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  1. Captain America: Civil War

    Lmao no. BvS had legit thematic, and structural problems to it. No one liked BvS. You make an alt account to trash a movie you declared MONTHS ago was going to be trash. You are the most bias person when it comes to this stuff and it's just sad and funny how hard you are hating on a universally loved movie especially when your complaints don't even make sense as they are real things. Baron zemo didn't kill Starks parents. The winter soldier did. Zemo just showed them the video. You would have saw that if you were to busy hating for no reason
  2. Captain America: Civil War

    Come on PF. Half your "complaints" are ticky-tacky bs and the other half are completely unfounded. You didn't need to create an alt account to trash a movie we all knew you were going to try to trash anyways.
  3. Captain America: Civil War

    Best movie of the year. Absolutely crushed Dawn of Justice in every way. It's in Guardians of the Galaxy tier of best marvel movie for me. Marvel knows how to treat it's heroes. None of the heroes felt under-developed or wrongly used. Holy crap it was so good I can't stress that enough. Like with dawn of Justice the run time was the same but it felt so dragged out. Civil war was amazing for every minute of the 2 and a half hours.
  4. The New One Percent

    You haven't been paying attention very long have you?
  5. The New One Percent

    Except Bernie polls better against trump than hiliray. The Democratic Party is just giving this to hiliray. They decided this 8 years ago.
  6. Next Call of Duty includes CoD 4 remaster but

    In which game stop cuts the trade in value to like 30 dollars on 80 dollar game.
  7. The Punisher Netflix

    Best part is he is now going to be added to the defenders
  8. A Funchess Reminder

    ^ look who is talking
  9. -Game of Thrones-HBO-

    That could also be in reference to the fact he was a drunkard before he brought Beric back the first time and that renewed his faith. I don't think Thoros pays any price. Just Beric because every time he is brought back he loses a piece of himself.
  10. Discord

    Pretty sure you just hit the plus button on the left hand side of the screen and just go from there. From what I recall its pretty straight forward
  11. The Federal Reserve.

    Could some explain to me why we let a global central banking system control our money with literally no oversight? Does anyone else see a problem with giving that much power to secretive bankers? Am I alone in this?
  12. But the girls I spank love being submissive... Explain science!
  13. Current projection: Hillary to win NY

    lol you literally dont even know me or anything about my life. You on other hand...
  14. Current projection: Hillary to win NY

    Atleast you admit you are a sheep. #knowyourrole. I on the other hand don't like being on my knees to the top 1% who horde their wealth and steal from the middle class.