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  1. I agree with that. Cobbler>Pie>Cake
  2. We talking about pee-kahn pie, but yes.
  3. Pie is also a low-tier desert (minus pecan)
  4. You are so wrong about lemon pepper wings. Easily a top 3 wing style when done correctly. Also, of course he likes them. You can't be an Atlanta resident and say otherwise.
  5. Crowd size yesterday.....

    Nah, it's just that the tv experience is so good compared to the price and trouble of going to a game, for the average NFL viewer.
  6. CAP should start over J-Stew

    CAP has to be used more going forward. Stewart just doesn't have it anymore.
  7. REPORT NFL to look into why no Cam presser today

    Or maybe he'll come out of nowhere and sit him the first series when he doesn't wear a tie. Rivera is a little biitch. He's known as a players' coach because he's weak.
  8. Embrace it; you know you love them.
  9. Which path for Newton?

    I'll take Cam for just 5 years if it leads to a Super Bowl.
  10. Man, I wish we had a young DE like Leonard Floyd.
  11. In the Panthers fandom universe, the sky is falling, Cam needs to be benched for DA or traded, our defense is no longer good, McCaffrey is a bust, and we should bring back freakin' Philly Brown (god that's stupid). Why people make such definitive statements about the NFL in September is beyond me. The league is unpredictable during the regular season, especially this early, and any team can beat any team every single week. For example, let's review what happened over the weekend. Saints over the Panthers. Redskins over the Raiders Bills over the Broncos Bears over the Steelers Jaguars over the Ravens Jets over the Dolphins The Patriots almost lost at home to the Texans. The Packers almost lost at home to the Bengals. Sure, the Panthers played TERRIBLE against the Saints, but let's hold off a while before we speak so definitely about this team and the rest of the NFL. The only real winner in week 3 is Vegas.
  12. Please just move back to Buffalo then......take all the other transplants with you.
  13. I don't know if it needs to be scrapped completely, but something needs to be done. Make TNF start later in the season once bye weeks start. Have the two teams coming off of a bye week play TNF the following week. The players will be well rested and have longer to gameplan for opponents. Should create better play on both sides of the ball. Simple solution.
  14. As Samuel gets up to speed, he will take snaps from Funchess. Just need a couple more games.
  15. He needs to make the team over Horton. We have enough veterans on this team; at some point we have to emphasize developing young defensive ends.