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  1. With our play design Cam basically only has time for his first read.By the time he gets to his second he's sacked. So saying thing like "ball needs to be out" is cute, but not really how playing qb works.
  2. I mean it's not like we planned on using Olsen this year anyway. It's like our whole game plan is to give it to McCaffery
  3. I'm going to tell you something most of you don't know because you only watch the Panthers. Every qb misses wide open throws every single week. The difference is Cam is rarely put in a position to succeed by schemes and play calling that when Shula finally dials something up right and Cam doesn't nail it then it looks worse. Yet nobody wants to talk about how Shula constantly puts him in 3rd and long with his incompetence.
  4. D'Angelo Williams is the most underrated panther of all time
  5. If it ain't Shula it's Cam, just can't get right
  6. Charles Johnson is fat, old, and lazy. You want to bitch about something Hurney did it's paying CJ.
  7. It's Hurneys fault for not cutting him, you know that.