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  1. I hope he wasn’t really having cash flow problems. If so it’s his financial advisor he should be suing.
  2. Insider Info about Possible trade

    The friend is him. That’s pretty obvious
  3. You can say the same thing about Cam. Who are you giving more credit to Cam Newton or Dave?
  4. Eh Lebetard is a respected journalist and one of the smartest people espn has. He’s the best thing espn has right now. And the o he was a personnel director for 23 years, just shows how long it took him to be a gm. Never forget the giants created a glorified position for him because they weren’t going to do anything with him before he left. Gettleman is an arrogant loud mouth and will be run out of NY in time.
  5. Weed is only illegal depending on where you are. Plenty of places where is perfectly legal. Hell I use a delivery service.
  6. Nahhh I work for a pretty good company and we don’t drug test. But we’re you know forward thinking.
  7. Nobody cares but old conservatives. Most companies don’t even drug test anymore. It’s dumb. Cigarettes and Alcohol are a much bigger problem. Tired of this oooooo insert name here was smoking marijuana.
  8. Lol why because they underachieved last year with a crappy coach? Stop comparing seasons to seasons to much changes in the NFL from year to year.
  9. And the ones saying they would make the trade are stupid, but I’m not surprised by who it is. Y’all put way too much stock in unknown commodities.
  10. They’re going to be so bad lol
  11. Dez Bryant

    Lol so Carolina fans are doing that thing again where we turn up our noses at Dez Bryant when our best receiving option is a running back. Y’all kill me.
  12. Uniforms

    It's only because they have that shine to em. You don't have to go matte black. I think black with a shine would look good.
  13. The rich get....

    Meanwhile Jimmy and Kirk get record breaking contracts....and Colin can’t get a job.