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  1. Rams receiver Stedman Bailey shot

    I think you're severely underestimating both Mr. Scot and Fiz when it comes to Huddle fites. Fiz is going to sling hilariously dark insults at Mr. Scot, and in response, Mr. Scot is going to endlessly fill his thread with the most trivial update or iteration of his original thought, which only serves to further enrage Fiz and fuel his insults/observations. It's a hilarious circle jerk. Just sit back and appreciate the brilliance of the dance. 
  2. Ron Rivera "We're leaning towards starting CJ and Allen."

    Right or wrong, this is such a better contribution than the standard, "Hmmm, I don't know about this..." 
  3. Rams receiver Stedman Bailey shot

    I get what you're saying, but who have we ever really lost? Everyone comes back, even in lurker form. The only ones we've really lost were the real Electro, ClayJ, Grits, and other assorted scumbags. Good riddance. Mr. Scot posts a lot of good stuff, but a lot of fluff too, and it's funny to watch Fiz go in on him about it and then have him respond by just posting more fluff. It's great. 
  4. Ron Rivera "We're leaning towards starting CJ and Allen."

    That is my opinion, that's why I posted it. If we disagree, so what? Perhaps you should take your own advice...
  5. Ron Rivera "We're leaning towards starting CJ and Allen."

    Stupid is worrying about who's starting on a line with all starting caliber ends. 
  6. Ron Rivera "We're leaning towards starting CJ and Allen."

    LOL at all the Ealy love after so many on this board were ready to call him a bust just a month or two ago. Dude is our future at DE. Ealy is going to be all over the line during this game. I wouldn't worry about him getting enough snaps. The two old timers get the start. It's almost ceremonial. That's how it should be. 
  7. HTTCP (Hail To The Carolina Panthers)

    I get what you're trying to do, and the positive spirit in which you're doing it, but all we need is KEEP POUNDING. 
  8. Rams receiver Stedman Bailey shot

    I, for one, find it hilarious when Fiz points out Mr. Scot's attention seeking behavior. It is annoying and he should post it the NFL Central board, and doesn't for obvious reasons. I just find it even more hilarious when two spoiled, rich kids: Fiz and Charlottenian insult each other by claiming the other is poor. Charlottenian won the douche off by posting his hotel reservation. So many LOLs to be had. 
  9. Rams receiver Stedman Bailey shot

    You're a Pleb! No, you're a Pleb! 
  10. Rams receiver Stedman Bailey shot

    We have a Douche Off!
  11. Hell yes! They haven't been back to the Super Bowl since we put half of their starters on stretchers during that ass whooping. That Panthers team effectively ended the Cowboys dynasty...with a little help from the salary cap.
  12. Here's what REALLY scares me

    We've got franchise and transitional tags, plenty of cap space and an owner willing to spend. We've taken care of players that take care of us i.e. Olsen, Davis, etc. We've got a WR1 that we'll get back next season, an emerging bookend for him in Funchess. We've got a great line made of young players locked up for several years. Even with the lowest selection in each round, we've got a proven GM and Scouting dept that can find long term talent. Dude, I'm sleeping like a baby after this season. It's only up from here. 
  13. Richardson Backs Chargers/Raiders Plan for LA

    George H.W. Bush lived in Compton at one point:
  14. Does being undefeated make you more nervous?

    Not nervous, just tired of fans of sub-par teams knocking our season. Our team is playing really good, fun to watch football, and all people can talk about is how we're the 'worst 9-0 team out there...' We could go 15-1 and they'd be like, "They were who we thought they were!!!1!" Dumbasses.
  15. I heard Go Pack Go several times, right in my section, but we were louder overall. The KEEP POUNDING call and response chant at the end of the game was chilling. I don't know how any defensive player could not be totally jacked when their fans start that. The sound effect it creates is one of the best chants in football right now, though I realize I'm a little biased. It's special because it's not based on a meaningless 'rah-rah' type of message. I'd like to think somewhere, Sam Mills is smiling.