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  1. Nah it’s been Man, coverage so bad it looks like zone.
  2. Cap has always been a solid and sometimes good Nickel. The problem is that often those on the outside have been so terrible it’s forced him to play out of position.
  3. AceBoogie

    Well, do we need a back up QB?

    CK7 make the back up qb great again.
  4. Most overrated defense of all time. Garbage
  5. AceBoogie

    Patriots work out Brenton Bersin...

    A lot of players work hard. We have to stop applauding him for working hard.
  6. I think this also confirms that there is something else going on here outisde of KBs comments
  7. If you watch the video Cam says I was trying to make amends, but fug it.
  8. And she can’t put her hands on him. It’s not always black and white. No accountability for these women. It’s always the big bad man.
  9. Y’all hate on Greg Hardy because of claims by a coked out loon. Every toxic relationship ain’t domestic violence. Understand what domestic violence really is. I’m really sick of every guy that gets in a heated relationship with their woman being classified as a woman beater while we paint the woman as some victim.
  10. I’ve never consider Eli or Ben to be super accurate QBs.