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  1. Ya'll do realize Norman, Short, and Lotulelei's contracts are coming up this year and next...
  2. 89 Panther 4 Life! Bottom Line

    Man I wish he could've been here for this.
  3. Breathtaking.

    This is the BEST!!!!
  4. Ted Ginn: I give all my success to Cam Newton

    Just giving Ted Ginn a shout out, I was disappointed when he left in free agency given the season he'd just had in 2013, and I was really glad to see him return.,%20Jr./650e9994-5973-4a3e-80e9-73cbc014e953 But sometimes the numbers are lost in the shuffle, but Ginn has 8 receiving touchdowns on the season, 8!! For perspective he had 10 for his career prior to this season (Kelvin Benjamin had 9 TD's last season for comparison), with 5 coming in 2013. He's also 145 yards shy of setting a career best in yards with three games remaining.  My hat is off to Mr. Ginn, he's been a difference maker for us this season. The perfect compliment to the possession receivers, and a catalyst for big plays for this offense.  
  5. For those who keep comparing Ealy to Johnson please stop. Johnson is (6'2, 285), Ealy is (6'4, 275). He is more in the mold of Greg Hardy (6'4, 277).  Ealy so far IMO is a year ahead of Hardy's progression, and as a 2nd round pick vs a former (6th round pick in Hardy) he should be. If I were to guess, the starting unit will remain as is and I think we'll see Johnson when he returns as a part of the rotation as he gets  back into football condition.
  6. Philly Brown in Singleback

    We have run the option out of this look, i have no idea where to find it, but the first season we had Ginn we did, fake the hand-off and run the pitch on the back-side, I wanna say vs the Saints. 
  7. Philly Brown in Singleback

    ^^^Worst idea so far today -- insert a running back if you're gonna do that, you can't run a small 5'11, 180lb WR on QB Powers, lol.  *Huddle Logic*
  8. Concerning Devin Funchess and his hands

    All I will offer is that it does take some getting used to going from a QB who throws a softer pass, to one who has a much stronger arm (personal experience). Factor in all the things that may or may not be going through a rookies mind, the route, where to sit if it's zone, if there was a check, what does that check mean, etc, and all that in a matter of seconds while the ball is snapped to the attempt to catch it is a lot.  He's was supposed to be brought along at a slower pace, and his lack of performance is only highlighted by our lack of overall talent at receiver, the fact that we traded up, and the recent success of many early receivers from last years class.  I'd wonder of the receivers taken in the 1st-3rd round this year who's really making a ton of noise similar to that of KB, OBJ, and Mike Evans last year. As long as he is flashing the potential and learning and we are not leaning on him as a primary source as he learns, I'm ok.  
  9. EVERY QB will throw a few passes per games to receivers like him because unlike a Funchess, Ginn, or Brown, but more like KB he would, and those other number 1 quality receivers will either go get it, or it's incomplete more often than not. 
  10. I'm just saying you guys treat one of the few players we've ever had worth cheering for like he didn't GIVE HIS ALL EVERY GAME no matter how crappy we were at times.  And if you don't think #1 WR's don't demand the ball on EVERY NFL TEAM you're an idealist. 
  11. Simple he improves the chance to win THIS year, and retires a Panther for probably a 6th or 7th. I'd pull the trigger, instantly makes us better, being released and away a year has allowed the locker room to establish new voices to the future core.  I'd imagine a player like Smith Sr. could keep it together and focused for a legit, last ditch effort at a Superbowl run. We literally have nothing to lose, I can't imagine one player, or true fan being against something that makes so much sense, Muhammad came back, Ginn came back, Smith should be afforded an opportunity as well to return and be productive.  However with all that said I think it's only a dream. 
  12. Official Saints at Panthers Gameday Thread

    Good ol' Bersin falling again, geezus, man this kid can't escape the DERP 
  13. Official Saints at Panthers Gameday Thread

    Damn, Funch!!!
  14. Hi, my name is Philly

    I can get behind this the #16 on a receiver just never set well with me...that is all.