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  1. 2016 Panthers First Round Draft Selection Tree

    Baylor coaches their receivers to not run routes and to not block when the play is run to the other side of the field.
  2. 2016 Panthers First Round Draft Selection Tree

    If available, how do you think Dodd would fit into that hierarchy?
  3. Let's just hope Coleman falls to us.
  4. I've seem him use his outside hand to try to fend off a tackle on an edge rush. He's got a lot of physical talent. But his technique is absolutely terrible.
  5. Alexander / Shepard would be a much better combo I think. To get Shepard in round 2, we would likely need to trade down to early 2 and then use the acquired pick to move back up into mid 2nd to grab Shepard.
  6. I'd much prefer Ogbah to Dodd. Dodd had such a great season but ultimately he is a 24 year old 20th percentile athlete at his position. He can certainly be successful in the league, but he will need to be an expert technician with his hands to consistently win. I'd prefer Ogbah's athletic upside - but if there is one thing Gettleman knows, it's evaluating D line. This draft will be interesting.
  7. Keanu Neal will be the pick

    I'd much prefer Karl Joseph. I think he can do things the other safeties in this class cannot. But Neal should be a good player.
  8. I Don't Get The Celebration Here...

    No one wins in this situation. The team will be worse without Josh. Josh is now going to get paid on a cellar dweller and will likely toil away in relative obscurity. But Gettleman handled his fine. I'm sure we made our best and final offer and Josh didn't agree to it. He also did not sign the tag and may have been threatening to hold out. He took his contract demands public. In a way, he forced the panthers hands. He could have signed the tag and continued to negotiate a long term deal - but he wanted to maximize his leverage by not signing. Fair play, but his agent might have misjudged our willingness to walk. I don't blame him for wanting or getting his long term deal. He's earned it.
  9. Why not a Sign and Trade with J.No

    Observer reported trades were explored, none materialized. Voth said inexperience of Norman's agent was an issue throughout the process.
  10. Sterling Shepard Highlights

    If anything, I see Byrd as more of a Ginn replacement than Shepard, who looks like a dominant slot receiver who has the athleticism to also play outside. For everyone thinking he will last until our second round pick - do you really think New England would pass on Shepard twice?
  11. Sterling Shepard Highlights

    Cotchery took two scores off the board by himself. The line didn't give Cam much time to throw, but the receivers let him down when he did have time. Talent/Depth at WR is certainly an issue. Just look at how many WRs the Panthers have interviewed ahead of the draft (more known interviews than any other position). The interviews alone tell us that it islikely we draft a pass catcher at some point in the upcoming draft.
  12. I think Coleman is going to fall to us and be the pick. But if not, those are certainly good options that would improve the team. Mypreference would be Butler / Ogbah / H Henry / D Henry, but who knows what DG is thinking.
  13. Just realized who Shaq Lawson reminds me of....

    Dodd is not nearly as good of a prospect as Lawson. He's 24 and he's in the 20th percentile of NFL DEs for athleticism. Lawson is 21, is one of the most explosive athletes in the entire draft class, and played with a knee injury last year. Dodd might be a good player - but I'd much prefer betting on Lawson's upside.
  14. NFLDraft Scout 7 round mock draft

    As much as I like Coleman and Shepard, I don't see how we pass on Treadwell if he is there. Forget the numbers, the tape tells you everything you need to know on Treadwell.
  15. Gettleman's 1st round options

    Of that list, I'd take Coleman or Shepard and not think twice about it. Outside of WR, I'd think hard about Butler. I think we'll draft our safety in the second round.