB in round 2 also.
  22. Hixon catching that saints TD
  23. Won't know til FA is done. Smith will be better than he's getting credit for and will provide the vet/winner presence. Breeland has potential to keep growing and turn into a CB1, could be a Casey Hayward type signing looking back in a year or two from now. Need to see how the o-line, safety, and d-line shakes out. So far, so good. We lost two guys we were expecting to lose and cut weight some guys who weren't worth holding on to. If we can get Peppers back I'll feel good. Gotta think no matter how FA shakes out now we'll be drafting a Safety and G/C early. Back-up TE with room to grow would be nice.
  24. Breeland always seemed like Norman's little bro in Washington and I'm hoping the intensity that he brings will heat up the defense again. Seems like good upside and we're catching a guy who has taken his lumps in the league and is coming into his own as a legit CB-- again, a younger Josh.