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  1. yasuhara2241 added a post in a topic How to reduce the number of ACL injuries, without changing the preseason   

    IMO injuries are an unfortunate part of sports in general, but especially in a physical contact sport. Do we hold out KB or any player from practice just because they may get hurt? People say that practice or preseason is a horrible way to get injured, but you know what it sucks at any time and these players still have to get ready for the regular season. 
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  2. yasuhara2241 added a post in a topic The Panthers just posted a video in Spanish and the dumbassery was unleashed   

    This has nothing to do with Immigration and for people to use that as a justification for those comments, you might need to look inside of yourself at your own hate. 
    This is about our professional sports team who reaches out to another community in their language. What is the harm in garnering more interest and fans from people from different places? 
    Once again this is not an Immigration issue, these comments are out of place and to those who say things like this or justify it, you are all in the same category in my eyes and should be ashamed of yourself. The world needs more love not hate and bravo to the Panthers for reaching out to the Hispanic community. 
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  3. yasuhara2241 added a post in a topic Opinions: is Frank Alexander a possible cut?   

    Too quick to say after 1 game but in my opinion IF Cox continues to play like he did the person that might be on the outside looking in its Wes Horton. I don't see what he brings to the table and had less potential than Frank or Ealy 
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  4. yasuhara2241 added a post in a topic How bout a little love for Oher   

    Will be honest, I think Oher and the entire oline looked really good. I think Cam was kind of shocked to have a pocket to throw in. 
    I can't wait for Miami scrimmages because they got a great dline too so it will be a great test for our team. 
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  5. yasuhara2241 added a post in a topic Shaq Thompson Catching On   

    I didn't want to start a new thread so this one will do. Given his injuries during OTAs and Training Camp, does this change your expectations for him? What role do you all see for him THIS year? 
    Also to those who have attended Training Camp what have you all seen? This is the first year that I can remember that our 1st round pic has gotten next to no information about him. I know that he has been injured but everyone has been very hush hush on how we are going to use him. 
    So my question to you all is how do you think we are going to use him? 
    Does he play the Big Nickel but then does that mean Bene is off the field? 
    I just have no idea how we are going to use him and in what combinations if any this year. 
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  6. yasuhara2241 added a post in a topic Pick 1 of these 3 RBs.   

    1 preseason game makes it difficult to say especially because the starting oline didn't give much room for running. But after one game Wegher is in the lead based on explosiveness and the fact that he did also provide special teams help. Todman would be next in line because he is a true change in pace back. Unfortunately nowadays being a kick returner isn't that special because it seems like every other kick goes out the back of the end zone. Also we can't count out Fozzy just yet. It was 1 game. 
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  7. yasuhara2241 added a post in a topic FAN FEST LIVE?   

    it was going to cut off at some point sooooo i guess thats all we get. 
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  8. yasuhara2241 added a post in a topic FAN FEST LIVE?   

    stream stopped for me now
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  9. yasuhara2241 added a post in a topic FAN FEST LIVE?   

    on now but audio sucks i had to put in headphones to listen
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  10. yasuhara2241 added a post in a topic 2 on 2 - Oher and Norwell vs Addison and Cole   

    I say oline won that one
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  11. yasuhara2241 added a post in a topic 1 on 1 - Mario Addison vs Nate Chandler   

    I find this interesting. When Oher gets burned, its get talked about on the news, in papers, on the radio and online. When Chandler gets burned people are like well he didn't get burned much today. 
    I am not saying Oher is a world beater but I feel like unfortunately he is our best option. 
    And Im hoping Addison turns out to be a great option for us at DE. 
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  12. yasuhara2241 added a post in a topic The Male Pedicure   

    Man maybe I'm in the minority but I love a good pedicure! I'm on my feet all day so I love it when someone plays with my feet. For me it's so relaxing and a lot cheaper than a massage so I can do it more often. Screw man card, if it feels good do it...except for the whole tranny thing. 
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  13. yasuhara2241 added a post in a topic Why is everyone pegging Zeller ahead of Frank?   

    I think that it will happen but in time. I have watched all these summer league games and one thing Frank needs to improve on is his strength to rebound in traffic. He has given up a ton of offensive rebounds.  If we have him and Big Al together a lot we will need to have MKG or Batum averaging double digit rebounds 
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  14. yasuhara2241 added a post in a topic Logjam in the backcourt   

    I see a lot of minutes for Walker, Batum and Lin. I don't see Lamb having a huge impact this year. I think they traded for him to see if they can get steal but they are not sure what they are getting. He might have some minutes. Daniels might get some spot up minutes. I don't see PJ or Roberts playing much. I still think we use one spot for Harrison and send him to the D-League. 
    This would leave one more open spot for MLE for a big. 
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  15. yasuhara2241 added a post in a topic Jeremy Lin signs with hornets   

    I love how tight lipped the FO was about this signing. The price tag was amazing considering the contracts that have been going out. I think he is a very good back up PG for us. Not to mention when we have our exhibitions in China imagine the jersey sales in China! It's going to be crazy over there. I know that probably had nothing to do with the signing but man it's going to be exciting to see.
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