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  1. I would start by asking him what was Walter Payton like?
  2. “As far as the concepts and terminology and stuff, there is a ton of carryover,” said Olsen, who knows Carolina’s offense as well as anyone. “But just like when we transitioned from Chud to Shula, play-callers each have their own unique styles and preferences. I’m sure there will be transition as far as that goes, but the overall concepts and overall approach for the offense is very similar. I think that’s a positive and it’s a lot easier than starting from scratch. That gives us a leg up.” Greg and his leg...
  3. Who needs AstraZeneca when there is so much Skyline to go around?
  4. From your lips to God's ears.
  5. SIGCHI222

    Vernon Butler First Impressions

    Don't ask my wife what 8 inches looks like. She may be off by a little bit.
  6. SIGCHI222

    A Josh Norman holdout looming?

    Josh...don't dance with the devil in the pale moonlight. It won't end well. Gettleman is not going to fold, not going to happen. Take the 30 to 40 million and win the next 2 SB's.
  7. SIGCHI222

    One Carolina

    Kinston stadium was a classic really old stadium. They had Military Wednesdays where if you were military you got in free and beers were only a dollar. The Mudcat stadium I went to was either new or practically new. Anywho, just glad to see soooo much support.
  8. SIGCHI222

    One Carolina

    When I was stationed at SJAFB the Mudcats were in Zebulon (I think) and the Indians were in Kinston. They were both around in the early to mid 90's.
  9. 4 days and yet the evidence still has no evidence? No photos, no definitive tweets pr pics from those involved? I have more evidence of Knobby. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NvDf0XXet8U
  10. Just replace "I think" with "I wish" and the experts picks make more sense.
  11. Happy Thanksgiving Jeremy. I am thankful for this website and all you do for us plebes.