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  1. Cortland Finnegan

    He doesn't look rusty aside from some of the hesitation he had as a result of not knowing all of the responsibilities yet
  2. Cut or Demote Ginn next year! Please!

    I'll take a dude that gets behind the defense consistently and drops the ball than a guy with sure hands that cant get any separation 11/10 times
  3. Great poo as always...   Im surprised no one has posted this yet in all its epicness:
  4. Packers, they are the best team in the league.
  5. ive either fapped too much or too little, im not sure... Its an ongoing case study.
  6. Getting Defensive - St Louis Rams

    Yea I've come to notice actually having knowledge of the game is pretty useless around here. Didn't mean to hurt your feeling though. It was kind of a joke.
  7. Getting Defensive - St Louis Rams

    Ahhhhh getting pressure from the front 4 and staying focused... Never thought of those.
  8. Stopping Newton - The Word is Out

    I fully believe if smith [and later lafell] dont drop those balls.. Cam throws 1 pick, maybe. Momentum is a helluva drug.
  9. Ted "Born A" Ginn

  10. Getting Defensive - Arizona Cardinals

    i just hope peterson and honey badger dont give us hell
  11. we opened as 2.5 pt favorites in vegas and now the giants are 1.5 point favorites.... 4 point swing.
  12. Behind Enemy Lines - New York Giants

    I'm pretty optimistic about sunday to be honest.. I think were fired up, i think keek is fired up to make up for the PI call. I think our front 7 will give manning hell and make him throw picks..   But as always, it will come down to the last possession[most likely the giants' last].
  13. Best Buffalo Wings in Charlotte?

    Midtown Sundries used to when they were still open... DD Peckers is good too.