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  1. He was very complimentary of the Panthers on mike and mike this morning.  And guys, stop acting superior because you are fans of this team. Most of us did not believe the Panthers would be this good this year after KB went down. 
  2. Wait... what?

    Meh.  As long as our fanbase doesn't start acting (bitching) like the Seahawks fans in a couple years we should be fine. 
  3. Moved into a new place this year and recently met an older lady neighbor from down the street.  Have been really nice to her and helped her out with some stuff so she said she was going to make a ton of food for me and some friends that are coming over for the game. Grilled wings, meatballs, chili, pigs in a blanket, sausage and cheese dip, and more are apparently on the menu for today.   
  4. Trying to convert my Atlanta native girlfriend from Falcons fandom to Panthers! She's close and this may seal the deal! 
  5. I know California is such a big state, but why do they need 4 teams?  If you're going to move a team, just move the Chargers and keep the same amount of teams in the area. The charger stadium is eroding anyways. 
  6. Neither. They're just having an off day. It doesn't have to be one extreme or the other. 
  7. Official Bucs at Panthers Gameday Thread

    I hope TB blitzes all day so we can figure out how to play against it.  That has been our weak point on offense recently and we need to fix it. 
  8. Don't take this as being too harsh, because although he had his faults, he wasn't THAT bad, but you're the Panthers fan version of Alice. 
  9. Eli Manning calls out Josh Norman

    Haha the Panthers are pissing so many people off this year. I love it.
  10. Someone on the team do me a favor...

    Doesn't seem like you actually thought about it. 
  11. Sith Lord Cam Newton

    Cam would never join the darkside. That is the easiest path and Cam has NEVER chose or taken the easy path to success. 
  12. Man, Norman might be the most fired up he has been all season for this game.   Hostile environment, big time individual matchup, media doubt and scrutiny, and players trying to give OBJ advise.  Dis gon be gud. 
  13. Amazing Photo Giveaway!!!! Rejoice!

    One of these photos would fit perfectly in my Jeremy Igo closet shrine, Hey Arnold style!  
  14. Just let Davis hit him Jimmy Graham style and he won't be entering the slot the rest of the game.