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  1. When we made this selection who loved it, who liked it, who hated it, and who didn't know what to think....? I am by no means a professional talent evaluator so I leave that to the professionals, and by that I don't mean Mayock, McShay, or Kiper. I mean our GM who has 30+ years experience as a scout, and the Panther's scouting department and coaches. As I read over the draft reports, look at highlight reels on youtube the choices we make grow on me (I do not follow collegiate football closely at all). But some of the comments have just been asinine, the staff has proven time and time again that they know what they're doing, so let them do their jobs, and in a year or two if they're wrong they're wrong. But in the mean time we have starting quality DBs with experience. You have got to keep in mind the draft is not just to fill needs, or BPA it's to set the team up for the future. Norman was here four seasons, and only started one in full his last and best season. Non of us saw this year coming, so let's stop acting like his level of play IS needed to have success on defense when we had top 5 defenses with Munnerlyn, Florence, Cason, White, with Norman mixed in two of the prior years and one in the dog house. Both their measurables and scouting reports are ALMOST identical to his. ANALYSIS STRENGTHS Norman can play man and zone equally well and was a physical presence on the outside of the defense at Coastal Carolina. He understands when to take risks and when to play back, and he is physical when he makes his decision to come up. He supports the run well and is a reliable tackler. He works well to feel with his hands to stay on a receiver in-phase, and has the hip mobility to move with his man all over the field. WEAKNESSES Norman has not faced top-level competition at Coastal Carolina and could have an adaption period early on. He will need to contribute on special teams to stick, which he hasn't done much at Coastal. He is taller and can struggle with some hip/transitional movements moving to his left, but it's not a major concern and surely will be part of the adaptation process. ======================================== So before we go bashing / highlighting the Executive of the year who brought us 1) out of cap hell, 2) three time division championship rosters, 3) a superb owl appearance 4) a bevy of talented players the last several drafts >>> Star, KK, KB, Bene, Tre, Turner, Shaq, Ealy; let's let our rookies at the very least hit the practice field. Let our coaches and staff provide commentary, and let Igo provide a level of access many are spoiled by here on The Huddle.
  2. Star's 5th year option picked up

    Didn't see the other thread, mods do what you do.
  3. Star's 5th year option picked up

    Just got the notification, still looking for online links to reference. CHARLOTTE – The Panthers have officially exercised the fifth-year option on defensive tackleStar Lotulelei, keeping him under contract through the 2017 season. General manager Dave Gettleman told reporters the team planned to exercise the option back at the NFL Annual Meeting. "Star has not disappointed by any stretch of the imagination, and he's getting better," Gettleman said. "He's earned this. I'm excited we're going to have him around for two more years."
  4. We really didn't blitz as much as you may remember... 23 24 CAR 161 681 23.6% That's less than a quarter of our snaps, we are a heavy zone team that INDEED relies on the front four for pressure. That is why DB's are devalued slightly less here than on other rosters. 19 4 CAR 520 30 37 86 23.5 On top of that,we actually got WORSE this past season at blitzing. Not trying to call you out, just offering some stats with the feedback.
  5. I have no idea what WAS scheme is, but IMO Norman is excellent off the ball with his eyes on the QB playing read and react football. He's kinda slight so his press game just seemed avg to me. Heath Evans made a Asante Samuel / Bill Belichek reference where Belichek felt Samuel was th ebest DB in the league with his back to the left sideline, and was not gonna pay him what PHI offered. Then Samuel goes to PHI plays well, but not to the level he played in New England. I could see a similar result in Washington, where he plays, well, but not quite the same level given the point I think he'll be asked to play more one on one like a Revis or Peterson. No reason to pay that kind of money if you don't anticipate using this guy to lock up the number one receiver, most downs.
  6. 22 Apr 2016 Film Room: Josh Norman by Cian Fahey Sometimes things in the NFL move quickly. Tuesday night,Josh Normanwas a free agent under the franchise tag in Carolina. Wednesday night, the Panthersrescinded that franchise tag, leaving Norman free to sign anywhere he wanted. Friday night, we learned that Norman wanted to sign with Washington, who gave hima five-year, $75 million contractthat includes $50 million in guarantees and makes him the highest paid cornerback in football. Does Norman have what it takes to live up to a deal like that?
  7. This ^^^ Cooks, and Odell specifically saw more time in the slot and we got torched a few times when that happened. Teams will feature premiere talent in the slot you can even go back to the Superbowl, it doesn't matter if you can hold down one side of the field if the #2 and nickel are getting eaten up. We're losing a great talent outside, but we've been just as good defensively with less in the secondary. SO long as the pass rush is there you can have a ''Legion of Whom'' secondary and still be very good while employing a zone defensive scheme.
  8. Is Star as good as gone?

    One thing to remember when forecasting beyond this current season, and next is who's contracts will be gone by then. Just off the top of my head players / salaries for the following may not be here opening the room needed. Ginn, Davis, Stewart, Norman, Johnson & maybe even Olsen (I think he's thru 2018 however) are all gonna be 31-35 years oldby the end of the 2017 season. SoI get you all are trying to put your GM hats on and speculate in this 'dead air' time but I think Gettleman has proven he's not just letting talent go, we saw that 1)When he stopped offering so many 1 yr deals to FA's, 2) two years in a row he pulled the trigger on the FT's 3) and for the 3rd time coming, (Cam, Luke) is going to exercise the 5th year option on Lotulelei.
  9. If it makes any difference I took a TE in my Panther's Madden franchise after winning the Superbowl (32 man league). Released Olsen two seasons after, won 3 straight Superbowls and a 19-0 season. It is
  10. Panther sign S Trenton Robinson

    Given his stature one might wonder will we try him as the Nickel DB at 5'9'' with receivers likeJulio Jones, and Mike Evans in our division wouldn't seem to bode well for a S his size.
  11. It's Been a Slow Free Agency For Us...Or Has It?

    I think the WR depth isn't as questionable as some may think, if we truly are in the mind set of player development what free agent receiver is gonna crack our top 3 (which would hamper development) >>> Benjamin, Funchess, Ginn is IMO a very good top 3 especially considering Olsen as the lead TE. I think what we are seeing for the FIRST time is a team that has receiver depth, I'd be more concerned about TE depth than WR at this point. I wouldn't mind a free agent receiver but who's available that is better than what we already have? I'm good with drafting another receiver or two if that is the plan to round out the bottom of the depth chart. Same deal for DB / S >> We seemingly have our starters, Bene was a rookie starter at nickel, i think we will draft that position / Norman insurance for next year. As with Safety Coleman is still young, and Boston is entering his 3rd season, It seems the plan is to draft there as well. However safety is another position I'd at least like to see some veteran competition for training camp added.
  12. It's Been a Slow Free Agency For Us...Or Has It?

    I'm sure there are a number of PS players I failed to mention as some names escaped me at the time of posting. And I've paid very close attention since before G-man took over to that one poster questioning. I clearly said it could just be that we have fewer holes, to fill, or it could just be that we're still waiting on the 3rd week. Just this free-agency aka the bringing in of new players seems slower than the previous two years. Edit* Did some research, we signed - Ted Ginn signed March 21st 2013, then March 9th 2015,_Jr. Roman Harper on March 15th, 2014 Jerricho Cotchery on March 20th, 2014 Considering today is the 17th we are seeming well inside the time we've brought in free agents over the past couple of years. Hoping for a few more signings in the mean time, I just hate this time of year for the NFL...
  13. To me this is the quietest off-season in a while…or am I just so far removed from last off-season that I’ve forgotten this is our pace? I feel like in the past two seasons, the news came a little faster than what we’re working with right now. Or could it be that since we returned Jansen, Webb, Johnson, Tolbert, and Remmers, along with Benjamin, and Hill returning from IR, along with the franchise tag on Norman, and the recent signing of Paul Soliai & Gradkowski could it just be that we have less holes to fill prior to the draft this off-season? Position Depth- QB-Newton / Anderson / Webb HB-Stewart / Whittaker / Payne / Wegher FB-Tolbert WR-Benjamin / Funchess / Ginn / Hill / Brown / Bersin / Byrd? TE-Olsen / Dickson / Simonsen OL-Oher / Focault / Norwell / Gradkowski / Kalil / Turner / Remmers / Williams / Chris Scott DE-Johnson / Ealy / Addison / Delaire DT-Short / Lotulelei / Soliai LB-Kuechly / Davis / Thompson / Klein / Mayo / Jacobs DB-Norman / Benwikere / McClain / Dowling / Young S-Coleman / Boston / Jones / Marlowe K-Gano P-Swayze So I mean quite honestly looking at that list the only positions that may need to be addressed via depth in free agency don’t seem to pressing. I think we’d all like to see veteran presence at: WR / DE / DB or S And with I believe six draft picks this year will we stand pat or move a day 2 or 3 draft pick to acquire better talent in an early round given the perceived amount of depth / talent at each respective position already.
  14. BJ Raji

    Soliai or Raji would not be brought in to replace Dwan Edwards, they'd be filling the void left by Kyle Love. I think we'll be drafting another DT pass rusher at some point.