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  1. Hurney and drafting receivers

    Our maybe Cam is just a better QB....nobody brings that up but we know why.
  2. Hurney and drafting receivers

    They weren’t mad with most of the moves Hurney made at the time. It’s all the hindsight bullshit. Still I wouldn’t mind the Hurney bashing if they didnt actually wish to have Gettleman back with it. I don’t want either, but I’d take Hurney over fat man every day of the week.
  3. Nah because tagging him makes sense when we aren’t going to use the tag elsewhere. It’s no different than signing him to a one year contract.
  4. Did you miss the Ginn touchdown in the playoffs?
  5. The only thing you can do now is drop that Huddle diss track bruh
  6. It's Official. Hurney is the GM

    Doesn’t make it ok to sit around and complain about it either. Hurney is Hurney and makes the most sense for the team for the short term. Let a new owner come in and analyze and make his own decisions. If I were a new owner I’d want somewhere here who already knows the personnel and the staff. Makes for an easier transition. Hurney is just basically auditioning. If he’s good then it’s great for all of us and if he’s not then he’ll be gone.
  7. It's Official. Hurney is the GM

    Then go be a Giants fan of you think they’re headed up and we’re headed down. Save yourself the stress.
  8. It's Official. Hurney is the GM

    If you don’t think we would have gone 2-14 or worse without Cam Newton during Gettlemans tenure you’re sadly mistaken.
  9. It's Official. Hurney is the GM

    Not sure he gets to play that role with Mike Shula as his OC.
  10. It's Official. Hurney is the GM

    We’ve never had back to back winning seasons under any GM.