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  1. Predict Gettleman's Day 3 WTF pick?

    I am must happy someone actually thinks like me, that day three has been Gettleman's most mystifying. But I am not going to rant this year... I hope.

    Might I suggest a four day ban in honor of Tom Brady? LOL
  3. Just gained a ton of respect for Drew Rosenhaus

    That's a big girl!

    I am a cord cutter. I will actually be watching the draft on NFL Now via the PS4. I am sure there is probably some type of delay with it being an app, but to me it's simple: I won't look at Twitter or anything else probably until after Mayock gives his short little video and analysis. By then, the news should be out everywhere, and I'll get on the Huddle and entertain myself by perusing reactions.
  5. Voth predicts Hunter Henry

    I will be glad because Henry would be a long term solution as opposed to a Cook whose hands seem to work like a Band-Aid that just won't stick.
  6. He's probably better than anyone we've been discussing seriously, so yeah...
  7. With round 1 of the draft right around the corner, we are all bursting at the seams with anticipation. Threads like these are a way to expend a little energy before destiny gradually lifts the veil, and we finally get a clear view of what is before us. Smiles or frowns will be evident for all the world to see. Bryan Strickland of has a closer seat than most---if not all---of us to Dave Gettleman, the Panthers' Maser of Ceremonies, who will presumably wed the Panthers with their 2016 number one pick Thursday night. But even Strickland hints that the dynamics of the draft sometimes make reading tea leaves look like child's play. Responding to his mailbag, Ask Bryan, Strickland admittedly hedged his bets by coming up with five names---two more than the Huddle's very own Jeremy Igo---with three of them being Igo's top prospects as well. "...I'll present five names from five different positions for your consideration, selected based on what I generally think makes sense as well as a nonsensical add-on: The Panthers' last four first-round picks didn't attend the draft in person, so I'll predict that streak keeps going. In the secondary, how about Houston cornerback William Jackson III or West Virginia safety Karl Joseph? Up front, I'll throw out Oklahoma State defensive end Emmanuel Ogbah (Clemson's Kevin Dodd was invited to the draft). And on offense I'll mention the Henrys – Alabama running back Derrick Henry and Arkansas tight end Hunter Henry." Ah...the two Henrys, yet again, to the delight of some and consternation of many, and what is looking like a late favorite to take the spot, Emmanuel Ogbah. But, wait! Karl Joseph, pretty much a consensus first round talent, but for medical concerns, has made his way into the picture. The thing is that Joseph is also in the top five boom-or-bust prospects of Pro Football Focus (along with Ogbah) because of medical concerns and a relatively small sample size. Strickland also mentions William Jackson III, a player who has not been discussed as much as the others on the Huddle, but who is very much on the radar of the likes of Pro Football Focus. One PFF analyst that believes he may be the best pure corner prospect in the draft. Moreover, on an off note, Charley Casserly also selected Jackson for us on NFLN's live mock draft. So, it would seem that Emmanuel Ogbah is a more than serious contender, as are Derrick and Hunter Henry (like it or not), but don't sleep on William Jackson III. As for Joseph, I just haven't heard of any Panthers' ties except for pure speculation, but perhaps Strickland knows something more than most of us. By the way, don't let that mention of Kevin Dodd escape you.
  8. Dude, Dodd is going to have to get better as well. There is still a lot of rawness to his game. He needs to use better technique, while also adding more to his pass rushing arsenal. Here are some things Stephen White has to say about Dodd: Dodd is a late bloomer who needs to be given time if you take him. He is a one-year-wonder in college. He is probably not the quick fix that you believe that he is, though he obviously has some upside.
  9. Remember when many in the Huddle felt screwed when Luck decided to stay in school? Turns out they weren't the only ones feeling that their team missed the boat.Cam would have likely been a Buffalo Bill, as Luck would have been the presumptive first round pick, and Denver would have picked Von Miller (like they probably would have---I don't care what Elway says). But playing Elway's game, If Denver would have picked Newton, then maybe they aren't Super Bowl 50 champions if they had skipped on Von Miller. Who knows? The only thing that we can say for sure is that Buffalo really got screwed. Funny how things work out.
  10. You know...sometimes the answer is on the roster.
  11. For like the third time, a Huddle meltdown is almost expected after the fact. My OPspeaksto the pre-draft drama.
  12. Derrick Henry Ranked 64th in Mayocks top 100

    Igo is not going to divulge his source, but he was remarkably accurate last year. I say "last year" because that seems to be when he actually began stepping more out on the limb. We all know the players, now we'll just have to wait and see what transpires.
  13. I did say that i was speaking to pre-draft mania only. All bets are off one the picks are in.
  14. Many may disagree, as they clutch to the Huddle's old ways out of some perverse homage to the contention of yesteryears' draft seasons, but I do believe that Dave Gettleman's approach to drafting has finally taken the "fight" out of the Huddle in regards to arguing over prospects. Gettledaddy's word is his bond, and law of the land. Why fuss and fight when Getty basically tells you to sit down and shut up? Don't get me wrong, there are still the players that are major points of contention, and we do have our little skirmishes here and there, but they seem to be markedly less frequent, pretentious, and downright ugly. I guess what looks to be the relative beginning of sustained success, authored in large part by Gettleman, makes fans listen more and speak less. Moreover, when you have arguably 10 to 12 players who could start on other teams out of three drafts, that's a pretty good indicator that it's time to trust the GM. And then, lastly, you may just realize that arguing over these late first round picks (which you may as well get accustomed to having) is even more silly because it is much harder for you as a layman to judge anything other than those consensus, top prospects at their positions. And we've all heard the saying that a late first is a glorified second anyway. Now before someone gets all warm and fuzzy and fools themself into thinking that it's all sweet, warm potions and pixie dust, I am just referring to pre-draft mania. Who knows what will ensue after the picks are in? But I dare say that the Huddle has succumbed to the calming effect of Gettlemagic, much like a snake charmer subdues a Cobra. This draft season (and free agent period, really) has been comparatively enjoyable.
  15. PFF Presents Carolina's Draft Board

    I wasn't referring to anything but "interest" in these players being somewhat of an absolute. Nobody knows what's going down on draft day except for the Rams. I wouldn't even begin to presume to know with any certainty who anyone is picking, much less Getty. On an off note, I did figure with almost certainty that Star was going to be a Panther at about pick 9 though (LOL).