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  1. Cam Coming Up On SVP

    SVP isn’t just a media guy to Cam tho, tad deeper than that. They’re both Under Armour Guys.
  2. Uh Smitty had like two 1k yard seasons with Cam
  3. Hell we have a gaping hole at WR #1
  4. Because those weapons ain’t weapons. fuging air soft guns.
  5. We also had some good offensive games with him.
  6. He was fuging somebody’s daughter
  7. Or you know don’t trade your best WR in the middle of the season
  8. We should never run the fuging wildcat
  9. Cam getting pissed at the WRs like you’d get mad at the new girl for not doing that thing your ex used to.
  10. He dropped it but Cam tried to do too much