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  1. jdpanther5 added a post in a topic Tuesday NFL Cuts   

    Missed this yesterday, but the Raiders cut James Dockery. This is relevant to our compensatory pick situation. This leaves Byron Bell and Greg Hardy as the only UFAs we "lost," which puts us in a hole given that we signed 3.
    Nothing is definite with the mysterious compensatory pick formula, but it's largely accepted that gaining as many or more UFAs as you lost = no compensatory picks. 
    The only chance we have is to cut two of Coleman, Trusnik, and Tillman, and hope Bell survives the next round of cuts. Basically, it's not happening. 
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  2. jdpanther5 added a post in a topic For all of you that wish we were like the Colts...   

    What a weird standard to have. There are a total of 3 defensive players with contracts in excess of $100m.
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  3. jdpanther5 added a post in a topic The 75   

    Of course, or trade a conditional pick for them. 
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  4. jdpanther5 added a topic in Carolina Panthers   

    The 75
    Though most sites tend to list players alphabetically, it's always easier for me to process the state of the roster when viewing by position. Figured this would be a good reference to have on the Huddle as well. Here's who we have at each position as we close in on the 53:
    Quaterbacks (3)
    Newton, Anderson, Webb
    Running Backs (6)
    Stewart, Artis-Payne, Whittaker, Todman, Wegher, Tolbert (HB/FB)
    Wide Receivers (8)
    Funchess, Cotchery, Ginn, Bersin, Philly Brown, Mike Brown, Norwood, Byrd
    Tight Ends (6)
    Olsen, Dickson, Brandon Williams, Lucas, Brockel (TE/FB), Simonson (TE/FB)
    Offensive Line (14)
    Centers (3): Kalil, Folkerts, McCray (C/G)
    Guards (5): Turner, Norwell, Silatolu (G/T), Scott, Henry
    Tackles (6): Oher, Remmers, Daryl Williams, Chandler, Martin Wallace (T/G), Foucault
    Defensive Line (13)
    Tackles (7): Lotulelei, Short, Cole, Edwards, Love, Redden, Alecxih
    Ends (6): Johnson, Ealy, Addison, Horton, Cox, Miley
    Linebackers (9)
    Kuechly, Davis, Thompson, Klein, Jacobs, Trusnik, Mayo, Glanton, Blechen 
    Defensive Backs (13)
    Corners (7): Norman, Benwikere, Tillman, Heath, Teddy Williams, Byndom, Young
    Safeties (6): Harper, Coleman, Boston, Jones, Marlowe, Ball
    Specialists (3)
    Gano, Nortman, Jansen
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  5. jdpanther5 added a post in a topic Huddle Podcast: An Hour with Shaq Thompson   

    This one isn't on TuneIn? 
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  6. jdpanther5 added a post in a topic Phil Taylor good sirs?   

    And they traded him for a first...
    Which they used on Manziel.
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  7. jdpanther5 added a post in a topic Tuesday Panthers Cuts....   

    Looks like Reddick was claimed by the Bills. 
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  8. jdpanther5 added a post in a topic Tuesday Panthers Cuts....   

    We're on the same page. A lot of local media are saying that Kelvin to IR counted toward getting to 75, but that doesn't quite add up when you see other guys getting waive/injured or getting settlements. 
    They definitely cut 8 a few days ago, going from 89 active to 81, but then added Norwood (82). They cut another 7 today, but one Presley was inactive, so that's only 6 active cuts (76). 
    This is where they're saying putting Kelvin on IR counts as the 75th, but everything I've read says you can't IR someone until AFTER you've cut to 75 (which explains why White and Wallace were waived/injured instead of just placed on IR).
    It has to be something with the Norwood trade, otherwise we'd still have one too many. 
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  9. jdpanther5 added a post in a topic Tuesday Panthers Cuts....   

    I'm pretty confused that we were able to IR Benjamin but had to waive/injure White and Wallace. Voth thinks we did it because we don't care if they're claimed, but that doesn't add up as then we would have reached a settlement with them a la Regis. 
    Look at Jacksonville, they cut down to 75 early and then were able to IR Fowler and Wells 3 days ago. They had to cut to 75 first then IR those guys, leaving them at 73. So I don't think it's just a timing thing. With 89 active, we had to cut 14, which we did, plus a 15th in Presley even though we didn't have to. 
    That WOULD be 75, but then we added Norwood, so then that's 76 before sending Kelvin to IR. Per my Jacksonville example, it doesn't seem like that would be allowed. Best I can figure is we have a temporary waiver for Norwood, and he didn't count toward our roster count just yet. 
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  10. jdpanther5 added a post in a topic Tuesday Panthers Cuts....   

    I was gonna say it's actually 4 more since we added Norwood, but you just forgot Tony Hills. I haven't seen the Glanton thing yet, so I'm assuming still 3 more. 
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  11. jdpanther5 added a post in a topic Panthers cut Jarrett Boykin   

    Writing has been on the wall, Norwood only sealed it. The overreactions are funny when you consider that we're arguing over a couple former UDFA receivers whose ceilings are being 4th receivers. Boykin did nothing in that role in Green Bay last year, Bersin did a little in Carolina. 
    And we always talk about Cam not having the same targets to grow with year to year, yet people want to cut the guy with whom he's played with for 4 years over someone that's been here like 2 months.
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  12. jdpanther5 added a post in a topic Is Norwood the 6th WR or will he replace Bersin/Boykin?   

    Very interesting prospect, I remember really liking him last year and obviously we showed a lot of interest. We've also covered our bases with a conditional pick, so if he doesn't make it we won't owe anything. That said, only 5 days before the final cutdown is dicey...makes me think he'll make it as they can't exactly expect him to have mastered the playback by Thursday. 
    Another interesting thing about Norwood is that we have him under contract cheaply for another 3 years. Cotchery, Boykin, Bersin, Mike Brown, and Presley are all on 1-year contracts (Philly and Ginn have 2), and Gentleman has mentioned how he hated losing all his 1-year contract guys a couple years back, so the long-term nature of Norwood's deal may appeal to him. 
    2015: $510k
    2016: $600k
    2017: $690k
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  13. jdpanther5 added a post in a topic Colin Jones' miraculous overnight recovery from seemingly season ending groin injury   

    He would've had to have been placed on the PUP by now, he's ineligible. The idea behind the PUP and NFI lists is to accommodate players who have injuries/limitations that pre-date training camp. Once you pass a physical - and thus, return to practice - you become ineligible. I doubt we use our return designation on him, so it looks like he may be done for the year if this injury is deemed serious. 
    RE: PUP - We placed Brandon Williams and DeAndre Presley on the PUP before camp, everybody else was healthy. Williams has since passed his physical and returned to practice, so Presley is the only player left with PUP eligibility. 
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  14. jdpanther5 added a post in a topic Tomorrow's Guest.....   

    Kevin Norwood? 
    I heard he was planning to use the Huddle podcast to break the news of the trade, but it leaked out. 
    On a serious note I'll guess Trai Turner. 
    EDIT: Everyone guessing Trai, I'll go with Ed Dickson instead. 
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  15. jdpanther5 added a post in a topic Looks like Panthers have signed WR Kevin Norwood   

    Unlikely a wideout, only a year after being a fourth round pick, falls to 25 in waivers. Likely a late conditional pick based on whether he makes the roster. Think Barner.
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