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  1. Super Bowl MEMES

    Ricky Bobby ftw
  2. Game Day Guide - Panthers vs Cards - NFCC

    Hahaha that's more legit than anything I've ever made...I'll meet you at the bar
  3. What time will you start tailgating?

    Anybody and everyone I think...just ask for a small donation if you partake in the food and beverages
  4. Game Day Guide - Panthers vs Cards - NFCC

    Haha still got your surge?
  5. Official NFCCG Predictions Thread

    35-31 panthers Cards take lead 31-28 with around 1:55 left...Cam leads an GOAT type 85 yard drive, keeps it himself from the 15 carrying 2 cards defenders into the end zone with around 15 seconds left to seal the deal! The bank explodes to a level never seen before!! Coleman seals the deal with a int on Palmers hail Mary attempt
  6. To get there tomorrow

    Use common sense, don't slam on brakes highways aren't as bad as some people think
  7. "We Need Really Big Rings"

    Ahhh I see well that's a learning point for future posts I suppose at least your boys got off the skid today
  8. What time will you start tailgating?

    Leaving winston around 10:30, heading straight to RR tailgate
  9. "We Need Really Big Rings"

    As a tarheel fan I love the post...too much Swag on this team for some people Haha they look like a fun grout to be around
  10. Tailgate for Cardinals

    Leaving winston around 11 Sunday with a few bottles of NC backwoods finest cuz a Mason jar draws far too much attention....
  11. Dear Seahawks: Teddy Checkdown won't be on the field next week

    Cold is a bi $ch made excuse it wasn't snowing nor was it guys got a full fledged blessing and your blowout against them came with 4 missing defensive starters so oooooooooooooo once again and actual defense took the field today and we saw what happened to that juggernaut offense and mvp qb Jesus you guys have
  12. Dear Seahawks: Teddy Checkdown won't be on the field next week

    Pardoning straight homerism you can't seriously tell me that todays ineptitudehad to to with -4 and not the fact they played an actual defense and not Jimmy Clasuen, or a checked out playoff bound cards team...we all saw what you guys truly were today and above average, opportunistic team that's lucky to be making the trip to the bank next Sunday
  13. Seattle winning is a blessing for the Panthers

    I'd pay powerball money to be a fly on the pregame locker room wall come sunday...the boys have seen this song and dance before "Seattle is hotter, too bad the panthers just don't have enough weapons yadda Yada" it's gonna a be an old school blood bath Sunday im fugging amped and still have a week of work to get through
  14. Yea I agree...But it's not warranted...everyone is scared to death of the name Seattle but at this point it's only a name...Seattle showed who they truly are today, anopportunistic above average team, who relies on a sand lot QB to bail them out of tough situations
  15. I see an eirre similar pick 6 from JNo or Luke coming in the 4th to officially close the game/slam shUT the Seattle window....panthers 31-14 in closers game than the score indicates