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  1. We've got some peeping toms!

    Is this entire thread full of middle school girls?   Quick, someone be offended by my comment.
  2. Stephen A. Smith

    If Obama was ONLY elected because of white guilt, then why is Ben Carson doing terrible in polls?
  3. My 5 predictions for SuperBowl 50

    Literally my favorite player on the team. I think that's the jersey I'll pick up net season. His heart for the game is on another level, even by NFL standards.
  4. My 5 predictions for SuperBowl 50

    1.       Josh Norman finally snags another interception   I’m not just writing this to make some sort of epic, end of the year prediction from our shut down corner. I truly think this is the game Josh finally gets his fifth interception after recording 4 so early in the season. Josh Norman is great at giving his receiver enough space to bait the QB, and while Peyton is one of the best in the game and should know better, father time has a different idea. Peyton can no longer get the zip on the ball he used to and as a result, the ball stays in the air a little longer than the sheriff would like. Josh will flawlessly pull off the interception, hopefully all the way to the end zone.   2.               A linebacker gets an interception   Look for Kawaan Short to be in Peyton’s face all day. Jared Allen and Charles Johnson will play better than they did earlier in the season. They are hungry for a ring while they still have a chance. Couple that with the face Peyton doesn’t have the strength for many deep throws. This will force Peyton to get rid of the ball rather quickly and as a result, he will deliver one of these throws into the waiting arms of the linebacker corps. Perhaps Luke gets his third straight pick 6? Maybe this is part of TD’s beast game? Maybe it’s time for the rookie to make his statement to the world, either way it’s happening.       3.       Thomas Davis goes HAM   Thomas Davis has the longest tenure on the team that was actually drafted from the Panthers. He’s overcome 3 ACL surgeries and broke his arm just two weeks ago. None of that matters to him. He’s already stated that he’s retiring after 2017 so this could theoretically be his only SuperBowl appearance. If you really think Cam is superhuman, wait till you see Davis Sr. on Sunday.   4.            Mike Remmers gives up 2 sacks   I have to be fair and give something to the Broncos. They looked amazing last week, particularly Von Miller, who will be lining up against Remmers. The scary thing is, Miller reminds me of Vic Beasly, who gave Remmers fits in Week 16, except that Von Miller is twice the player Vic Beasly is. I’d love for Remmers to shut him down, but I think Von Miller wins this matchup.   5.                 Cam will have 100+ yards rushing   The Broncos secondary is talented, as is their defensive line. However, it looks like the Broncos defensive line has a tendency to over pursue a QB. Maybe it’s just me, but this looks like the defensive line that will either make a big play or give one up and we all know Cam takes yards if they give it to him. I think he sees holes and scampers for 10+ yards numerous times, one for a large 30+ yard gain.         Final score: Panthers 30 Broncos 16 What are your predictions?  
  5. I'm assuming you know the https:// trick in place of http://.  Works at most work places I've worked at.
  6. The journey of Brandon Wegher

    I still think Todman would've been the better choice this year, but I hope I'm proven wrong going forward.
  7. Who Else Will Start Wearing Team Gear Again .. Later

    I won't wear gear until after the SB. For some reason I started wearing an old, faded Panthers hat from WAY back in the day and we didn't lose a game. I wore my favorite beanie when it was cold outside as well. My aunt bought me a new beanie for Christmas and the first time I wore it, the Panthers lost to the Falcons. I gotta go with the 90's hat until February 8th.
  8. Fair enough. Creedbombing is the new thing. The video makes you think you are looking for something else, then trolls you by playing Creed instead. Similair to Rick Astley's Never gonna give you up trolling popular about 5 years ago. If this comment spoils the joke feel free to delete it.
  9. How can anyone admit to being confused, and not click on the link titled as an explanation for those that are confused? What has this world come to when we can't even follow the most basic of instruction?
  10. What Cardinals Fans Are Saying

    I think the running game could be a big factor but I think this game really boils down to two things: Which Carson Palmer shows up tomorrow? If it's the same one as last week, the Panthers win this. If not, it could go either way. Second, does our defensive line get consistent pressure? If so, I believe that will cause the Palmer of last week to show up and we win. If not, we could be in for a long day.
  11. Free Agents for 2016

    I'm pretty sure Frank Alexander is suspended for a year. I don't think this year counted towards his suspension since he's on IR but I could be wrong. 
  12. Conor Orr

    Noo!!!!   I I had such high hopes for SB50 until I saw this.
  13. Seahawks Fans Pull Fire Alarm in Panthers Hotel......

    Can we institute a minimum IQ level of 50 to post on this board? It would keep away 3 out of 4 seahawks fans.
  14. Seahawks Fans Pull Fire Alarm in Panthers Hotel......

    If this doesn't happen, every poster who said they'd definitely do it when it came time should get a one week ban.
  15. Connor Orr's pick is in...

    He picked against Carolina every single game after the first few weeks. The only time he picked us, I believe, was week 16.