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  1. yasuhara2241 added a post in a topic If Cotch is back for Seattle who gets cut, if anyone?   

    If Cotch does come back active, I want him to take Corey Browns place. That would be what I would want. I have not seen much at all of Brown. BUT I know that the coaching staff won't do that. Now me saying that Philly is going to have an amazing game against Seattle. You're welcome everybody!
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  2. yasuhara2241 added a post in a topic MNF Game Thread: Lions (0-3) @ Seahawks (1-2)   

    man i must say...I love Kam. Hate that he plays for the Seahawks. He is that type of player that any team would love to have.
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  3. yasuhara2241 added a post in a topic Rivera presser: Jared Allen injured, on Delaire, Shaq, bye week schedule   

    I was surprised to hear about the positives from Shaq. I expect ups and downs from rookies and for me it was his worst game. I saw several missed tackles and he didn't cover his gap on a few runs. I still think he did great in coverage. 
    Now I want to preface this all by saying I am happy with the pick and he has been great for us as a rookie. Just some constructive criticism. 
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  4. yasuhara2241 added a post in a topic How many missed sacks does Kony Ealy have?   

    I thought Ealy had one of his better games. He got some pressure and also did very well on some stops in the run game. Im hoping that Allen might be able to help him develop as well. 
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  5. yasuhara2241 added a post in a topic Who is this Ryan Delaire?   

    Very impressive. I actually sang this while reading it!
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  6. yasuhara2241 added a topic in Charlotte Hornets   

    Hornets win 1st Preseason Game
    Good first win for the Hornets! I loved all of our new players. We finally have depth! I was very impressed with Lin and Lamb. Batum fit in really well as well. Kemba shot terribly in the 1st half but played better in the 3rd. Sucks that MKG got injured. Seemed like a fluke play but those plays seem to happen with him. Frank K got on the court in the 4th and played pretty well. Love his outside shot. NBA is back and so are our Hornets!!
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  7. yasuhara2241 added a post in a topic KB and Kuechly and the heights of player worship in the NFL.   

    Actually I enjoyed this post. It was well thought up and he brought up the Hornets! I agree NBA is more star power bc there are less players on the court to impact the game. 
    Now I believe you are wrong bc of sample size and bc our QB is our superstar and without him we wold be screwed. 
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  8. yasuhara2241 added a post in a topic So IF TD is out, and Luke is out, we should still expect to win, right?   

    We play a lot of Nickel Defense anyways, so we will see a lot of Shaq, Klein and Bene IF TD and Luke are out. But I still hold up hope that TD plays on a pitch count. 
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  9. yasuhara2241 added a post in a topic MNF Game Thread: Jets (1-0) @ Colts (0-1)   

    man these luck excuses are so annoying! Not one mention on his horrible throws, horrible decision making and not securing the ball. All I hear is blah blah blah his receivers suck and his line sucks, blah blah
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  10. yasuhara2241 added a post in a topic Comparing our Defense with the rest of the NFC through 2 games   

    man I would love that to happen. I have such an irrtirrational Luck hate and would love to hear all the excuses the pundits give. 
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  11. yasuhara2241 added a post in a topic Comparing our Defense with the rest of the NFC through 2 games   

    great info in your thread. I know we haven't faced world beaters but hey Bortles just tore up the Dolphins...maybe we are just better than we think! 
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  12. yasuhara2241 added a post in a topic Cam is this generations Brett Favre   

    I guess this is the best place to pose this question. For me watching this game, we lose this game without Cam. His passes and runs were what won us the game. But...
    For so many of the posts on FB and some other "fans" I talk to, they just constantly rag on him and point to his completion percentage and how many "bad throws" he had. 
    I felt that his struggles early in the game were due to the pressure and then the oline and Cam settled down. No matter what he does there are going to be fans that hate him. 
    My question is why? (Also please don't bring up race as why. These same ppl love Russell Wilson and would love him as our QB)
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  13. yasuhara2241 added a post in a topic Anyone worried about the pass rush?   

    It's a concern but I'm not worried yet. I think that Star will help and to be honest we haven't been facing QBs that have been tearing us up so I think that has been the game plan. We haven't been blitzing much so that is a positive and why we haven't given up many big plays. 
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  14. yasuhara2241 added a post in a topic Gameball, who gets it?!!   

    I picked the oline. Even though I should of given it to Cam,  I really expect him to do what he did. I didn't expect the offensive line to play like they did so they got my vote. 
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  15. yasuhara2241 added a post in a topic Win over Jags Week 1: Statistics & Analysis   

    I posted this in another thread. I thought it kind of was related to your statistical analysis when concerning the offense. 
    I've disliked Shula for the longest time but I thought he called a very good game. The players just didn't take advantage of the opportunities. 
    1st Drive: 14 play drive 5:47 possession: From the 30 to the 4 and if not for a bs penalty it would have been a TD. 
    2nd Drive: 3 and out. Funchess dropped 2nd down pass and Ginn dropped a 3rd down pass that would have been a TD. Still had a chance for pts but Gano missed the long field goal. 
    3rd Drive: 3 and out. This was the BS spot on the QB sneak by Cam where the official started past the line and kept moving back until we didn't have the 1st down. 
    4th Drive: Int. 2 completed passes for 6 and 9 yards and then the horrible throw for the INT. 
    5th Drive: 12 play drive 5:27 possession. From 34 until TD to Cotchery. This includes a 4th down conversion
    6th Drive: 7 play drive 3:45 possession. This was the one drive I didn't like the playcalling. We got a huge pass to Ginn for 37 yards and got to Jax 37 after a J Stew run. We had 2nd and 6 and called the option where Cam got -5 yards and then was sacked for -6 yards. We should have come away with points here. 
    7th Drive: 7 play drive Almost 4 min possession. This drive was killed with the penalty on Kalil for the illegal man down field and then the screen pass to Whittaker that had potential but I believe Norwell missed a block. We can call this a "bad series" if ya'll want to. 
    8th Drive: 3 and out. I don't remember much of this drive. But it was not a good one. 
    9th Drive: 15 play drive 8:07 possession. We were very conservative on the end of this drive, just running to keep the clock going and make it a 2 possession game. Ended in a 47 yard FG. 
    10th Drive: 3 runs when we were in field goal range after the TD interception. 
    Overall, this was a very good day in my opinion from Shula. We can nitpick a few series but we controlled the clock for 9 minutes more than JAX. We had a 47% 3rd down efficiency which wasn't bad. We had nice distribution from the run to pass. 
    I think we need to make sure that we don't criticize just to criticize. This was a good game for Shula. 
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