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  1. Please just move back to Buffalo then......take all the other transplants with you.
  2. I don't know if it needs to be scrapped completely, but something needs to be done. Make TNF start later in the season once bye weeks start. Have the two teams coming off of a bye week play TNF the following week. The players will be well rested and have longer to gameplan for opponents. Should create better play on both sides of the ball. Simple solution.
  3. As Samuel gets up to speed, he will take snaps from Funchess. Just need a couple more games.
  4. He needs to make the team over Horton. We have enough veterans on this team; at some point we have to emphasize developing young defensive ends.
  5. Let's be honest, DA and Joe Webb are not the strongest quarterbacks and rarely get passed the 1st WR in their progression. I'll hold out judgement for the entire offense until Cam is playing in the regular season.
  6. He's too small to play outside 4-3 DE, yeah? I don't think I've really watched him since he was at Louisville. I def wouldn't cut anybody on defense for him, but I would give him a shot since Delaire was cut. Why not?
  7. This needs to be pinned for a while. Best article of the offseason, imo.
  8. Maybe Gettleman is implicated in some type of crime? I can't possibly think of another reason besides just royally pissing Richardson off somehow.
  9. I imagine MKG will start to set the defensive tone, with Monk being one of the first guys off the bench, depending on the situation. You have to remember that the kid is only 19 and has a lot to learn. He'll get his minutes and they will continue to increase as the season goes along.
  10. Maclin or Decker?

    Decker, solely to have his wife around.
  11. I believe he means in the sense of picking on one another like close friends typically do. Example: Kalil's video. Also, trash talking on the field.
  12. what the hell is MSN
  13. That sounds almost word for word what Brandon Lafell said a few years ago. I thought I was reading the same article. Just a bunch of cliche phrases strung together to make a dumb offseason article.
  14. I believe he will have to beat out Johnson for the last roster spot. Could very much happen. Also, the guy is college educated. He should know the difference between "to" and "too".
  15. #PanthersKing

    He seems harmless enough. Let him stay. Poor guy probably needs this site.