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  1. Offseason NFL News

    I'll put this here even though it's a draft item. This guy Rasheem Green screams Danielle Hunter to me. He's young, is coming out of school a year too early, he's still played like a stud though, and is currently mocked around round 3. I think this is the type of guy we need to be searching for in the draft and I hope we give him a look with one of our 3rd rounders.
  2. We need to draft a safety rounds 1 or 2. not as down on our CBs as others. This was a sophomore slump season and we’ll know more this next season. I think we draft a developmental/under the radar guy in rounds 3-5 to add depth/competition and see what happens. Hurney found Norman, maybe he can do it again. we need to add a solid DE to help upgrade the rotation and help the secondary without blitzing.
  3. Guys, maybe we should work on a plan to keep Cam here in Carolina. I’d hate for New Orleans to try and get him to replace Brees in the future. Any ideas?
  4. Zero Percent

    The good news is if they've been planning it for a while, and lets be real-- if Norv has been sitting out a year and was contemplating a comeback, he probably had the Panthers and Ron on his list-- Norv has likely been following our team over the last year with the intent of seeing how our personnel looks and what we do well/don't do well. I expect him to have a plan for Cam and the offense already in the works waiting for him to get in the building and able to really dig in.
  5. I think the Vikings thought Bridgewater was better than he really was. The chargers lot people up on offense and produced a crazy amount of studs at RB.
  6. We need to just get a FA WR. I’m confident that Samuel will be in better shape and be more experienced coming into next season. Funch played through injury for like half the season. Give these guys an off-season with Cam in their new roles and let the passing game develop. We need to upgrade Shepherd with a better WR and maybe replace Bersin with another speed special teams guy.
  7. I felt like it was a B+ until the playoff game. That long TD showed me he can make a game breaking play and now he's an A-. We need him to start unlocking the big plays. I know they'll come with time and that last one was a good sign to see when the game was on the line in a playoff atmosphere.
  8. Bradberry had a sophmore slump and it wasn't as bad as it could have been. Worley was inconsistent. These guys deserve and will get one more year I bet. We desperately need to upgrade the safety position with young athletic talent. We need another Luke back there. We need a saftey in the top 2 rounds.
  9. I'm feeling weird about Star. I know he's not much for being sentimental and is a quieter guy, but he just doesn't seem to care if he stays here. He was basically like I'll get a job somewhere, so I'm not too worried about it. Just kinda rubs me the wrong way. Also said he's going to test free agency now no matter what. I get the feeling he'll decide to move somewhere else even if we give him a good offer. Kinda sucks.
  10. If the ownership prematurely trades Cam for the sake of starting over or something, then I'll have a really hard time being a fan for a while. He's the most impactful player we've ever had and a true HoF star. I want Cam to stay here until he can't play productively. It would also be a blow for Rivera to be canned immediately. At the very least let me ease into the idea of a new owner before you dump everything that is familiar. Ideally, the new owner comes in, hires a strong football guy as GM who is willing to think a little outside the box in terms of putting a quality team together around Cam, and then have that guy fire Shula and make Ron pick someone else or let him leave of his own accord. But, I'd fire Shula first and then let Ron decide instead of forcing Ron to fire Shula. Ron could then get full support and we'd roll from there.
  11. Hurney on WFNZ

    We don't have "time" to waste another 1st or 2nd on a WR. We've drafted a WR in the 1st or 2nd in 2014, 2015, and 2017. Regardless of the outcome of those picks, proper drafting requires that you stay on "schedule" with filling talent into different positions that come up needing new talent. If you start to dither on one or two positions, that is where you find the team falling apart. It's why despite Gettleman being a quality talent evaluator, we have many holes. He spent a lot of time on a few positions while he was here. DT and WR were the worst offenders. Despite wanting value, we have to add more of a draft factor to positions that need to be filled. Maybe we need a WR, but we shouldn't be obtaining one with our top two picks this year. Either get a youngish guy in FA who has some production or wait til round 3 or later. This team needs to draft a Safety. We should have done it 3 years ago. We're about to need a new DT and a new LB despite having just spent time on those picks. The wheel never stops and if we waste time trying to strike gold at every position in the top of the draft, we'll be thrown off into nothing. The only position a team should waste top picks on until they get it right is QB. And even then, you're risking finally getting a guy and bringing him to a team without any infrastructure. Players just don't last and we have to let Funch and Samuel spread their wings for another year or two before we should consider getting a new WR in the top 2 rounds. FA is one thing, but draft needs to be spent on getting talent to grow in places where it is getting old or is vacated.
  12. Hurney on WFNZ

    We are lucky to have 2 3rds in the draft to address these needs
  13. Shaq gets shook and can’t tackle. I hope we can do better.
  14. This team ended the year with a shitty WR core, but when Samuel and Byrd are back and healthy, we can be good. I don’t think this is as big a need as the end of our year showed it to be. But, if we wanna make a move here, I say we do Robinson or nothing.
  15. We have deep threats on this team. We need a playmaker from the short to intermediate. We need a quick athlete. That would be Robinson. Samuel might become that guy, but for now we need to get someone. Byrd and Samuel can be our deep threats with competition for more work. Clay needs to stay special teams with limited usage until he makes catches that prove he deserves more.
  16. They tried to get our QB knocked out of the game. Then they did that bitch foot kick into his eye after the play. fug’em.
  17. I don’t care if he’s good sometimes, it just needs to change. Our problem is the team always gives him an out. Is the game plan the problem or are our RBs and O-line? I’ve never seen a team get nowhere running the ball like we do. We get stonewalled all game long. If stew were good I just think his talent would win out at least part of time. Same with our o-line. Then we lose all our speed guys until we’re left with clay. Samuel or Byrd would have caught that TD. I mean what the hell do er expect from a passing attack that loses 2 of its top 3 guys to injury and loses another top guy for a trade? I mean there’s no coming back from that. Then we have Cam’s whole shoulder issue and the ongoing poor accuracy flaring up. Then we have no Greg for most of the year. this team was a good team. The fact we overcame just the personnel issues on the field is enough. Ignore the rest of the bullshit. It’s crazy we went 11-5 in a loaded NFC. the issue for me is I’m sick of Shula. I just want him gone and I don’t wanna have some dumb back and forth about good games and bad games. He’s stale and Cam should be given better talent and a more interesting scheme.
  18. I think this team was built over the past several years to beat Seattle and New England. During our success the Saint and Falcons built rosters to beat us. We need to start rebuilding our team to beat the Saints and Falcons.
  19. I’d love for us to find someone who can maul Cam Jordan specifically.
  20. This team has sorely needed a top caliber safety. Either we need to draft one high or pick up the best FA who is still young enough to be a franchise player. I think last night was the first time where I really regret us not taking Landon Collins. Imagine-- we have Collins, no Shaq but keep AJ instead. We need a new power running back and we need to re-vamp the run game. We have too much talent on the o-line to be so bad at running the ball. Something has to be fixed. We need a high upside #3 WR from a big school program. I believe Samuel will be back much improved next year. I think he and Funchess can make a dynamic duo. I think Byrd is legit. Shepherd needs to be gone and we need to use one of our 3rds on some big name school's #1 WR who is flying under the radar. We need to draft a new C. Kalil won't last much longer. I think he's great, but clearly this year he showed himself to be hanging by a thread. We need another DE. We need a new OLB to be a playmaker like TD was. TD is burning out and Shaq can't tackle when it matters. Luke might be able to call out plays but otherwise he seems not as powerful as a playmaker. We need to find a TE to be Greg's heir. He's also winding down.
  21. We're in the building to win this game. LETS fuging GO!
  22. Defense needs to get a turnover and TD. Lets fuging end these douchebag saints. fug those motherfugers
  23. That's what I'm fuging talking about CMC
  24. Yeah we need to hurt somebody. We used to play the saints like we hated them now we just let them throw rocks without any repercussions
  25. we can win this game people. defense needs to give us a big series.