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  1. Panthers interviewing special teams coaches

    I guess Bruce Dehaven is not getting better and they are exploring options...that sucks
  2. Cam's Response To PantherNation

    I think the real question is where can i get this shirt?
  3. I like to eat my crow on Kony Ealy

    Ealy should have been starting all season the Dline was worse off with Allen and Johnson starting.....I think Rivera is a bit to loyal to his guys even when they are getting out played. 
  4. Giants cutting two former Panthers

    Geoff Schwartz still lives in charlotte, he loves it in charlotte
  5. Carolina Panthers Top 3 Offseason Priorities

    number 3 is super important we have to find a back that we like as much as Stewart so we can limit his touches. I would love to find a Matt Jones type of back. 
  6. CJ nearly changed the game. Nearly.

    Gat damnit.....
  7. So what about Antonio Gates

    i dont know if he any game left, its been impossible for him to stay healthy and last season he looked like he was running in slow motion
  8. If Cam Newton wasn't a Panther...

    90 percent of Panther fans call him a thug and crybaby now
  9. Seahawk Frank Clark laying into Cam Newton

    Assholes never miss a chance to kick a man when he is down. 
  10. video of Cam responding to criticism

    I was really really confused about who George Gring i think its cool that he still has a locker
  11. I want yall to remember this articles when say they dont hate Cam because of race. 
  12. that was pretty damn good....i enjoyed that even though i going though my football detox 
  13. Winning with grace

    We been dancing and actting an ass all season. You have to know that everyone is going to take their shots at you when you are down. We kinda did this to ourselves. That said I wouldn't have it any other way
  14. I am proud....

    its been amazing year better than i ever could have imagined....i love my team
  15. Good season, folks

    we have been a dick to pretty much everyone....its going to be a rough year next season