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  1. Pro Bowl Results!!!

    God... You can't fix stupid in these parts... Even with an undefeated record. You girls definitely smoking that good stuff.
  2. A word from Josh Norman.

    Never go full retard man. They are both to credit for this team.. You sir have an agenda though and it smells like poo
  3. Props to the Queen City crowd!

    Bro's I finally got home at 8 this morning after a very long very soaked fun filled drive. I have absolutely no voice today and I am about as sore as you can be from banging on those seats. Everything was totally worth it
  4. I am also thinking about making the trip to Charlotte as I am on 30 days of much needed transfer leave wooooohooooo!!! What's the best place to get single tickets?? I would bring the wifey or a friend but everyone has to work Monday morning.
  5. taints-foulcunts tonight

  6. H1Z1

    Good pooh. I may have to get back in on that this weekend if the old lady allows it.
  7. H1Z1

    Haven't played it in a few months. Anything new?
  8. Panthers PFF Grades - Offense

    Dude stew is getting positive yards most of the times he touches the ball and is also regularly turning a shitty blocked play into big gains.  Go ask the Texans how easy it was to stop Stewart last week.
  9. Luke gives everyone the d! On the real though this would be the perfect first addition to the man cave in the house my wife and I are building!     Saaaaaaammy puhleasssse pick me!   Now to do this twitter pooh   @navypf4l
  10. Madden 16

    Damn I'm xbone
  11. Madden 16

    how in the hell did you build a mut team so fast
  12. Madden 16

    You try messing with the cpu qb accuracy sliders?
  13. Madden 16

    This game is pure gold. I'm sorry but its not even remotely the same madden of years past. FINALLY Ratings actually matter! If you have a iffy ass QB then guess what.. Don't expect to be making every throw like a shark with a laser beam attached to its head. Defense is great. The tackling is great. The coverage is great.   Im really impressed.. Yeah it definitely took a lot of growing pains in the beginning because it really really does play like a completely different game compared to the past maddens. Running is fun as hell. Passing is great. You HAVE to set your feet and if you don't good luck. Also if there is pressure on your QB it's going to be rough.   Draft Champions is fun as hell I just lost a 13-0 win streak because they wanted me to have 6 fugging CB's but eh.. The streak had to die at some point.   Next year I hope they revamp the battle in the trenches and if that is done.. We could be looking at the best madden every created.. Even better then possibly this one because at this point I really feel like this is probably the best to date.   Most of these people you see get pissed off is because their QB's aren't absolutely perfect and they are getting frustrated. Trust me I know I'm in a CFM and im having to play with fuggin  Drew mother fuggin Stanton. FUUUUG. However even though its very frustrating and I pretty much pray to the football gods that Drew doesn't go full retard on me. Its absolutely fun as hell.   PS. I'm undefeated with Carolina in ranked matched.. Arizona. however... yeah not so fuggin much. Cam is 10 times a better passer then Carson "slowest release known to man" Palmer and Drew "sometimes I like to pick my nose while throwing the football straight to the defender" Stanton. It really is like a breath of fresh air. And that Carolina D.. Holy pooh. ... Hooooly pooh.
  14. Final Panthers Cuts

    Don't forget Funchess bro
  15. Final Panthers Cuts

    Okay.. I love a great pounding *hahahahaha* run game but uh.. We still have to be able to spread out the defense every once in a while and dammit. Bersin was honestly one of our most consistent weapons when we needed a 1st down through the air. He was not flashy and yes he's fuggin white but got dammit the man was fuggin money when you threw the ball to him. Not to mention he was tall as fug and got open somehow even though he looked like the great white hope out there.