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  1. If Miami doesn't keep Landry..

    Jarvis Landry should have been here in 2014 alongside Kelvin Benjamin. I wanted the Panthers to draft... Benjamin, Landry and Brandon Coleman in 2014. Funchess, Stefon Diggs and Jesse James in 2015. Hunter Henry in 2016. Christian McCaffrey in 2017. Those should be the weapons paired with Olsen for Cam Newton to throw to in the passing game. The draft was loaded with receiving talent in 2014 and 2015. Most of us knew that was the case. Gettleman did not.
  2. Welcome back Ryan Kalil and Greg Olsen!!!! Amazing what adding 2 all pros to blocking at the LoS does for the running game.
  3. Rivera does not know how to pronounce "won". He pronounces it like "wonton".
  4. Vikings plan.... Just hit Cam Newton

    No cheap shots; hit the QB like he is a RB. The Vikings may want to look at the rule book. Everson Griffen, hitting the QB like a RB while he is in the pocket is a cheap shot fyi. There is a reason Cam is conscious of moving within the pocket now, and why Cam is quick to hit the ground when he breaks the pocket. Also, Cam is sliding feet first more often, and when a QB becomes a RB and then slides feet first, they can not be hit like a RB. Seems like Everson Griffen may need to be in concussion protocol based on that video.
  5. I hope he does get the Giants job and trades us all their draft picks for Badberry, Whiffley, Bustler, Funchess, Thompson, and CAP. He can rebuild his franchise around them.
  6. When you realize the Saints game planned to attack Badberry with the run, you will understand the problem. They were quick releasing OLs to the second level to get Kuechly tied up and ran extra traffic in to Kuechly while allowing the cut back to Badberry. The Saints were fine with leaving Badberry unblocked on their run side. They gave Badberry releases to the runner all day long and challenged him to identify the play and attack the hole. He failed most of the time to even alter the play. When the opposing offense is running blockers around a defender to overload the LBs with blockers, that defender must make the play or he is a liability to the defense. Badberry is afraid to stick his nose in on the play and give up his body. Not to mention he is an awful tackler.
  7. Rams using unethical audibles pre snap - Simms

    If the defense knows this, then it is advantage defense. The defense has the same ability to talk to the defender calling audibles. The defense can line up in a balanced set and wait for McVay to finish his call on the sideline before breaking into their defense. Then be prepared to call a defensive audible when the play clock hits 15 seconds. After that it is Luke v Goff for the final 15 seconds. A defense that audibles and shifts like the Panthers with Luke running the show is going to cause problems for a coach who is trying to control the audibles. This is only an advantage against horribly prepared defenses without a great defensive mind leading the defense. The Rams have not been beating top quality defenses.
  8. I think it just irks some of you that I am being proven right. I do not hate all the Gettleman picks/decisions, but I took him to task for some extremely stupid decisions that cost the Panthers future and put way too much pressure on the core Gettleman was handed. The Panthers had the potential to dominate for 3 to 5 seasons by fortifying the young talent base behind the key vets. To emphasize the point, the Panthers should be fielding Olsen, Hunter Henry, and Jesse James at TE. They should have KB/Funch rotating at X and Diggs/Landry rotating at Z. Instead, they decided to Get Vernon Butler, Kony Ealy, Daryl Williams, and trading 3 picks to move up for Funch when he, or a comparable offensive weapon, would have been available at 57. One of the main reasons KB is no longer on the team is the Panthers needed to generate future value. That would not have been a problem if the previous front office did not trade the future value away. Now, we have to hope that the new front office can ramp up the young talent/young team leaders at a rapid pace by accumulating picks and taking the intelligent risk over the next 2 to 3 years on key trades to make up for the lack of future franchise development.
  9. Kurt Coleman was in on 93% of the defensive snaps in 2015 and 2016. In 2017, he has been in on 64% of the defensive snaps. Also, Coleman's production is low in the first half of the season and high late in the season. Coleman's tackle production is greater than 2015 or 2016. He had an expected drop last season, and the injury this season with reduced snaps early in the season would lead me to expect 3 turnovers from him this season to be on par with his expected rate of production. Coleman was never great to begin with, and he got paid too much by Gettleman for the value he brings to the defensive secondary. The bigger issue is the lack of impact from Badberry with 99% of the defensive snaps.
  10. Norman took a third of the field away and let TD, Luke, and Harper to roam the underneath without having to worry about Norman's area. Coleman was set at FS playing deep center field while favoring the side of the field away from Norman. Coleman rarely was seen in underneath coverage. There was a very tight window to hit on the opposite sideline from Norman, and it was the only area for the QB to attack (even Brees). Coleman just had to wait for the overthrow in 2015. Now, the Panthers do not have a CB that can even command the sideline outside the hashes. The result is the safeties and LBs have to cover more of the field compared to 2015.
  11. or pray Ginn drops the ball after he continuously beats Badberry.
  12. Badberry and Whiffley should not be starting in the NFL. They have not regressed from last season. They have improved. The two of them are just that unimpressive. Last season Badberry got way too much hype from the huddle and his mistakes were mostly excused. Their awareness is awful, they do not attack the ball, and Badberry is afraid to hit and will give up on active plays while someone from the front seven speeds past him to make the tackle. Let me know when they force a fumble or make a game changing interception. They do not scare any QB, and the good QBs are ready to make their big plays on them. They cost the Panthers last season, and they are costing the Panthers this season. Thankfully, this season they have a lot more luck going their way with opposing teams just missing their wide open big plays. The biggest worry is how they will cost the Panthers in the playoffs. Their only saving grace is how well the front seven has been playing. By year 3 or 4 Badberry will be an average starting CB - good against a #2 WR. Whiffley is worse than Bene or McClain.
  13. I was high on Funchess in the draft for the same flashes and potential you highlighted. They are flashes though and not consistency. I was not high on giving 3 picks away for him. He will never live up to that value. I saw him as a good #2 WR by his 3rd to 4th season. I believe Funchess has a long career in the NFL, but not as a #1.
  14. The reason the Panthers are doing better is because they are running the ball for 200+ yards per game the past 2 weeks.
  15. It is Kony Ealy syndrome all over again. Funchess is not a #1. He is not being defensed like KB or a #1 WR. He is not headed to the Pro Bowl. Funchess was god awful from weeks 6 to 8. He played well in week 9 and had a good game in week 10. The pattern for Funchess has always been 2 good games followed by 3 horrible games. Does anyone even factor in consistency? He has had 3 good games out of 10 this season, and he has not eclipsed 100 yards in a single game. When Funchess gets doubled consistently and can run off at least 5 good games to 1 bad game, then I will gladly call him the #1 WR. Funchess in his 3rd season is on par with a Brandon Lafell. He is not Steve Smith or Muhsin Muhammad quality.