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  1. Who Is Your Super Bowl MVP Preidction?

    My vote is Ted Ginn! Td catch and punt return for Td
  2. Caption This Official...

    Stop Hammer Time
  3. yo girl how bout dis panthers d

    Damn, Are you sick?
  4. Olsen has passed Wesley Walls for most yards by a TE

    Olsen and Walls two of the all time greats of the Panthers!
  5. Who else loves to hunt?

    As I sit here in my deer stand in the rain, I was wondering how many people here on the huddle love to hunt?
  6. Hardy evidence photo somehow leaked

    Well if this is true he's a piece of poo for doing this to a woman. 
  7. Huddle Upgrade - Few Things of Note

    Having a hard time finding the new content button. 
  8. Bar and Man Cave Almost Finished

    Very nice!
  9. Is Rex Ryan giving away Panthers tickets on Craigslist?

    Talk about creepy. Im sure the winning post will have to meet him in person.   
  10. If you're a parent with a teenaged driver...

    Former NHRA driver Doug Herbert puts this on. Lost two of his kids in a traffic accident.  
  11. Game ball, who gets it?!!

    Kawann Short
  12. MNF Game Thread: Giants (3-2) @ Eagles (2-3)

    Glad to see Nikita Whitlock out there.  Playing both sides of the ball and special teams. Played at Wake Forest. 
  13. Need a new handle for the huddle

    Langfart Paa
  14. Caption this Pic

    So my house or yours for Netflix and chill?
  15. Caption this Pic

    Where the hell is my Campbell soup!