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  1. Sadly that’s what nobody is talking about. Took away the possibility to kick a fg and go into OT.
  2. I don’t even have words to describe the level of frustration that I have with Ron and his 85 bears style of play.
  3. Until we put our faith in Cam and not Ron in his defense, this will always happen.
  4. DJ Moore has been bad, but can’t help but think how the game might have changed if we simply sneaked the ball on 4th and 1.
  5. Have to bench DJ for the rest of the game
  6. And that's when you get the bad Cam when he gets frustrated and try's to make a play
  7. The difference in a team playing to win and the other playing not to lose.
  8. They can if Ron actually lets them play
  9. Ron and his defense are trash. The offense is the best unit we have. Need to take the handcuffs off of them and stop trying to preserve a defense that isn’t any good.
  10. AceBoogie

    Redskins missing weapons today

    So what UDFA will we make a super star today?
  11. Our uniforms are outdated
  12. You could clearly see how we shut down on offense after getting a lead. Sick of it
  13. AceBoogie

    WTF is wrong with our defense

    When you’re a defensive minded head coach who got his job based on defense, it doesn’t really matter who the DC is. He’s just executing Ron’s vision, it’s on him.
  14. AceBoogie

    PFF Panther grades

    Football is the ultimate team sport. If Cam’s grade is in line with the rest of the team, then relative to everyone around him he didn’t play poorly, he played in line with his supporting cast.
  15. AceBoogie

    PFF Panther grades

    Then looks like to me the team played bad and not just Cam.