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  1. Two of those QBs lacked a defense, and all 3 lacked a running game. Dan Marino had 9 attempts for 25 yards. Peyton Manning had 14 attempts for 27 yards. Tom Brady had 16 attempts for 45 yards. If you told me Cam Newton would have a running game that produced less than 50 yards while only running the ball on less than 25% of their plays, then I would also believe the Panthers would lose the game.  
  2. Broncos plan to test Thomas Davis "extensively"

    And they are going to need to pick up Ginn on deep crossing patterns coming across their face. Not going to be a good day for the Broncos safeties.
  3. The Panthers have had 6 10+ win seasons. Steve Smith has been a leader on the field and in the locker room for 4 of those seasons. So, when the Panthers get their 5th 10+ win season post Steve Smith leadership, then we can have this discussion.
  4. Super Bowl Opening Night - GoPro experience

    Mr. G > "What are those things?" Shaq > "It;s a camera Mr. G. it's the 21st century!"
  5. Cam Newton disappointed me

    Here is the lesson. Notice how the photographers in the back are being blocked out? But the kid is giving and not asking to receive. Give a Coke and a smile! Lesson learned!
  6. Cam Newton disappointed me

      Now do you understand? Distraction's are a... Next time just wish him good luck. Or tell him to beat the Broncos. Give him something inspirational like a letter or small gift and be done with it. Do not ask for a photo or an autograph while they are in the middle of preparation on a business trip.    
  7. Cam Newton disappointed me

    So, a man steps out to pick up some food with teammates/colleagues to bring back to the hotel while they are on a business trip in San Jose working and focused on accomplishing a task. That is called focus and work ethic. Great teaching moment for a child on how to be successful at achieving ones' goals. Sorry you had trouble trying to figure out how to explain this to your children being that you were on a vacation and in your families mindset they were a tourist spectacle on this fantastic vacation you were on. You and your daughters should appreciate the fact you got to see Cam Newton while preparing for a Super Bowl. If someone were to step up to meet me with my colleagues in the middle of a business deal, I would not be able to make time for them either. There is a right place and time to socialize, and respecting other people's time and personal space is a virtue in the world of immediate gratification and social media. The players are suppose to shut out any distractions between now and the end of the Super Bowl. They get paid a lot of money to do their job, and their day off was earlier in the week. They would be reprimanded if they were caught in public taking pictures or signing autographs. I commend Cam and company for being focused and respecting their employer's wishes. Hope you find the teaching moments in this event for your daughters now. Be glad you even saw the man in the midst of preparing for a Super Bowl.
  8. We all know Romanowski is psychotic. Romanowski would try to collapse your wind pipe to win a game. Nice to see Chris Simms spleen is doing well.
  9. How the Broncos Can Stop Cam

    Whether the players realized it or not, they revealed a couple pieces of information that they will be doing in the game to defend Cam. 1. They will spy Cam on every 3rd down play. Take advantage of this and do designed QB powers on 3rd down with the spy likely on the deep side of the second level. Break the pocket to run/pass the ball on 1st down with designed boot legs. This will frustrate the defense as they will constantly deal with the failure of not being able to keep Cam in the pocket. 2. They will hit Cam whenever he does a read option on 1st and 2nd down with Miller or Ware and rely on the other 10 players to focus on the RB. Use this to the Panthers advantage by doing a double misdirection with WR reverses to Ted Ginn until they stop it. When they finally commit to stopping the WR reverse either Miller or Ware will be waiting backside for Ginn. This will allow the Panthers to use Ginn to freeze the OLB and give Cam an easy read option with Stewart to the side Ginn is running toward. Also, power runs up the middle will be effective while leaving Miller/Ware unblocked as they will hesitate a second while waiting for Cam to declare that he does not have the ball following the hand off. This will allow 1 to 2 more blockers up the middle. I am sure we will see the Broncos try to carry out these strategies in the Super Bowl. I hope the Panthers are ready to exploit them since they tipped their hand.
  10. Seems like he agrees with DWill when you couple that with the short interview he gave on radio. According to Beason Cam is coming along and is still proving himself, but he is now to a point where he can be accepted at the table. The article was more about Beason's relation with the players from the 2010 team and how they deserve this moment. DWill was much more enthusiastic with his comments on how Cam will be MVP and how the combo of Cam and the defense is extremely tough to beat. DWill is in Santa Clara for the entire week. Beason is not. What does that tell you? Beason's interviews are much sadder in tone but happy about his teammates from 2010. People need to stop tearing down former Panthers! That is sad and a sign of a bandwagon fan.
  11. Listening to it now. He congratulated the Panthers and recognized how difficult it is to get to this game. The first part of the interview was a back and forth with him and Boomer about the Steelers-Bengals issues. Then they talk about concussions in the NFL. Next they go into the Panthers. DeAngelo says he believe Cam will be the MVP. He is asked what the differnce is between Cam in previous seasons and Cam this season. He is complimentary and saying what most have said in these forums. It has clicked for Cam and the ball is coming out on time. He is no longer holding the ball and waiting for his receivers to make their breaks and then try to throw them open. He is throwing the ball to the open spot as they are making their breaks. He continues to say that is what makes for a good QB. DeAngelo mentions that he has become familiar with his receivers now (where last year management took everything away from Cam and he had to learn all his receivers tendencies). Then he says Cam has his offensive players making plays for him (playing harder for him). He states with a very ENTHUSIASTIC tone that when players are making plays for the QB and you add the Panthers defense they are going to be very tough to beat. Then he gives the Panthers defense props to emphasize how tough the Panthers are to beat. DeAngelo says the defense is so good with all the turnovers that Cam could just manage the game and they could win (this is said to show people that you have to beat the defense and Cam; Not just one or the other; No slight on Cam here). What did you want DeAngelo to say? That the defense is overrated because Cam is carrying the team and the wins are all about Cam? DeAngelo wanted to give props to Cam and the defense.  Then they talk about the Broncos. Then DeAngelo says Manning is proven and the criticism on Manning is unjustified. He then juxtaposes Cam to Manning to show how Cam is a younger QB that is unproven entering the Super Bowl. He is making the point that you can criticize the younger QB, but you need to give respect to Manning for everything he has proven in his career. Cam is still at the beginning of the journey. This was about Manning and not Cam. DeAngelo just used Cam as an example of a younger QB, and emphasized that it all comes down to wins and loses over a career and Manning has the wins behind him to prove he can still get it done. (We all know Cam Newton agrees it is about winning all the time and stats do not matter if you are losing. You can get all the awards, but if your team is not winning you are not proven. That is the point being made to defend all the criticism surrounding Manning. Next, they talk about the Norman-Odell battle being good for football. Then Boomer calls DeAngelo a Panther and DeAngelo corrects him and says he is a Steeler right now. DeAngelo then ends it by saying he did not even watch the Super Bowl last year and was out hunting. This year he is at the Super Bowl for the entire week and enjoying it. He is looking forward to seeing the game. (Think about that for a minute). Most players have nothing to do with the Super Bowl if they are not in it... like going hunting. So, why is DWill there this Super Bowl? Think people before you get bent out of shape. He made it known he has to be loyal to the Steelers since they sign his check. Then (ENTHUSIASTICALLY) he says he wants to see what everyone is talking about. He has played the Broncos and he has only seen a couple Panthers games. He wants to see if the Panthers can bring it all together and win the Super Bowl.  ===== Check it out here for yourselves. ===== Some of you are way too sensitive. Most of the people commenting on the "saltiness" are probably the same posters who kept crapping on Stewart for riding a bike when he was injured during his recovery. If you take anything from that interview as DeAngelo being salty, then you have deeper issues. He is a Steeler going to the Super Bowl for the entire week without being their to promote anything. He is clearly there to enjoy the week with his former teammates, and he cannot be pro Panther as a Steeler. That is why he will not tell anyone who he picks to win the game. He does not waste his time with just a Super Bowl if he is not in it. So, obviously he made the trip for the entire week all the way to Santa Clara for a reason. Some of you just want any reason to hate on former Panthers. Most of you have some unresolved issues.
  12. Calvin Johnson to retire

    I will believe it when his signature is on the retirement papers and he pays the Lions back the money he owes them. Until then it is a stunt to get out of Detroit and play for another team. I am sure he has asked to be traded, but the Lions refuse to deal him. They did the same thing with Barry Sanders. These players just want to go to a place they can have a chance at a Super Bowl. They are sold on the team trying to turn it around when they sign their contract, but then they get caught in another team rebuild and want out.
  13. It would be sick if we still had Barnidge.

    Hurney knew. McCown knew. Chud knew. Gettleman missed the boat oh this one.
  14. Why Dave Gettleman isn't GM of the Giants

    As long as Cam Newton, Jonathan Stewart, Mike Tolbert, Greg Olsen, Ryan Kalil, Luke Kuechly, Thomas Davis, and Josh Norman were healthy and running this team week to week, they could plug and play anyone else on this team with the coaches getting out of the players way on game day and they would be in the same position. It never mattered who the GM was for the Panthers as long as they did not gut certain positions to set the team back. The team came close to that in 2014 due to management. Just like the Giants. They were set up by Accorsi. It did not matter who the GM was after that for 5 to 6 years. The test came when Accorsi's players were being replaced and losing their leadership. Jerry Reese is garbage and his decisions have brought the Giants down. It will only get worse.
  15. It would be sick if we still had Barnidge.

    Barnidge was a player Hurney liked to take the #2 TE spot. Gettleman chose to let Barnidge walk in favor of the Brandon Williams project. When that failed the Panthers gave Dickson the money that would have kept Barnidge in Charlotte. Should have kept Barnidge. Chalk another mistake up for management.