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  1. mcdougal added a post in a topic Preseason Game 3 Thread: Patriots vs Panthers 730 P.M. General thoughts, previews, etc in here   

    Once again. Zero YAC on that drive. Everything cannot come off the right arm of Newton.
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  2. mcdougal added a post in a topic Initial Diagnosis on Jordy Nelson is Torn ACL   

    I am not a doctor, but it seems as though that anytime an athlete goes down on a non-contact play, it's an ACL tear. 
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  3. mcdougal added a post in a topic Reggie Wayne to New England?   

    Let's bookmark this thread. When next month comes, and these very people start to bitch about our offense scoring only ten points against mediocre defenses, we know whose post to cite "the answer is on the roster" and "our offense/WRs are fine".  
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  4. mcdougal added a post in a topic Official Panthers - Dolphins GameDay Thread   

    That defense better be prepared to step up better than this. This team is built around them. Too much of our resources is tied up in that side of the field for them to allow two TD drives in 2 possessions.
    By the Dolphins.
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  5. mcdougal added a post in a topic Rosenthal: In reality, the Panthers have a roster full of No. 4 receivers   

    As I said before, it is not the "wrong" approach. Just the approach that IMO makes less sense given who are head coach and offensive coordinator are, and one I would not take. But the this approach can lead to a Superbowl.
    I personally do not feel that way about Gettleman and his approach to our offense. I feel as though Gettleman cares about our offense only to the extent that it doesn't drastically interfere with his ability to build an elite defense.
    I am not so sure about that "rebuilt the offense line in front of him..." assertion. And yes he has given Newton a fair deal, which means that Newton should be expected to elevate his level of play given that he is sucking up more of the cap/ resources. However, that doesn't mean that Newton should be subjected to mediocre talent either. As you know, there are many NFL teams that right now play their QBs handsomely and continue to field talented players in other positions on the offense. 
    And as I continue to say, what I want is for Panther fans to recognize that the Panthers didn't build a team in the image of the Packers or Falcons or Broncos or Colts. So come September we should not litter the Huddle with threads entitled: "Newton and the offense are bums, 17 points against the Falcons isn't going to cut it..."
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  6. mcdougal added a post in a topic Rosenthal: In reality, the Panthers have a roster full of No. 4 receivers   

    I am not sure I agree with that. Since Newton has been drafted, for example, the Panthers have drafted a defensive player (while the offense has never been what I would truly consider elite) in the first round 3/4 years.
    DG has had 3 draft opportunities. IMO, his biggest priority appears, to date, to be building an elite defense. The Jags, for example, have done more in the draft, IMO, to surround Brotles with talent in 2 seasons than the Panthers have for Newton in 5 seasons. 
    Again, the approach isn't the biggest problem. It is the approach coupled with our fans then expecting an elite offense is the concern. 
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  7. mcdougal added a post in a topic Rosenthal: In reality, the Panthers have a roster full of No. 4 receivers   

    Let me say this about the Colts' philosophy.The Colts' fans do not see the front office dump a disportionate amount on their resources on offense, and then expect their defense to lead the way or expect them to hold their opponents to single digits.
    The opposite is mostly true in Carolina. We witness a front office clearly trying to establish an elite defense and are willing to make certain sacrifices to the offense in order to achieve that goal. But then, Panthers fans go crazy when the offense (who was mediocre at best the prior year) goes out and scores 10 points against the Seahawks in week 5. 
    IMO, a team could win a championship in this manner. I personally would not put all my eggs in the defensive basket, but I am not paid millions to be a NFL GM.
    I have said this before, both the Colts and Panther's rebuild initially looked very similar: Defensive "genius" Head Coach, aging No. 1 WR, suspect defense, No. 1 overall pick. The Panthers went did the Colts a season later.
    That is where the similarities end. The Colts next draft pick after Luck, was his college roommate, a TE. The Panther's refused to even take a offensive skill player high until Newton's 4th year (and only after getting rid of his top 4 WRs).
    The Colts, on the other hand, hired Luck's college coordinator, drafted high offensive skills players, traded away high draft picks for offensive skill players, went out into free agency and got offensive skill players, and completely and totally built the team around Luck's skill set.
    The funny part is that Newton's rookie campaign established that you could build around him in the same manner...but only the Colts deemed it necessary to surround their No. 1 overall QB with whatever he needed (and then some)...The Panthers basically took the exact opposite approach. 
    Finally, I think that the Colts' approach makes far more sense. I never understood why the Jets, year after year, drafted defensive players, while having an absolute terrible offense, when they claimed that Rex Ryan was a defensive genius...Like if Rex is a genius why does he need to spend all the team's resources on that side of the ball...when his offense sucks?
    What the Bucs are attempting, IMO, is the correct approach. If you hire a defensive "wizard," you make him prove it. You go get a QB, a strong offensive coordinator, and try to surround that QB with everything he needs to excel. The "genius" defensive head coach should be able to do more with less...that is why he was hired in the first place.
    That is what the Colts, IMO, does with Chuck Pagano. Pagano doesn't have to build the No. 1 defense, but he should demonstrate that his defense is capable of getting key stops and at least capable of not giving up 30 every week.
    For whatever reason, the Panthers are intent on giving our "genius" head coach everything his scheme wants at the expense of our already mediocre to poor offense.
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  8. mcdougal added a post in a topic Rosenthal: In reality, the Panthers have a roster full of No. 4 receivers   

    I will probably get shot for this...but Chud wasn't bad. I would even say he was good (not the best, not great) coordinator...
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  9. mcdougal added a post in a topic Rosenthal: In reality, the Panthers have a roster full of No. 4 receivers   

    The sad thing is by the 3rd week of September, a number of Huddle posters will be screaming about Newton failing to put up 40 points and how we need to depend on our offense to lead the way.
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  10. mcdougal added a post in a topic Reality at WR - moving forward   

    Unfortunately, this is exactly what I am afraid of...our passing, IMO, already relies too much on complicated, down the field passing. 
    Now we are going to try to do it with a core that is best suited as 2s and 3s and 4s... 
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  11. mcdougal added a post in a topic Official Panthers - Bills GameDay Thread   

    Our offensive approach, once again, worries me.
    IMO, this offense is entirely too hard. Everything in the passing game requires Newton to hold the ball, the offensive line to hold their blocks, the WRs to run near perfect routes, and for Newton to make difficult, near perfect passes for no YAC.
    Everything, outside of our 2 minute drill or up-tempo offense, is entirely too labored. 70% of our drop backs should be quick, easy throws to WRs/TEs/RBs in space. Instead, 70% of our drop backs are slow developing, low percentage plays that even when completed/successful leads to zero after the catch ability.
    This is why I truly believe our offense will continue be inconsistent and wholly unreliable. Out of 16 regular season games, we will score 30 points...maybe once or twice, and have far too many games in the low teens.
    We have go to figure out a way to get into a rhythm offense. If you look at the league's best offenses, with the very best and most accurate QBs, greatest WRs, and Oline, less than 25% of their drop backs are what the Panthers are attempting on 70%.
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  12. mcdougal added a post in a topic More Russell Wilson contract "news"-Summary:It's great to be a Panther fan   

    The butt-hurt and idiotic comments this forum regularly displays as it relates to Wilson is astonishing. Yet the same morons yapping about how much Wilson wants will think it's reasonable when Luck asks for the moon...for accomplishing less...
    The same morons who thought it was a good idea for the Bears to give Cutler that hilariously bad contract last year, or neglected to take the same stance when Drew Brees actually HELD OUT for not a penny less than twenty-two million.
    But you know, the Huddle...
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