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  1. Telling y'all, don't overlook this guy.
  2. I like swinging and this guy can go out and put himself in a few positions. http://www.charlotteobserver.com/sports/spt-columns-blogs/scott-fowler/article171164317.html I think people need to take out their VCRs and DVRs to check out GVR. I believe he looked reallll good when thrown in the pile. Just look at this gent: Van Roten is fresh as Kilmer. -Michael Keaton
  3. What a cute title human
  4. Gentleswags, Should we partake? Want any Brownies?
  5. Kevin Smith had a massive coronary.

    Issues that metastasize into heart attacks are often genetic, I.E.-high blood pressure. Don't let the kale get to your cock hombre.
  6. Something I miss about the huddle

    Saying it got lame and then you reference fake wrestling....SMH and I'm a bisexual Finnish artist.
  7. Gano has a hot wife so there's that. Not a fan of giving him a long term deal, he's fresh off of missing a critical 25 yarder in a playoff game and 2017 was truly awful on his end. 2018 was an improvement but we didn't trust him with distance. Yuck.
  8. Once he’s released: Michael Crabtree
  9. Not much of a film guy but from I can remember and in his highlights, every play of his is the same mid to deep slant route. He’s also just downright stiff and his speed isn’t anything special. What’s the special thing about this guy? I’m really not seeing anything to get excited over to be frank.
  10. Something about him bugs me. He also got quite used to body catching in college on wide open routes which is a similar symptom RBs face when they’re used to a cushy OL and sweeps. I don’t dispute his talent and ability to transition but he just seems like a RB trying to play WR. I’d actually hope to steer clear of this guy. If we draft him, yay, but I’m not vibing with Washington.