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    Nepatriotsdraft used to be the best place for this but apparently the secret is out because the site is bogged down.
  2. As the last pick approaches

    I'm pretty sure he projects more as a OLB. Regardless I was referencing the mini-"piece" ESPN did on him.
  3. As the last pick approaches

    Never mind I want Eric Striker.
  4. As the last pick approaches

    Imagine dialing up a 9 route for this guy, Cam getting to the end of his backdrop, screaming "GERONIMOOO" while he cuts it loose down the field.
  5. As the last pick approaches

    Did you people not hear me this guy's NAME is GERONIMO.
  6. As the last pick approaches

    I hope we draft Geronimo Allison. I mean I don't know anything about him, but who cares. Geronimo.
  7. Falcons Produce UDFA Recruitment Video

    "Look at our players rocking out of the tunnel to play in this game they lost"
  8. They seem to already agree with me in a number of respects.
  9. Says the Carolina panthers fan.
  10. lol we've become the poster boy of drafting for need now all across the sports world. that is hilarious. This entire thing is great.
  11. Yep, Dave went into this drafting making sure he'd fill our needs above all else.
  12. This is a really bad post but I'll ignore that and point out I don't really even have an issue with this pick and am just enjoying watching the apologists squirm while trotting out strawman argument after another to a changing narrative about our general manager. I'm savoring it, honestly.
  13. if the league finds out Dave's wife is acting like this on the web, he could face some repercussions.
  14. What is this even supposed to mean? It seems to suggest that you believe that signing players would prohibit us from signing those players, but that'd just be silly.