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  1. everyone in the NFL is fast...the difference is how quickly can you get up to full speed and these days this is what Stew is lacking.
  2. the Rams gave up a lot for him that alone is a reason to resign him...that said he hasnt exactly lit the world on fire, Kupp and Woods are by far their best WRs.
  3. Its been some talk that even if Rodgers is cleared they may not play him. This is a long term asset we are talking about why rush him back in a lost season? that said I hope he is ready to get hit, ask Tony Romo how that worked out for him.
  4. This is why you need first downs on offense...you keep gving the fuging ball back to the offense they going to burn you
  5. I'm sick of these low percentage pass plays on third down...if you need 10 yards why are you going for 30?
  6. One GM Candidate Off the Market

    John Dorsey is a lot like Gman a great talent scout but super questionable dealing with personal. I'm sure that will go over like a lead balloon in Cleveland.
  7. that Buffalo Nickel package is trash, Shaq can not cover wide receivers
  8. Newton - Rivera a "lock" to be back

    When I read this I thought Cam said this....I was like if Cam said this this is not a lock. Nope it's David newton a nobody
  9. That was an easy call to make...turner even stands up and they still don't call it
  10. This game is close to being over I'm not seeing anything from the offense to make me think we can play with the saints offense
  11. We can't get out of our own fuging way...Cam making the wrong reads time and time again. The one drive that worked we ran the ball the we stopped running since
  12. First this status name is some click bait BS and two this is some god awful MMA, dude is pretty much running from Hardy.
  13. So you are telling me CJ was cheating and he still kinda sucked? now thats depressing
  14. Lattimore didn't practice today

    BS, Lattimore is their best corner by far. even if they think they can win without him they always need him.
  15. Cam on Cam trash talk

    Cam is build like a basketball player so he can dress like Russell and Lebron and company. It's pretty weird