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  1. Eric Weddle is not a good play to build the team long term. If Boston is not starting at safety in 2016, and Gettleman targets another safety to move ahead of him in free agency and the draft, then that is Gettleman announcing he screwed up another draft pick just like Kugbila, AJ Klein, Tyler Gaffney, Kenjon Barner and now Tre Boston. 5 of 11 picks over 2 years flaming out within 2 to 3 years.  I would not be surprised if David Mayo and Cameron Artis Payne are on this list in a year. When used up and crusty vets like Fozzy Whitaker, Mike Remmers, Roman Harper, Kurt Coleman, Thomas DeCoud, and Chris Scott are better options the front office has a problem. Then you go out and draft a player to replace a player you drafted the previous season? That speaks volumes. The Panthers just keep throwing away draft picks. Let's hope the young players drafted/traded for from 2011/2012 and the old vets back from 2005 and on can keep playing to carry the udfas and burned out vets they fill the roster with each year. The Panthers depth is weak. The playoffs and Atlanta game clearly showed that to us all.
  2. He should have been the starter in 2015.
  3. NFL Turning Point: The Clete Blakeman Effect

    His thumb covers the tip of the ball before he impacts the ground. His elbow drives the tip of the ball into his palm. Unless he magically detached his thumb and then reattached it the tip of the ball never hits the ground. Track the thumb. The tip of the ball contacts his thumb, then elbow, and then palm. Never the ground. Argue with that. Tell me his thumb does not exist when he hits the ground and that his hand is not underneath the ball. His elbow and forearm drive the tip of the ball into his palm. The elbow and the forearm are what dislodge the ball after the back of his hand and thumb impact the ground. The white between his elbow, the ground and the nose of the ball is Cotchery's glove. You can pretend Cotchery does not have a thumb for that split second, but I can assure you he never lost his thumb.
  4. NFL Turning Point: The Clete Blakeman Effect

    The person who wrote that article does not know what a neutral zone is in football. The neutral zone is the area from the front tip of the ball to the back tip of the ball when it is marked in play. The center positions the ball from the original spot it was marked in play when he prepares to snap it. The area the ball occupied when it was marked in play can be seen from the crown of the centers helmet to the the crown of the DTs helmet. Anything in this area is offsides at the time of the snap. So, we can all see Talib breaks into the neutral zone before the snap. The issue with the Cotchery catch is that the official who needs to make the call did not see the ball hit the ground. He is confused and looks to an official across the field to determine if he saw it hit the ground. Obviously, no one saw the ball hit the ground and the official who ruled it incomplete came from the opposite side of the field where Cotchery's body shielded the ball from view. If no official has seen the ball hit the ground when Clete conferences with them, then he must over turn the call and rule it a catch. It is up to replay to rule it an incomplete pass. There is no way any official saw that ball hit the ground. As for the replay, it was conclusive that the tip of the ball never hit the ground. Multiple angles together prove this. We know his hand was under the ball. We also know the ball never touched the ground after he roles on his back and the ball approached the ground the second time. So, this means the tip of the ball is the only part of the ball that could touch the ground and make this an incomplete pass. Everyone agrees with that. When you watch the replay angles. You will see Cotchery's thumb covers the tip of the ball and his thumb remains between the tip of the ball and the ground. When you watch the video just focus on his thumb since this is the only part of the ball that could make it an incomplete pass. It is easy to see the white part of his glove contrast with the green grass and the brown football. This was a completed catch and the replay showed it if you look for the tip of the ball.
  5. New Punter

    Punter with a bum hip. He can kick and punt. Camp fodder.
  6. NFL Turning Point: The Clete Blakeman Effect

    This was about ALL blown calls excluding judgement calls like holding and taunting. The issue is there was only one that went against the Broncos, and it is the only one that was corrected with an overrule by Clete Blakeman. I will go over the game again and focus solely on the Broncos to see if I missed any. If you see any, please post the time in the game the play occurred. Thank you.
  7. NFL Turning Point: The Clete Blakeman Effect

    Here are the missed/bad calls by the officiating. Long post, but I know some of you were wondering just how many missed/bad calls there were and who they were on. Leaving out PI and holding as they are judgement calls. You will notice the huge disparity between the teams. ----- 1 7:23 1 10 CAR 15 Cam Newton pass incomplete deep middle intended for Jerricho Cotchery (defended by Darian Stewart). CAR challenged the incomplete pass ruling, and the play was upheld. 3 0 This should have been ruled a catch since none of the officials could see the ball hit the ground. Replay would have had to prove it was incomplete. Clete Blakeman was responsible for getting this right as the main official with the call was confused and the official calling it incomplete clear across the field could not see through the body of Cotchery. 1 6:34 3 10 CAR 15 Cam Newton sacked by Von Miller for -11 yards. Cam Newton fumbles (forced by Von Miller), recovered by Malik Jackson at CAR--1, touchdown 9 0 Von Miller led with hands to the Cam Newton's face in the pocket before going to strip the ball. This should have been a 15 yard personal foul penalty for a blow to the QBs head. 1 1:27 4 12 DEN 11 Britton Colquitt punts 47 yards, returned by Ted Ginn for -2 yards (tackle by Corey Nelson). Penalty on Teddy Williams: Illegal Block Above the Waist, 10 yards 10 0 This was not a block in the back. Ginn had fielded the punt at the 42 and the defender dove to try to trip Ginn up with his arm. The defender dives at the 42. The official short arms the flag to the 37 yard line as the spot of the foul. The penalty is 10 yards from the spot of the foul which places the Panthers at their own 27. Ginn ended up at the 41 on the tackle. The officials took 14 yards away from the Panthers when a call should have never been made and they made a bad spot. 2 11:25 1 10 DEN 20 Peyton Manning pass incomplete intended for Virgil Green. CAR challenged the incomplete pass ruling, and the play was overturned. Peyton Manning sacked byKony Ealy for -7 yards 10 7 Peyton should not have been allowed to continue the play and the refs allowed it. This was a major mistake as it used up the Panthers final challenge. 2 9:29 4 12 CAR 47 Brad Nortman punts 28 yards, returned by Jordan Norwood for 61 yards (tackle byMario Addison) 10 7 Norwood turns his back toward the official and walks to the sideline shielding his outside arm from view of the official in the end zone while he waits for the punt. After the punt is in the air, Norwood twists his body to square out with the Punt. While running forward he flails his left arm out to the side raising it to the level of his right shoulder. This is an illegal fair catch signal. This was seen by the Panthers gunners and they were confused. The officials missed the call. 2 6:28 2 10 DEN 40 C.J. Anderson right guard for 34 yards (tackle by Cortland Finnegan) 13 7 Anderson latches onto and pulls down on Finnegan's facemask to keep him from making the tackle. This allows for more yardage as Andeson runs out of bounds. The official had a clear line of sight on the hand in the facemask and the jerk of the head. 2 4:23 1 10 CAR 39 Cam Newton pass incomplete short right intended for Greg Olsen 13 7 Sylvester Williams runs around Norwell after Cam had thrown the ball and delivers a late hit and a blow to Cam Newton's head with the hand sending him to the ground with Malik Jackson pulling Cam to the ground. Cam had taken 3 to 4 casual steps after he had thrown the ball. This happens in front of Clete Blakeman. 2 1:26 2 7 CAR 22 Penalty on Michael Oher: False Start, 5 yards (no play) 13 7 0.07 -0.72 66.3 Von Miller simulates the snap count. Cam was using a delayed cadence. You can see the OTs looking down the line for the snap of the ball, and then Miller adds another 'hut' following Cam's. You can also see Miller's head bob forward when he does this pulling the OTs on both sides. Oher and Remmers both look at the official and plead their case, but the official did not notice it. 2 0:11 2 10 DEN 45 Cam Newton sacked by DeMarcus Ware for -10 yards 13 7 Demarcus Ware stomps on Cam Newton's knee after the sack by rearing his leg back and driving his knee into the side of Cam's knee. 3 13:41 1 10 DEN 35 Cam Newton pass incomplete 13 7 Demarcus Ware leg whips the back of Cam Newton's legs to take him down after Cam throws the ball away. This should be a personal foul. Clete Blakeman is 5 yards away from the play and casually walks by without even verbally warning Ware. 3 13:34 2 10 DEN 35 Fozzy Whittaker right tackle for 10 yards (tackle by Chris Harris and Brandon Marshall). Penalty on Trai Turner: Unnecessary Roughness, 15 yards 13 7 Trai Turner was blocking his man on the play. Turner's defender was on the ground as the whistle blew. The officials threw the flag and penalized the Panthers for hitting a player after the whistle. You can pause the video when the whistle blows and Trai is not engaged with any defender. 3 11:00 3 11 DEN 26 Cam Newton pass incomplete short right intended for Greg Olsen 13 7 Philly Brown turns Roby and beats him. Roby reaches out to pull Brown back to him. The official throws a flag for defensive holding. Clete Blakeman speaks with him and overrules him due to being away from the play. They pick up the flag. This call is understandable, but it favors the Broncos and highlights the penalties against the Panthers Clete Blakeman refused to overturn eventhough he knew what the correct call was suppose to be. 3 10:54 4 11 DEN 26 Graham Gano 44 yard field goal no good 13 7 Offsides on Talib not called. Official is adamant he was not offsides. Clete Blakeman acknowledges to Norman he saw the offsides but it is not his responsibility to call the penalty. 3 5:57 2 10 DEN 28 Cam Newton pass incomplete deep middle intended for Ted Ginn is intercepted byT.J. Ward at DEN-10 and returned for 4 yards. T.J. Ward fumbles (forced by Mike Tolbert), recovered by Danny Trevathan at DEN-7 16 7 On the fumble by Ward, both Trevathan and Ginn have dual possession of the ball. Trevathan begins to forcibly slam his knee into Ginn's side and then rears his leg back again to slam his knee into the side of Ginn's head to get him to release the ball. This should have been a personal foul penalty. Multiple officials stood around them and let Trevathan knee Ginn in the head. Not even a warning to Trevathan for an offense that should get him suspended. This was worse than the act by Talib on Brown. 4 10:55 3 4 DEN 16 Penalty on Michael Oher: False Start, 5 yards (no play) 16 7 The Broncos simulate the snap again on a delayed cadence by Cam. It catches both OTs again. Brandon Marshall simulates the snap. Michael Oher protests again, but the refs claim it did not happen. 4 8:21 2 9 CAR 29 Penalty on Mike Remmers: False Start, 5 yards (no play) 16 10 The Broncos simulate the snap again on a delayed cadence. This time Trevathen simulates the snap. 4 4:16 3 9 CAR 25 Cam Newton sacked by Von Miller for -9 yards. Cam Newton fumbles (forced by Von Miller), recovered by T.J. Ward at CAR-9 and returned for 5 yards (tackle by Mike Remmers) 16 10 Illegal batting of the ball by Von Miller in front of Clete Blakeman. Should be 1st and 10 at the 35 for the Panthers. 4 3:17 3 4 CAR 4 Peyton Manning pass incomplete short right intended for Demaryius Thomas. Penalty on Josh Norman: Defensive Holding, 2 yards (no play) This was not a holding penalty on Norman and Thomas slipped after pulling on Norman to get around him. The ball was also uncatchable. This would have been a FG attempt, but the officials gave the Broncos a fresh set of downs. Considering all the physical PI the Broncos got away with and I did not include as bad calls, this is a ridiculous call that fails to carry the same standard of officiating they have been using throughout the game. ----- The officiating had 18 bad or missed calls in the game. 17 went against the Panthers and 1 went in favor of the Broncos. There were no bad or missed calls that went against the Broncos all game. They picked up the flag on what would have been the one bad call on the Broncos. I did not include the judgement calls of holding and pass interference. The one PI I listed was to illustrate the lack of consistency in officiating between the two teams. Feel free to check out the plays as the times are listed.
  8. NFL Turning Point highlights the illegal bat by Von Miller while Cam was recovering it. Not only does it show a perfect angle of what should have been a penalty on the Broncos with 1st and 10 at the Broncos 35, it shows the exact position of Clete Blakeman and his view of the batted ball. He has located the ball and is running toward it during the recovery and as soon as he sees the bat he reverses field toward the end zone. Clete spots the ball and begins to move toward the recovery. Von Miller reaches around Cam Newton to bat the ball away from him. Clete continues to track the ball. Clete has a clear view of Von Miller batting the ball and his head has turned with the ball movement showing complete awareness of the location of the ball. Clete reacts immediately to the bat of the ball accounting for the change in direction and speed from what was a ball nearly at rest in front of Cam Newton and Ryan Kalil. Clete Blakeman was a college QB and has been officiating for years. He is just as aware of the ball as any athlete and the game slows down for him just like the veteran players on the field. You can see how aware he is tracking the ball. He knew it was a batted ball and it was his call to make. He shows no intention of ever going for the flag. He saw the fumble which is designated by the blue flag he threw, and he tracked it the entire time. He begins to move from his stationary position as soon as he sees Von Miller bat the ball. If he was unaware of where the ball was he would have run toward the scrum to locate the ball. He is clearly a very aware official with some nice reaction time. We are to assume he was just awful at officiating on this day and could not make decisions according to his training? Maybe he was not well versed in the rule book? I highly doubt he gets to the Super Bowl by being at the level of a high school official. Make your own judgement, but NFL Turning point and Inside the NFL puts everything you need to know on tape.
  9. They called Trai Turner for a 15 yard penalty due to blocking after the whistle. When you watch the actual play Turner's man hits the ground and then the whistle is blown following Fozzy hitting the ground. You can go on and on with all their bad calls. This was the worst officiated game I have seen in years and it happened in the Super Bowl with a crew that is one of the best graded crews in the NFL. Missed calls, bad calls, refusing to overturn plays, and calls being upheld that were obviously wrong after review. They had drives where they would have 3 major mistakes in the one drive. I just wish the Panthers coaches would have instructed their players to get chippy, get in their faces, take extra shots, and push the limits as the officials were giving a ton of freedom to the Broncos. Once you see the opposing team getting away with illegal actions that give them an advantage, then you do the same. If they call you, they have to call the other team or their will be a ton of public scrutiny in the media when it comes to a game like the Super Bowl.
  10. Once you knew Clete Blakeman was the lead official  you should have put your entire life savings down on the Broncos. Turns out the Broncos not only win every game he officiates for them he also covers the spread every time. Clete Blakeman is the Broncos MVP.
  11. Clete Blakeman told Josh Norman he knew Talib was offsides, but took the position that it was not his decision to make. Keep in mind Clete was the head referee and has the ability to overrule any of his officials. Clete overruled the defensive holding call on the Broncos later in the game because he believed it did not impact the play. This is a double standard by the head refree. Too many issues with the officiating and the NFLs role in allowing officials with possible bias on the field and in the booth. The reception at the start of the game that was ruled incomplete should have been ruled a catch unless an official saw the ball hit the ground. The official responsible for the call did not make a ruling because he was not sure if it hit the ground. Instead an official from the other side of the field who did not have a clear view of the catch since Cotchery blocked the view with his body ruled it incomplete. Clete knows in this situation it is his call to determine no one saw it hit the ground and rule it a catch since the receiver came up with the ball. Clete also had a clear view of the ball being illegally batted by Miller. You can see Clete running in to determine the fumble recovery and then when he sees Miller bat the ball he has to completely reverse his body as the ball passes by him. Many issues with a referee that should never have been in this game. He was also hanging out with the Broncos and fraternizing with their team during pre-game. The fact that he has never officiated a Broncos loss coupled with his fan/team connections should have been enough to toss him out imo.
  12. 2016 Top NFL free agents - running backs

    No need for RBs. OTs and Receivers please.
  13. Apparently Carolina won the Super Bowl

    Must be a different reality in the 3rd world with all the championship gear over the years by the losing teams. Somewhere someone thinks the Panthers have won 2 Super Bowls and that the Bills are the best team in NFL history.
  14. Replay assistant for SB50, was a Broncos fan

    Clete is 6-0 now when playing for the Broncos. Clete has only been lined up for 2 Super Bowls. Both were for the Broncos. He was the alternate in 2013. We can only imagine what the outcome of the Broncos - Seahawks Super Bowl would have been with Clete as the referee.
  15. Cam Newton was the one about to recover the football when he went to the ground until Von Miller illegally batted the ball toward his opponents end zone. Cam Newton was on the ground about to recover it with Ryan Kalil. That was the Panthers ball, but the officials missed another call in the game. No surprise there. So, he jumped back. He was still the one in position to recover the football. Not Cam's fault the officials allowed the Broncos to illegally bat the ball away from Cam.