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  1. One Carolina

    No Duke, Clemson, State, or App St but the fuging Intimidators, HPU and Elon?  
  2. Huddle Contest: Tickets and Pregame Field Passes

    I love the Panthers so much, I'll drive 11 straight hours from Baton Rouge on Saturday (after winning the tickets) and cheer as loud as possible, scream my head off, lose my voice, and then stay after the win until I'm forced to leave the stadium, and then drive back to Baton Rouge.  I also will wave the tickets in all the Aints fans faces who were staying at home watching the game
  3. Lack of respect for the Panthers is because...

    The 'lack' of respect was summed up by Cowherd yesterday, and it makes sense.   The Panthers historically have been an average team.  We have yet to put back to back seasons together.  Sure we made the playoffs two years in a row, but with a losing record.  The Patriots get the respect they deserve for being the best team over the past 15 years. If the Panthers are trending up, the respect will come.  We're just unproved to be consistently great.  The writers and 'experts' are just waiting for a breakdown on our teams part
  4. NFL Turning Point - Panthers vs Titans

    Heres a gif of the Dickson TD slow mo superhero shot    
  5. Conor Orr...

    Thats a punchable face if I've ever seen one
  6. NFL Turning Point - Panthers vs Titans

    NFL Turning Point - Panthers vs Titans   Stolen from a guy on reddit.  
  7. New York Jets looking for a quarterback.

    Draft pick wise, he's probably at best a 5th and thats being generous.   In terms of position of need (WR/OL depth) what do the Jets have that the Panthers don't?   Now, if they wanted to give up Brandon Marshall..... 
  8. If we can beat Mr 92% Luke Mccown then I feel good about Rodgers

    thats funny, I thought we played the Colts next
  9. Someone's a little salty

    This should be a testament to how well balanced this team is.  Offense is struggling/turning it over?  Don't worry, the defense can keep the team in it or keep the lead.
  10. NFL Turning Point: Panthers @ Seahawks

    Seeing Cam get as fired up as he was after the game winner and pumping up the o-line/offense by saying "Ain't no cute poo, just shove it down their fuging throat" gets me so hyped up.    
  11. Panthers interested in Landon Collins

    Landon Collins can go fug himself