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  1. Gil is a kind soul. He isn't always right but he has never been malicious towards the Panthers org and could be considered a fan. He will be missed when he is gone. Enjoy it while we can folks. They don't make Gil Brandts anymore.
  2. Josh Norman obviously had Mike from Gastonia as his agent. Gotta check on those you have repping you every once in a while there Josh. I can't help stupid.
  3. Cameron Artis-Payne Arrested for Speeding

    There's only room for one Cam on this team anyway.
  4. Cam at Braves game

    DO NOT get any of that Braves mojo on you Cam! They suck so bad this year it is embarrassing. You look good though. :)
  5. An outlier among teams with the most cap space

    These are the salad days...
  6. Josh's response to the AP

    Have you noticed how NOBODY has pie'd your comment? Conventional wisdom actually still has a place in this world. You DO jettison a worker that doesn't want to buy into the company mantra. It's not the headaches you get rid is the headaches you keep you need to worry about. Gettleman laid his brass balls on the table, you are welcome to observe, kiss or attempt to injure them. Injury is not an option.
  7. Panthers rescind Norman's franchise tag...

    Hyperbole much?
  8. Panthers rescind Norman's franchise tag...

    Lack of drama in the Panthers locker room has been restored...
  9. Josh Norman on his way to Atlanta to work out with CAM

    So is TheSpecialJuan...David Newton?
  10. Greg's story is sad either way. If he did it, he knows it, is telling a lie and no one believes him. He is trying to deny it and it is not working and he is watching his future slip into oblivion. If he didn't do it, he knows it, is telling the truth and no one believes him. He is trying to deny it and it is not working and he is watching his future slip into oblivion. No matter the crime I cannot take solace when another human being's future appears to be going the way of destruction. Surely we can all say that we wish a productive/happy future upon all that live on this planet. Even if not in football, I cannot wish that Hardy fails in life. I hope he finds a way to overcome this. The alternative would probably be on the evening news in less than 5 years. Fix it Greg, guilty or not.
  11. <JNo> I want $16 million a year.
  12. Current Panther roster

    RB is going to bite us in the ass if we don't do something. Stew is a wildcard. I know it is unpopular but I say RB in the 1st. Must shore up the tackle position this year. Maybe D. Williams is the answer but the sample size is so small. OT in the 2nd. I so much believe that Bene is going to jump off of the charts this year. CB would be next but could get pushed to 4th round because of how much I believe in Big Play. DE in the 4th (or 3rd, see directly above). CJ did us a solid but I don't think he does it again next year. Not sure what will be left at #167 but I would pick the highest on the board at TE or double dip at DE if it was me. In round #7 take a flyer on a DT in case you cannot sign both KK and Star (won't probably happen). Fill the UFA with S and WR and set your sights on SB51. P.S. I have no problem with Tre at S which is why I did not address it nor do I think Mr. Waters needs competition at P but that is just me.
  13. Farve is playing the public for fools. "Duh. what end of the football does I hold boss? I'm so fukking stoopid. I never knew what a TD was worth, I just lubbed playing the danged-ole game....can I hock your product now?"