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  1. Shaq Thompson Involved In Head on Collision

    Because it's controversial and grabs the reader's attention and changes the scope of the report whether intentional or not. And because he's black lol, kidding, sort of....
  2. Shaq Thompson Involved In Head on Collision

    It's also on BBR -- Seems like the OP copy and pasted it's almost the exact same format- Also shows via google search-
  3. Carolina Panthers Roster Projection

    I'm not seeing the need for a 5th safety. I think I'd rather see an additional receiver, also don't see the need for nine offensive lineman, Gradkowski can play G/C as well as Remmers being able to back up C. I see one of the extra guards losing a spot to a T signing before I see us keeping ten total lineman. Aside from that I agree with most of the roster, I think I'd swap Byrd for Brown, and Garrett is my 6th receiver, I think we've seen Browns ceiling, he showed me the same as his rookie year solid 3rd to 5th option. While Byrd may be able to eventually replace Ginn, and Garrett adds another option with size at receiver even if he doesn't see the field often as a rookie.
  4. Well in SEA I know Red Bryant a guy with the size of a DT often played DE in the base 4-3, I can't imagine ATL switching to 3-4, maybe some looks like we do from time to time, but from what I know about that team do they really have the personnel? The Saints tried the same move and we see how bad they've been on defense the last few years...I'm just ready for football again.
  5. If it takes him out of a primary pass rush role I'm for it, what this says to me is they are trading a strength to cover a weakness. I'd ask at this point who will be the left end with this position change??
  6. Selecting the 2016 Panthers Wide Receivers

    KB, Ginn, Funch are locks >> You'd be foolish to cut the play making Ginn brings to the offense/special teams, HE IS our home-run hitter. I mean seriously this shouldn't even be a question, he had 10 TDs, 10!!! The final two spots IMO I'd like to see what Byrd, and HiIl offer as i believe both have more upside than Philly (Brown). I think Garrett forces us to keep six receivers. I like Philly Brown, but I think his ceiling is what we saw, IMO I didn't see a jump from his rookie year to this past year in an expanded role, it was a lot of the same which was fine but I wasn't of the mindset he has more to offer. To open that 6th receiver spot, I could see Joe Webb being cut, he brings nothing to the receiver group, and yea special team is a plus fro him, but I don't think that ALONE warrants a spot with the improvement in talent at receiver.
  7. Panthers Release Boykin

    Bene Benwikere (N) James Bradberry Daryl Worley Zack Sanchez (N) Shaq Richardson (N? - he's 6' FYI >> Bigger than Boykin 5'10'') Robert McClain I'm as surprised as anyone but I think the mindset is if we like the rookies and perhaps Sanchez specifically as the nickel, why waste a season of on field experience? With Boykin on a one year deal and potentially playing himself outside of what we'd offer next off-season this makes perfect sense. For reference here is Shaq's Scouting Report-
  8. NFC South projected starters: Via

    Completely forgot about Hill, and I was trying to remember because I felt like I was forgetting someone >> All your receivers are belong to us???
  9. NFC South projected starters: Via

    I'd like to see this WR group- KB Ginn Funch Brown Garrett Byrd (who I think we are grooming to replace Ginn potenitally) Keep Bene, Boykin, and the rookis at DB, and Coleman, Jones, Boston, and Marlowe at S (not a fan of Robinson being 5'9'' at S given the size in our division)
  10. NFC South projected starters: Via

    Good info ^^^
  11. Pretty solid praise for Carolina, and a decent read overall given the lack of off-season news / updates.
  12. No sir, but guys need to stop acting like just because a guy is coming up on free agency he's leaving. If we are willing to pay Star the 5th year option (which was offered a few weeks back) which is 6-7 million in value that season, I'm quite sure the F.O. is willing to extend a long term offer. Star doesn't strike me as Norman did as far as looking to be the highest paid at his position, the few times I've even heard Star speak he comes across as incredibly humble, (this is not a knock on Norman) but just pointing out differences in their personality via outside perception. I don't think Star looks to be the ''highest paid" NT. I think our DL core will be Ealy, Short, Star, Cox, Butler, Delaire >>> and I'm hoping the 6'7 270 lb Peppers'esque Larry Webster III turns into something as he is the most athletic DE we have currently stashed on the PS.
  13. Should #89 be Replaced?

    I mean is this even a real question....#89 aka Steve Smith aka Smitty aka IceUpSon is the best player pound for pound we've ever had. Dude left it all on the field EVERY game for over a DECADE, that's all that matters. /thread
  14. Star will be here, by the end of 2017 that off-season Stewart's contract will be gone, I believe Thomas Davis will retire by then (age 36), Greg Olsen will be (age 34) iirc off the top of my head. It will be time for the 2013-2014 rookies to be extending as the new guard // core.
  15. Let's play pick two running backs

    Y'all STILL discussing fumbles, I'm too lazy to read...