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  1. Amini

  2. Michelob Ultra

    Yup. Floppin reminded me of the name, Phils. Also they had to stop doing the quarter for a single cig. That's illegal apparently lol.
  3. That's fair. Still think Cam gets it right now since this org is still so young. Five years and has shattered records, league MVP and has put us in a position to win for the next decade. Qb is the most important position on the field and he's the best we've ever had. By a long shot.
  4. Michelob Ultra

    I was lucky the liquor license stuff passed before I turned 21. So many DUIs given from blowing rock to Boone because of that.
  5. I'm talking about his on the field behavior and the way he presents himself to the media. You don't like it. Please stop with this pedestal crap. It's a deflection of the argument. What player have we ever drafted that shattered records held by HOF quarterbacks after five years? You wanna talk about value? How valuable is Cam because of his position and his impact on the entire team and locker room. When smitty was in his prime we were losing or mediocre with a few good seasons. That has a lot to do with his position. That's his value. That's why Cam is the best draft pick we've ever had. But anytime there is a thread on Cam you seem to try and downplay his accomplishments by moving the conversation to something completely different. "Oh, he was the #1 overall pick so he should be good" you're being silly. And youre getting angry for some reason, chill out.
  6. At the cost of Cam having in game experience and growing as a football player? Glad you don't make those decisions buddy. Like you and MHS talking about benching Cam and moving on from him in 2012. Such a short leash you gave to someone as talented and as big of a gamer as Cam is. And your last sentence makes no sense if your all about winning. as for the other parts of my post that you didn't address? We've talked about it before. I know you don't like Cam personally, it's cool. But it shouldn't cloud your judgement about how great of a football player he is and how he elevated the entire team, not just offense, to relevance this past year. Not only was he supremely talented athletically on the field, but he basically got to a level mentally where he was toying with teams. Amazing progression in his game.
  7. Michelob Ultra

    Holy poo Steel reserve is terrible. I remember buying a twelve and three single cigs from that citgo on Howard street in Boone back when they sold single cigs for a quarter. Worst hangovers ever. I was walking back up the hill to my buddies place and this old dude walking down noticed the twelver. On the box is "211." He screamed at me and my friend "have two and you'll be out by 11!!!" im surprised I survived college.
  8. You move the goal posts whenever the conversation of Cam comes up. 2012 you and MHS were talking about moving on from Cam (in his second year for christs sake) Last year you were poo posting about starting Anderson and how Anderson is a better fit for our offense. The following year cam is THE MOST VALUABLE player in the ENTIRE NFL. Lol stirs. Look past him being an extrovert on the field at a position where you think players should act a certain way. It clouds your judgement. You just don't like Cam personally and everyone can see it. Dude is shattering the record books held by some of the best players in league history in only his fifth year. Rejoice brother.
  9. Michelob Ultra

    dex, dude you are boring as hell.
  10. Cam is the most talented football player we have ever had, regardless of position. I don't even know how this is a debate after this past season.
  11. Your Odd News For The Day

    dont be a fuging pussy tell us how you really feel
  12. Your Odd News For The Day

    Thank your lucky stars you aren't that .1% but I know you can't even begin to comprehend that in your shallow existence.
  13. Should Dex be banned?

    He drinks Michelob ultra. This dude comes to Asheville, drinks one IPA and blacks out.
  14. Your Odd News For The Day

    Next thing you know they'll try to marry their dog! next thing you know they'll try to BE a dog! edit: poster above me edited his shitty post