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  1. top dawg added a post in a topic Norwood will prove to be an excellent addition   

    Gettleman has proven that he will use draft picks as trade bait in order to move up and take a player that he values. That isn't necessarily throwing them away, and is certainly not throwing them away from his perspective.  He gave up (as of now) an undisclosed draft pick in order to acquire Norwood before he hit the market. That, in and of itself, should tell you that he feels very strongly that Norwood offers great value and has skills that we need. Gettleman makes moves that are well-thought-out, not moves out of desperation. 
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  2. top dawg added a post in a topic Norwood will prove to be an excellent addition   

    Come on, man. Gettleman takes all his draft picks very seriously. He isn't going to just throw one away which is essentially what he would be doing if he cut Norwood.  The receiver made an impression upon Proehl last year when being worked out. Ron and especially Dave have said how smart Norwood is, and he is being taught all the positions.  There is absolutely no way that Norwood is going to be cut. Gettleman didn't trade for a guy on Tuesday to check him out for a couple of days just to cut him. Gman and company saw something in Norwood, and a lot of us saw something tonight.
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  3. top dawg added a topic in Carolina Panthers   

    Norwood will prove to be an excellent addition
    He is a well put together 200 pounds. He revealed just a little bit of shake-n-bake at the line, runs deceptively smooth routes, and has good hands. Once he really acclimates to our system and Proehl coaches him up, Norwood is going to do some unexpected damage this season.
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  4. top dawg added a post in a topic Nine roster spots still up in the air   

    I thought Brown was the WR3 last year behind Benjamin and Cotchery.
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  5. top dawg added a post in a topic For all of you that wish we were like the Colts...   

    And yet the Packers are in a much better position than we are, as they have drafted no less than 4 receivers in the last couple of drafts. 
    No one is saying go out and draft receivers in the first round every year, we just have to keep the level of quality and upside on the better end of the spectrum. That way, if injuries happen---when they happen---you don't have what we have now, or even last year.
    That's just my opinion. You have yours. We can still be civil to one another without being insulting.
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  6. top dawg added a post in a topic This Corey Brown Hate-Fest Is Asinine   

    We all know who has been arguing for an upgrade at the position for going on 10 years now.  
    And we all know who takes words and things out of context in an attempt to further false, stale narratives.
    Revisionist history doesn't work too well here.
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  7. top dawg added a post in a topic For all of you that wish we were like the Colts...   

    The proof is in the pudding. Only 1 Super Bowl in 20 years. So if that's "dismissal" so be it. That is the reality. If two-faced isn't slurping all over the GM's nuts and believing he is perfect, like many of you, then I am "two-faced".
    Being prepared in case there is a crisis is a responsibility of any management, plain and simple. if that's blame, then it is what it is. Stop trying to act like there hasn't been any opportunity to further upgrade our receiving corp until now. That's not the case. The Panthers have had pedestrian groups of wide receivers but for a couple of years out of 20. That's part of the reason why we've been up and down like a roller coaster as it pertains to record and playoff appearances. That's the reality.
    But for lucking up on 89 who was essentially drafted for his receiving skills, but turned out to be a beast, Moose, and now presumably Kelvin Benjamin, we haven't lit the world on fire drafting any receivers. Hopefully we will be able to add Funchess to that number.  But for Ricky Proehl, we really haven't done much of anything of note in free agency at the position either. Keyshaun Johnson and D.J. Hackett weren't good for us. That's the reality. Perhaps Ginn will finally break out this year, and be added alongside Proehl (or even surpass him) once his career here is over . As for trades, I can't even recall us trading for a receiver, but hopefully Kevin Norwood will be a most positive addition for us this year. I have to think that if Gman traded for him, then he is worth trading for. Moreover, Gman is still on the prowl for another receiver that will hopefully increase the quality of the whole group. 
    Just because I don't believe Gettleman has given the receiving corps the attention it deserves, doesn't mean that I think that he won't fix it. I do. He hedged his bets on Boykin, Brown and Bersin as sufficient depth and I wouldn't have, but he is reevaluating the position---that position---probably as the Huddle debates. If being critical of Gettleman or Rivera as it pertains to our receiving corps is "two-faced" then that's your skewed reality. If being critical and real about our up and down win-loss franchise history is "two-faced", as opposed to saying everything has been all sunshine, unicorns and rainbows, then that's your definition. I can be critical of certain things and praise Gettleman and Rivera, Hurney, Polian, etc. for other things. if other fans can't do that then they're not being "two-faced", they're just being fake. 
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  8. top dawg added a post in a topic nullified....   

    Basically. Legally, the league doesn't really have a leg to stand on.
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  9. top dawg added a post in a topic nullified....   

    The ruling doesn't have as much to do with cheating as it has to do with the league trying to run roughshod over the CBA. The legalities are primary here.
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  10. top dawg added a post in a topic nullified....   

    If they do, it won't come to anything. I'd be mighty surprised if the higher court would listen to it, but even if they review it, they'll probably just let the lower court ruling stand.
    It's not going to happen before the season gets underway in any event.
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  11. top dawg added a post in a topic Gettlemagic Teeth pulling : Sticking to Youth Movement.   

    I can't say that I've agreed with everything you said, nor will I say that i disagree. I'll have to review it and let what you've said sink in. But I will say that you provided a well-thought-out, compelling case as to why fanboy arguments in here regarding Gettleman are basically that: fanboy arguments. 
    For me, man, it's a breath of fresh air.
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  12. top dawg added a post in a topic #Mr.Clutch   

    Dude, you never had to change my mind. I am geeked just because Gettleman has traded for him.  If Gettleman has traded for him, then I know that he must be worth a damn. 
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  13. top dawg added a post in a topic For all of you that wish we were like the Colts...   

    The fact that the only Super Bowl team that we have had in franchise history had a great defense and plenty of offensive weapons---including great legitimate depth at WR---should tell all the Einsteins here something.
    It's not a coincidence, The two are not mutually exclusive. If you can't see that, then you just don't want to see it. And, you just don't want to see it because it invalidates your theory that it has to be one or the other. It doesn't. And that's the bottom line.
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  14. top dawg added a post in a topic When Don Shula watches Panther games   

    Now this is really low. We are better than this. 
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  15. top dawg added a post in a topic This Corey Brown Hate-Fest Is Asinine   

    I can understand wanting Corey Brown to do well.  But, some Huddlers have really lowered their expectations, feeling the need to defend a guy that would hardly be a blip on another fan base's radar. 
    Hell,  guests to the Huddle just coming to get some general information about our preseason, or just general fan sentiment are probably  like "All this over Corey Brown?" 
    Then they go to their own virtual water coolers or real offices and relay their Information about what the best Panthers fan-based web site is discussing and their colleagues are like,  "Who? "
    Ultimately they are all chuckling, snickering and outright laughing at our expense.
    I know that it had been a long time, and I really can't blame you for suffering from some type of post traumatic stress from all these years of lack at the position,  but...damn,  some of you just need to snap out of it and raise your expectations. The future and stability of our receiving corps does not rise and fall with Corey Brown.  
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